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Romano: Lopetegui to West Ham deal agreed

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Football insider Fabrizio Romano has revealed that Julen Lopetegui has agreed to become West Ham’s next manager, succeeding David Moyes.

The news will come as little surprise to Hammers fans, many of whom were dreading the appointment of the former Sevilla coach. Earlier this week, Hammers supporters launched an online petition to try and block the appointment of the Spaniard.

Concerns had been raised that the appointment was too similar to David Moyes, with worries that Lopetegui would not integrate West Ham’s academy players into the first team. There have also been rumours that Hammers chairman David Sullivan ignored the advice of football director Tim Steidten in his pursuit of the former Real Madrid and Spain coach.

Speaking on his social media platforms, Romano wrote: “Julen Lopetegui has agreed terms with West Ham to become the new head coach, replacing David Moyes from next season.

Lopetegui has accepted the #WHUFC proposal, ready to proceed to formal stages.

Details are being finalised then contracts will be signed, but an agreement is in place.”

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    Good grief moyes Mark 2 don’t think I’ll be going to westham games now shame I’ve supported them since I was 9 I’m 72 this week end of a era for me sad

    • Mark Phillips says:

      I feel exactly the same 😩 I,m 70 and SO underwhelmed 😡

    • John Farley says:

      Why get rid of moyes for this scumbag, this new manager hasn’t got a clue and he will walk out, on the club within a year.

    • Barry Edwards says:

      Bad decision sullivan sell up please because we are going nowhere with choices.why bring a sporting director in and take no notice,you are not a football man you are a business man .so let others take over and enjoy the ride.

    • Martyn says:

      Hopefully it will be a positive change, what he has to spend agreed, and that he and Steitden are on the same channel

    • John Vann says:

      Same here I’m 71 now seen enough

    • Fred Huntley says:

      I have been supporting West Ham for 48 years now & fed up with the board, we need a better manager than what Sullivan wants

  • Kevin waylen says:

    There are going to be many many season ticket holders not renewing the season tickets now! Well done Sullivan you’ve employed the worst candidate available.West ham will be relegated in 24/25 season now.


    We can hope

    • Bill says:

      Sad day for every West ham supporter.
      Little Russian should **** off to the motherland.
      Enough is enough, club run by clowns and fans deserve better.

  • Bazza says:

    Well done Sullivan!
    You’ve just p#ssed off a lot of supporters.
    Why have you got Tim & Mark there if you ignore their advice?
    You are a disgrace to Football.
    Go. Just go.
    Let someone who cares about west ham and suppoerters take over.

    I’ll give loopy loo a fair chance, and maybe, just maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I don’t think so.

    Your treatment of Moyes is a disgrace.
    Just do us all a favour and go!!!!!!

  • Magnum says:

    Too soon to judge and we should all get behind the new appointment.
    Our defence has to be priority no matter who comes in, so if that is one of his strengths then that is a big plus.
    With regards to the academy it is too easy to paint everyone with the Moyes brush. Moyes’s Achilles Heal was trust and relying on the same players week in week out. This guy won’t make that mistake and if they are good enough they will play. We have a big squad overhaul needed and these kids will get their chance.
    Ron Greenwood and John Lyall were our greatest managers and Moyes had a chance to be up there with them if he had trusted our young players and his squad. If he had we would never have lost to Frankfurt two years ago and we would have beaten Leverkusen as well as being comfortable in the top seven. So whoever replaces him has a clear template of what not to do!

    • Jon says:

      If they do this they might as well keep DM in charge 🤞he proves us all wrong

  • Chingford says:

    That’s my season ticket up for grabs, not renewing now after this, another debacle.

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Why are we surprised we all know that Sullivan puts money before what’s best for the club what’s the point of having Tim Steidten being at West Ham when Sullivan won’t listen and take his advice as has already been said llopetegui is the worst manager the owners could hire all they are doing is replacing a manager that doesn’t play the way that is needed for another that is exactly the same unless there is a change of mind we will be in for more of the same we have had to put up with while moyes has been manager

  • stephen dennis says:

    too much doom and gloom on here. yeah for sure we would all like to see one of the best young coaches around at West Ham. It is not happening so go pick up all your toys. Lets get behind the new manager ignore all the noise and lets wait and see. COYI

  • Alex says:

    Thats me done with West ham what an utterly uninspiring appointment

  • G says:

    Wow what an absolute idiot. Money power and I will do what I like as it’s my club. Well you’ve lost another hammers fan. Fed up with the money comes first attitude and people around the club in general. Thanks Mr Moyes you have done an amazing job at the club best wishes in the future.

    • The Central Scrutinizer says:

      So where are you going then?
      To support another team?
      Once a Hammer always a Hammer.
      You don’t just quit.

  • Richard says:

    Jesus give the guy a chance

    • Richard says:

      Jesus give the guy a chance some real west ham fans on here losted another fan I read well **** off you two bit supporters

  • Fred Murfphy says:

    I wont be renewing my ticket. I have not watched **** football for the last two years for Moyes to be replaced by a clueless manager who plays identical football. I fancy we will lose three players who we desperately need and I would not be surprised if Bowen is not enticed away as well, what a shambles. Sullivan is forever doing things on the cheap. You only have to see the inside of his house to understand what tacky man he is.
    I have supported this club all my life and from the age of 14 i did not miss a match home or away for 9 years. I moved away from London to Norfolk 40 years ago but have been a season ticket holder for the past 9 years. I am 69 and will not be going to another game until either Sullivan goes or a new, young exiting manager is found.

  • Richard says:

    Well now all theses shocking loses west ham fans are not gunna support the club It be easier to get a ticket for the actual fans who support the badge no matter what.
    There’s a chance this bloke could actually push us forward then what will people say

  • Chris Kitson says:

    Looks like those empty seats at the London Stadium aren’t gonna be refilled next season. Totally uninspiring appointment.

  • Saul says:

    Does anyone know Steidten’s opinion on Lopetegui? I imagine he has an opinion on more than just Amorin. Does anyone know who else he has put forward to Sullivan and whether Lopetegui was one of them? Because if you DO know, HOW do you know? Does anyone know if Amorin would even come to West Ham? Does anyone know how restricted we would be in buying players that our squad desperately need if we spend money on a manager’s buy-out clause? Does anyone know exactly how much money we can spend this summer?

    If you have none of the answers above then how can you make an informed decision on why this manager is coming to us over another and how can people be so unhappy/irate about it?

  • Bob says:

    I’m 72, supported hammers all my life .I live in Cornwall, 500mile round trip to games. It used to be something I looked forward to but the last 2 years it has steadily become more of a chore. Won’t be renewing

  • Lifelong Hammer says:

    FFS let’s get behind this appointment.
    Have a proper read of recent interviews with him and the circumstances around him leaving Wolves who were bottom when he took over in De

  • Pessimist says:

    Looking on the positive side. Craig Dawson described him as a good Player Manager and a Tactical genius, so maybe he won’t be that bad.

  • Dave Thorington says:

    I live in Australia and follow the Hammers from afar , read all the media and fan comments – as far as I can tell Mr. Sullivan is a business man and wants to make as much money as he can . Unfortunately it seems that cashing in on good players is easy profit but I also think he is not stupid and realises he won’t make money if the Irons get relegated ! Give the new guy a chance 👍. And well done Moyesy , you gave your best but maybe fresh approach is needed ?

  • Simon Betts says:

    So much for building on sucess then? Feels like another spell in obscurity coming up, will probably loose all our best players through lack of achievement & ambition & be back to a side whose only hope is avoiding relegation. Ihave been a west Ham fan since 1967 , & had promised myself a visit to the London Stadium as have seen a live game since we left Upton Park, but with this news my first visit will have to wait a while!

  • Peter says:

    My wife is a Chelsea supporter, so yesterday she could have gloated, but she didn’t. She was embarrassed for me. It I am 76 years-old and it is great to see so many old fans on here. At my age. I can look back on some good years supporting the Hammers. I hate the London Stadium so I only watch on TV, and being a fan is sometimes a bummer. After 60 years as a supporter I cannot change loyalties – relegation, promotion, cups, Europe – remember it is through thick and thin …

    However, I do have the consolation of shouting for the Blues (as a husband) when they are not playing us.

  • Prezza says:

    I find it amazing that there are so many of you on here have such a negative opinion of the ‘potential’ new manager…… based on what exactly ??
    We’re never going to get a Guardiola, Klopp or even an Alonso level coach to come to West Ham, so we were always going to be looking at a level down from this anyway.
    I am very appreciative of what Moyes has done for the club overall, but like many of you, have found it so frustrating and disappointing to watch the lack of intensity and energy our team have shown so many times this season. It is therefore time for a change and whoever we finally end up appointing deserves a fair chance !

  • Barrie says:

    Protest against the demoralising appointment of Julen Lopetegui, who is NOT WANTED by West Ham fans !!! https://chng.it/JWLF89tB8g

  • Clacton Rd Iron says:

    Agreed we don’t know now how Lopetgui will pan out, but it just feels so meh – Sullivan as in –
    Any compensation to pay? – No – result and true to form.
    Has he managed in the Prem before and nothing to write home about? – Yes – result and true to form –
    Is he safe rather than exciting ?- Yes – and true to form – good chance he keeps us in the Prem at any cost and keeps me in the money.
    Will the fans hate him if it goes smelly? – Yes result – and true to form keeps the focus off me.
    Will this **** the fans off and show them whose club this is ? – Yes result – and true to form.
    Like so many of you of more senior years – having watched my first game on 2/11/1968, a breath taking 4-3 win over QPR, handing over another couple of grand to watch ****e football at a ground I ****ing hate, now UNCHALLENGED as the worst match day experience in the UK is more difficult than it has ever been.

  • John butler says:

    Mini Stalin needs to go ,he has only ever been concerned about how much money is in it for him,he doesn’t give a toss about the club or the fans . They all need to go, Sullivan, Brady, Moyes and Nolan. The club is a joke from the very top . Please don’t renew your season ticket or go to any of the home game’s until they all f..k off

  • Beeves says:

    Lopeyegui ,we have to give a chance!
    Unfortunately Sullivan, Brady & Moyes , have had West Ham up and down this season more times than a bridesnightie? Maybe Sullivan is used to running adult film shows and that’s how he runs our club ?

  • Terry moule says:

    I’m 82yrs of age been a Hamerton supporters all my life can’t think sullervan could be so nasty to apportionment this man to west ham I hope this comes back and bite him being tight with money the only way is to not go to watch the hamers match really the man doesn’t listen to people around him waiting for the time of his upcompance

  • Geoff watts says:

    I’m 69 and supported West Ham since I was 6 years old. Waited 40 odd years to win something, and I’m afraid it’s going to be another 40 odd years for another win. Treatment of Moyes has been disgraceful, and this Spanish guy won’t take us anywhere near it.Bloody awful replacement, knowing the Russian dwarf it was the cheapest option. Crap!

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