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Report: Rice would reject third offer

Daily Telegraph Journolist Matt Law claims Declan Rice would reject a third contract offer from West Ham should one be made.

Speaking on Chelsea podcast London is Blue the reporter added: West Ham would have to have a serious think about any bid that came in over £60m because of the situation.’

In recent days and weeks, it has become obvious that people close to Declan Rice are briefing friends in the press  fueling further speculation over the Hammer’s future.

The 22-year-old is said to be represented by his father Sean Rice but  West Ham’s stance remains the same. Declan ,  is a contracted player for another three years, he is not for sale, and no formal bids or inquires have been received to date.

It is only natural for one of the stars of England’s progression in Euro 2020 to get so much attention in the media but the player is yet to speak himself on the matter so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt until he confirms otherwise.

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17 comments on “Report: Rice would reject third offer

  1. Why repeat this?

  2. I think the issue of whether or not will manage to secure Lingard is linked to Rice staying or not. Rice & Lingard struck up a close relationship during Lingard loan spell
    I think it also opened Rice’s eyes to the effect a top level player can make and the opportunities it opened up. With Lingard arriving Rice would be happier committing to one further year. Without Lingard arriving it adds one more element of uncertainty to our performances for the new season and in Rice’s mind. I’m not saying if we did sign Lingard, Rice would definitely stay, but it would greatly assist, but if Lingard doesn’t sign for us, I think it increases the probability that Rice would leave. This is why Moyes is waiting as long as possible on the situation. He feels if he does manage to sign Lingard it will assist with securing Rice for another season

  3. Sell him invest the money move on simple

  4. Now what podcast was law speaking on ?oh yes Chelsea theres a surprise ! Whatever the truth in all of this i trust west will remind him if true of his contract. Wanting to go back to a club who said you’re not good enough !West ham gave him a career. Sorry dont think I could do such a thing in any job. Would hope I thought a little more of myself.

  5. As has been pointed out before Dec is on a long contract so we don’t need to sell – while he has reportedly rejected a new contract he has not asked to leave (unlike Harry Kane)

    I think that a key factor will be whether we can maintain our performance level (next season will be difficult with Arsenal and Spurs likely to improve)

    We don’t know how Everton will do under Rafa (and indeed what our fans would say if we had signed Andros Townsend, Begovic and Demarai Gray)
    I will be bitterly disappointed if we were to sell Declan in this window – otherwise I (patiently) wait for Moyes to pull his next Coufal out of the hat

  6. Read somewhere that Rice will reject sixth offer from West Ham. Makes a lot of sense when considering the Greek curfew and the £40 million image rights hand-out currently suspended until Olympic trial is resolved.

  7. We all know he will move on at some point unless by some miracle we become a consistent champions league side and compete for the EPL title. Why would he sign another new deal to make it even harder for him to leave when the time comes? I love the boy – and wish him all the success in the world. With a bit of luck we will keep hold of him for at least this season. He loves WHU but he also has ambitions which we may not be able to satisfy. I just hope when the time comes we can appreciate what he has given us and wish him well.

  8. To be honest, this situation was a KNOWN even before Rice joined up with the England squad. Moyes had hinted as much when he said that West Ham would have to match Rice’s ambitions.
    So Far, West Ham hasn’t even matched OUR ambitions in the transfer market let alone Declan’s.
    How did we get here? I saw this situation occurring a very long time ago and now it is here. Rice joining up with the England squad was always going to bring its challenges and for Declan looking at the Harry Kane situation for example…….would he commit further?
    When Declan’s last contract was agreed, it was a GIVEN that he would not only develop further but was an exceptional talent. This contract should have been drawn up in such a way as to reward him fully with the pay increases deserving of a player of his ability and standing…….not a Delboy Trotter contract!

  9. As nobody has actually heard Declan say he wants to leave, this is just pure unadulterated speculation.
    Isn’t it a case of his agent ( (Dad) rejecting the pay put forward, on the basis that he is quite rightly worth more than has been offered.
    Saying it’s not enough reward for the ability and contribution is not the same as saying I want to leave. His Dad is clearly pushing for the maximum he is worth.
    As said before give Dec the benefit of doubt until HE says otherwise.
    As to his relationship with Jesse , Dec is an affable guy and seems to strike up good friendships with a lot of his teammates, so I don’t think signing Lingard is the key, but signing more quality definitely is !

  10. To be frank . . . I just don’t care anymore if he stays or goes. All this constant speculation about what’s going on in someone’s head.

    If Declan is still with us in 3 weeks time then that’s good darts as my brother would say. If he’s on his bike and we’ve cash to spend and time to spend it then that ain;t so shabby either. Yes Declan is an important player for us but our team wont become a 5417 one overnight just because he leaves.

  11. Blimey it’s Matt Law , what do we expect , he would love to see Rice at Chelsea. He’s under contract to us & who says he won’t sign a new deal oh Law , what does he know for god sake . Wish the press would leave Rice alone or he signs with us to stop the media circus , Matt Law😂😂😂

  12. Once again he was promised the world by GSB but they have failed to deliver.

    We were promised a world class stadium – didn’t get it.
    Payet was promised ambitious signings – didn’t get it.
    Rice was promised signings that would help us compete in Europe – didn’t get it.

    This falls on one man, and one man only – David Sullivan.

    I for one hope Moyes walks if Rice is sold. He isn’t demanding huge amounts of money, he wants to see ambition, and under this board it is non existent.

    Best of luck to them when fans are back in the stadium.

    • Looks likely we’ll never get ‘fans’ back in the stadium. Seems that there’s nothing worth watching or supporting. DS gave us DM – nuff said.

    • Are you serious, you hope Moyes walks? How can you wish harm on the club if you’re a true fan?

  13. Maschalagnia – I’m with you. Coventry looked good in that position against Reading. Sick of these poster boys or their agents looking for grotesque wages instead of simply obscene ones. Harry Kane £160 m? Do me a favour.

    If Dec’s holding-out to force a marquee signing or two then fair play because we won’t get to top 6 without stepping up a gear in squad quality but for sheer guts and determination I’d rate Bowen over anyone we’re looking at. Boost the war chest – sell more dildos G & S!

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