Irons appeal Adrian red

Adrian+West+Ham+United+v+Newcastle+United+Jw1KJTafoV5lWest Ham have decided to appeal the red card handed to goalkeeper Adrian at the end of the Leicester City game.

ClaretandHugh last night revealed the club would look at the referee’s report and study the incident from all angles before making a decision.

Having done so the club has decided that there’s a chance of getting ref Anthony Taylor’s decision overturned at an appeal.

West Ham boss Slaven Bilic was non-committal when asked about any potential appeal following the loss simply saying:¬†“I’m very disappointment that we had such important player sent off.

“The ref saw it as a red and it could have been seen as a red, what I can say is its obvious he didn’t mean it to kick Vardy. He was just following the ball, he just wasn’t aware enough, but it wasn’t intentional.”

However, tonight the Press Association reported that an appeal would be lodged.


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4 comments on “Irons appeal Adrian red

  1. If this is a 3 game ban, then bicycle kicks need banning from the game & that would be a shame

  2. I have been saying it for months. The cancer of English football is its refs. No consistency, gross mistakes every single week, no psychology, and the want to be the center of attention (always thought the best refs are the ones that go unnoticed).
    Just look at the penalty not given to Villa this past Friday. Just look at the way Atkinson refereed Citeh – Chelski. If he had refereed the way he did with West Ham against Arse (yellow for Noble after three minutes, what was that?), they would have finished with three or four players less on each side. Look at Coquelin against Palace. He should have gotten a second yellow, doesn’t and then a Palace player gets a yellow for a more benign foul. Look at the high boot on Wickham from Monreal. Clear yellow, yet it goes as a Wickham foul. And so on and so forth. Anybody who has played football knows that Adrian did not have the intention to hurt Vardy (who is a big comedian by the way). The only game this ref has played in his life is marbles, which is why he continuously makes gross mistakes over and over.

    All this poor refereeing deeply hurts the game. And it is not a replay with technology issue. Those refs are simply not up to it. Unprepared and psychologically unfit.

    • And today in the Liverpool Bournemouth game as blatant an offside as you will see with last years or this years rules, he was offside to begin with then further offside when he missed contact with the ball, then although not mentioned Benteke’s foot was high in putting it in, allbeit the goalkeeper couldn’t get in the way because he was anticipating the touch from Coutinho, then you have two good penalty calls waved away. Bournemouth looked good and really put Liverpool under the cosh at times so will be interesting to see how we cope against a good footballing side.

  3. How do I contact Hugh? Sorry, I know this is not the place to ask this. I cant seem to find a way to contact him.

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