Mr Sullivan, What have you done?

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The Boleyn Ground may be a distant memory, but the spirit of Moore, Brooking, and Di Canio still lingers in the hearts of West Ham fans. Now, however, that passionate flame flickers under the weight of disappointment.

Gone are the days of chanting victories bathed in sunshine on the Chicken Run terraces. West Ham, it seems, has become the plaything of a self-absorbed owner, David Sullivan. His ego, fueled by the illusion of being a real-life football manager, is seen as the root cause of the club’s woes. His reliance on advisors like Will Salthouse, instead of the expertise of technical director Tim Steidten, further amplifies this frustration. This constant meddling prevents the club from reaching its full potential.

David Moyes, once a symbol of stability, now embodies the club’s stagnation. Of course I acknowledge his initial positive contributions but now feel he has more than overstayed his welcome. Moyes’ perceived stubbornness and outdated tactics, particularly his defensive approach despite conceding heavily, have resulted in a disconnect with the fans. Leaving after the Europa Conference League win would have preserved his legacy as a club hero, but now, a large portion of the fanbase yearns for a change.

The beautiful game has become an eyesore. West Ham’s lethargic, passive style, devoid of attacking intent, has driven fans away. I find it increasingly uncomfortable to stomach the predictable drubbings and the team’s apparent lack of desire. This decline in interest is a symptom of a deeper malaise.

However, a glimmer of light persists. The camaraderie and friendships forged within the West Ham fan community offer solace. These connections, rooted in shared passion and a love for the claret and blue, transcend the current turmoil.


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  • David says:

    Mr Meddler has done it again… perhaps this new bloke will save us from relegation next year, because I can’t see us progressing under someone with a worse record than David Moyes. 3rd best West Ham manager, ridiculous!!!!!

    • Bazxa says:

      Stop blaming the manager he can only work with what he has, if the fans are that Incensed then stop paying the money to go and watch maybe that will hit the people responsible for the situation.

    • John Prime says:

      Stop talking ********

  • Mike says:

    Wind your neck in you wanted Moyes out now you’ve started on the next one.

    • Shaun says:

      Well said …FFS stop dripping before anybody new comes in .
      IF it is Lopetegui then let’s be positive … all this negative ****e is reminiscent of Chelsea and Utd spoilt impatient *******s .

      Moyes was paid handsomely 3-4 million a year to do a job which he has to a degree, but he won only a Micky mouse euro cup to his name /.. when was the last time we had any domestic cup run or success ?!! .. Sullivan might not be nicest fella but I think he’s not the devil either ! I don’t want Chinese or Arab money at West Ham …. Get behind whoever we get and start making some noise at the stadium .. it’s the fans that make any ground .. not the bricks and mortar .. ⚒️

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Sullivan is not fit to run any football club he likes to throw his weight about and lacks ambition for the club his sole interest is himself and how much money he can make from the club hardly a owner that wants the club to move up to be in with a shot of making the top 6 never mind the top 4 yes we have been in Europe over the past few seasons but as a club as fans etc we can’t keep looking back we should be looking forward to the next season with hope and optimism instead we are going to have moyes 2 dishing out the same old stuff as moyes 1

    • Saul says:

      What utter nonsense. 3 top 7 finishes in the last 5 years. £450m spent on players. Sullivan lacks ambition? At least put together a coherent, fact-based argument, Bennyboy.

      • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

        Sullivan has no ambition. Never has never will . An ambitious chairman would try to push the club on . We have net spend of £0 in the last two transfer windows . I’ve never seen the fanbase as angry as it is today .

        • Jon says:

          I’ve seen the fanbase angrier about 15 times in my 45 years as a season ticket holder. This statement is ridiculous.

          We have been very lucky to have Moyes. He has improved the club top to bottom and provided stability after a long period of sharp ups and downs.

          I agree with those that feel it’s time for him to move on now. I would have preferred Potter, but will get behind Lopetegui.

          The writers here have been hammering away at Moyes and now they are turning on Sullivan and Lopetegui before he has even started. It’s nasty and unhelpful and childish.

          Real fans don’t turn on hard working, honest servants of the club like this. It feels like most of the articles are written by a teenager

          • Saul says:

            Spot on, Jon

          • Roger the artful dodger says:

            That’s my sentiment exactly, 95% of all the tripe on Claret and Puke is written by spoilt little entitled teenagers. It’s primarily dogsh1te, pure trash, fuelled by the desire to wallpaper the site with even further trashier ads. Besides a European trophy Moyes delivered some decent results at times before things started to go pear shaped. It’s clear that Moyes is past his sell by date and has been since the start of the new year. Don’t forget the first half of the season was one of our best starts ever. Sure how things have gone completely t1ts-up since, is shocking. However, he should be allowed to leave with his dignity and self respect intact and very much of the understanding that he did far more good for West Ham than harm. Perhaps these prize t1ts that write for this rag should show some semblance of decorum and acknowledge the same. Wakey wakey d1p****s!

          • Kevin says:

            Agree wholeheartedly. Negative comments before the guy has even started at WHU. Just get behind whoever the manager is and give him a chance

          • John Sharp says:

            Spot on Jon. Sections of the wonderful West Ham fan base even turned on the great John Lyall who got us our highest ever a third place finish, and played the best football seen at the Boleyn in my 60 years of attending games.

            If, as seems likely, Lopetegui is to be the new coach, then let’s get behind him and Steidten in building a new squad. A total overhaul is needed with so many players out of contract, and with disasters like Zouma needing to be shipped out. I just hope the new set up starts to intefrate our excellent crop of youngsters, which is something Moyes never did.

          • Terence says:

            totally agree. A toxic combination of click obsessed social media/fanzines, gobby fans who want to thump the table telling us how ALL West Ham fans want to get rid of Moyes and how he has dragged us down, throw in the general Media sticking the boot in (Steinberg/Guardian for example) have created this poison that has shrouded us and is beginning to make us look like the biggest laughing stock in football.

            It is no coincidence that the clubs fortunes turned during the pandemic and no crowds spurting their abuse at the team, the owners and manager.

            I have followed this club for 57 years, I am at the stage where this toxic poison is driving me away from renewing my season ticket next season

        • Saul says:

          So the pitch invasions still didn’t represent as much anger as there is today? We’re almost consistently a top 10 Premier League club, top 7 for 3 of the last 5 years, won a European trophy, fighting against teams who have a much higher turnover than us. But Sullivan has no ambition??? I’m sorry but i can’t get my head around that comment

      • Jimbo says:

        £234m net spend over 5 years or less than £47m a season.

        He’s done alright out of West Ham (given he’s a Cardiff fan) so don’t paint him as some modern day saint.

      • Jimbo says:

        £234m net spend over 5 years or less than £47m a season.

        He’s done alright out of West Ham (as a Cardiff fan) so don’t paint him as some modern day saint.

        • Jimbo sni££s grans pan7ies says:

          Jimbo , I would flick my ash on ya son , and make you my human ashtray

    • Eddie says:

      Nothing will change untill Sullivan and Brady go the players bought at the start of this season all came from players we sold and what they done in the January transfer was a disgrace the smallest and oldest squad in the premiership with the second highest gate a insult to the best supporters in the world. And to add Moyes the only young sub he used was Johnson who couldn’t defend never a premiership player and I don’t know of a manager that is getting beat on numerous occasions takes off a attacker or midfielder and puts on a defender

      • Terence says:

        More like the most toxic supporters in the world, me thinks. We look utterly benign right now thanks to a minority of supporters and gobby social media.

        In 10 years time you will probably be making the comment ‘Nothing will change until Sheik Yerwilly and his oil mates is gone etc’ Why on earth do some of our fans not stop whining and get behind the team? This poison in some of our fanbase seems perpetual

    • Abe says:

      On Sullivan, wouldn’t getting into the top 4 significantly increase the value of his investment in West Ham?

  • Nick says:

    We were relegated with Brooking and Di Canio in their respective squads. The urban myth that The Hammers were a team that played beautiful football is rubbish. On occasions we did. Moyes has done an outstanding job and deserved better treatment. We now have a massive close season ahead with a new manager who walked away from Wolves when he was not given money to spend.

    • Terence says:

      Here are some of the league position results under our Lyall and Greenwood golden era:

      16th, 12th, 14th, 12th, 16th, 12th, 17th, 20th, 14th, 18th, 13th, 18th, 17th, 20th (relegated), 16th, 15th, 16th , 19th (relegated).

      its not rose tinted glasses, people poked their eyes out.

      The facts are there for all to see.

  • Micky Bond says:

    If we don’t get results from the start of next season. There’s going to be carnage. Typical of tight arse Sullivan. About time he fu#ked off. I can see Tim and Nobes walking before the season even begins. Absolute idiot

  • Syd Puddefoot says:

    Stop talking b******s you lot. Mike is spot on.

  • Sirles says:

    I thought us hard core West Ham fans would gather together and make a strong statement in trying to block this current manager Loopylou. There was a petition I put out to various groups and only less than 1500 signed. Our only next move is to bring down Sullivan, I don’t even care if Mr Blobby is our next chairman but we have got to get this done. The club is in disarray and there is no ambition on the board and the fans are walking away. Hello championship if we are not careful. If fans from other clubs can bring down chairman and manager, then is our chance to do it.

    • Jon says:

      After four good years of results and stability you want to burn the whole setup down.

      If you’re walking away or thinking of it like you say – after the run we’ve had under Moyes – you are no fan of this club

    • Jon says:

      If you want to burn the whole setup down after the 4 years of results and stability we’ve had Im not surprised that few people signed your petition

      And if you’re walking away, or thinking of it as you suggest, then you’re no fan of this club

    • Flumpy says:

      A petition is one of the silliest ideas I have ever come across. A petition aimed at who exactly?

  • Peter says:

    Protests against Sully can start.

    Note : we are protesting him, not the team, not the manager, not the club. Just that shortsighted tight fisted loser

  • Mike T says:

    Blimey pooor old Hugh would be turning in his grave seeing this site attacking Sullivan.

    This site also attacked Moyes for months and has now started on another one 🙂

    Also for those of us going for 50 years the misty eyed bit cuts a bit thin as wel – it was crap for a long time

  • Tezzard says:

    Talk of Moyes taking us as far as he can , the same could be said of Sullivan .

    Not listening to steidten , whom he pays to be the expert.

    The blind spot of only hiring managers on a free.

    The man’s limitations are holding us back

  • Lifelong Hammer says:

    FFS let’s get behind this appointment and give it a chance.
    Read his recent interviews. He took Wolves from relegation in December to above us by end of season. He left because the board didn’t honour promises and changed his job spec – obviously the fans were angry but didn’t want him to go.
    Read the tactical analysis sites – he plays high press, Mobile front 3 , Overlapping fullbacks , switches systems (4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1), Builds from solid defence (what successful team doesn’t!)
    Has Premier League experience and is desperate to prove himself in this league.
    He wants the job. He has had success at high level European Clubs too as well as international as Spain Manager. Real Madrid went wrong but only got months and they are very different club to us
    He definitely is not the Spanish Moyes. Let’s stop being so Fxxxing negative and get behind this. Imperative we get a Manager in asap to stop players leaving and rebuild . He can then discuss style of players he wants with Steidten and Steidten can buy them…that’s how the set up is supposed to work.
    Amorin clear doesn’t want to come to us (says staying at Sporting) , and neither does Fonseca (going to Milan ). They are just using us as a stalking Horse.

    • West Side Phil says:

      Agree – Think we should all take this on until we see otherwise- we just don’t know how it will turn out but it’s a total mess now so we have to move on and one thing I would add is find a leader as our Captain is no leader at all and that is definitely adding to the pain COYI

    • Terence says:

      The trouble is ‘leaving is a common denominator in this mans character, one fall out and he will be gone. He will not endure the wrath of fans after a few dodgy results, he will walk. His track record is wrapped up in minimum stays. Just ask Porto, Seville, The Spanish National team and Real Madrid.

      This will end in tears.

  • Leonard Harvey says:

    If it weren’t for sullivan gold and Brady, there would be no West Ham, we were £112 million in debt and 9 days away from liquidation, if it weren’t for moses we would be a championship side, and ignore superfan Cottee, he soon jumped ship to look after himself, let him sort Evertons troubles out, he’s about as popular as Ince.

  • Anon says:

    Stop this nonsense that Sullivan and Gold saved West Ham nonsense they were charging us 7 per cent interest on the loan. I despair that people believe this

    • Jon says:

      I remember that period well. We were properly screwed and we’ve been lucky to have two people who care about the club in charge.

      Some very short memories round here

  • John Ayris says:

    Whoever came in there was going to be a big turnover of players. I’ll wait to see if Steidten can repeat his magic and I’ll see what’s served up before I condemn it. I’ll give it a chance but I’m not grinning from ear to ear.

  • Dave says:

    Moves says the players have to take responsibility for yesterday’s debacle, not the fact that they have played every game league and Cup because we only have a miniscule squad there’s no respite and no matter how much they are paid it makes sense to rest players give others a game and actually set a goal not let’s let them have the majority of the ball back it and try and sneak a goal

  • Terence Sullivan says:

    I am 75 years old and one of my first memory is going to west ham at the age of 4 years old, I still have the roset. So I have been going to watch and follow the team for 71 years. I have cried when we got relegated and cheered when we got promoted. And in all that time in my opinion there never was a golden era. I was there when Blackburn beat us by 8 goals and have sweated blood watching them lose to Plymouth argyle , all with what’s supposed to be our golden team. So if you look at us over a long period then we have never been a great team or even a good reliable team. I have seen Moore Peters and Hurst lose to really bad teams. So what am I saying, I am saying for west ham to be a reliable and consistent team the whole mentality should change from the top to the bottom. Even when money was not in the game we were never a great team, so even on a level playing field we were poor. We have had great moments yes, and some exceptional players, but consistency no. To cure this we need a manager with the big picture mapped in to his head and is building the team like you build a house, from the foundations upwards not like a jigsaw with some parts in and forcing other parts to fit. And we have never had a manager with that vision and I am not sure the replacement manager has that view. But time will tell, being good at football is not enough to make a team that is consistent. Well that’s my opinion

    • Billybondsbeard says:

      You’re so right Terence in your analysis of the last 60 years or so. The boys of 86 came nearest to making the dream come true and it really looked like they were going to do what Leicester achieved many years later, but of course that fell apart at the end. The fact is you’ve got to have hope that in any one season all the elements come together and come good. Otherwise you might as well resign yourself to mediocrity. That’s what did for Moyes, he was too fearful to really have a go with some quite potent weapons in his attacking players and once a defence minded team starts shipping goals at the rate we have you have nowhere to go without a different strategy to employ. His time is up, not losing was his raison d’etre and without results he has no excuses.

    • Terence says:

      From one Terence to another wholly agree (I’ve followed the Hammers for close to 60 years.. My other observation for what it is worth is how society has become increasingly divided and that is seen on the football terraces, Social media has created a stir pot of poison none more so in football where the input of money has reached staggeringly ridiculous amounts.

  • Ray-The-Hammer says:

    Most of this article has been plagiarised from an article on Westhamtillidie written by Hamburg Hammer.

    Have you no shame? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Hammer _Rite says:

      To be honest Ray I’m thinking of jumping ship and going over to Westhamtillidie.
      Since hugh has gone this site has gone downhill and seems to be taken over from the dregs of X(twitter)

  • fred says:

    West Ham, in days gone by, always played attacking football and was known for it around the world. The amount of people I have spoken to, on my travels, that said they always liked West Ham, ‘my second team’ was a popular quote. A true West Ham supporter would rather lose 3-2 than 1-0. This season has to go down as one of the worst we have suffered for the thrashings we have received, We have conceded 70 goals and still have to play Luton, fighting for their lives, and Man City with the league title not necessarily settled until the last game of the season. 70 goals conceded for a defensive manager is outrageous, only topped by the bottom three, must surely go down as a record.
    Now Sullivan has gone and pocked his tacky nose in again and is signing Moyes mark 2.
    Sullivan has no class and will always go for the cheapest option, he just cant help himself for ——- things up.
    I will not be renewing. In the past we have always been a yo yo club with us fans being long suffering, bu, enough is enough, I just cant take any more.
    We have al

  • Paul says:

    Do we ACTUALLY know what’s been going on?
    We’re told that Nobes and We’re told that Nobes and Steiden wants another manager, who says this is true. If true, then why employ them if Sullivan decides himself.
    I’m a fan first, not of Sullivan, Brady etc and will get behind whoever gets the job….. but….. if it goes the way I think it will, there will be carnage next season, so let’s hope the new manager embraces what fans want too

  • Haribo says:

    This is on you and other so called media and fans. You’ve hounded Moyes and completely undermined the team over the season despite all the injury problems since the Africa Cup etc and dragged the club down well you’ve only got yourselves to blame. Don’t try to put it on David Sullivan he’s now desperate to get somebody, anybody whose name isn’t David Moyes!

    • Paul says:

      Isn’t that a name for kids sweets

      • Carol says:

        What happened to Mark Noble?
        I thought he was being groomed to play a part in West Ham’s training and recruitment, but we have not seen or heard from him.

  • Roger Smith says:

    What happened to the ‘West Ham Way’?
    Be Careful of what you wish for, as the saying goes.
    With Sullivan, it’s all about the money. He should have stayed in the porn industry, exactly where he belongs.
    Already paid for next season’s ticket, so I guess I’ll just have to wait until another stooge is called in to get us out of trouble.

    So Disappointing !!!

    • Coui says:

      Graham Potter as ridiculous as Moyes…He should have gone when we went to 14th place.
      He didn’t last long at Chelsea I think he was there. I would have rather the Portuguese guy.Amorim spend 10m we might win something with attacking football rather than defensive and still lose Apparently Soucek said no one listened to the manager on Sunday…

  • Pete jones says:

    As a long suffering West Ham fan todays news about our new coach doesn’t feel me with any joy ,when we left Upton Park we were told we were leaving to take us to the next “ level “ . Well I’m still waiting to see that next level . Under Moyes we played awful outdated football . It wasn’t a pleasant experience going over to watch us it was a bore and we the West Ham fans deserve so much better . Second biggest gate in the premiership . Come on Sullivan listen to us fans and appoint a dynamic coach that this truly special club so deserve .. COYI

  • Tyrone Kennedy says:

    I’ve supported west ham for 62 years and this quite honestly is the worst its ever been, I’m coming away from this club and football for a while I’m disillusioned with it all football is not a pleasure anymore there to much money in it.

  • Les says:

    Sullivan greedy man
    Probably made money
    When Upton Park sold
    In with the construction of
    Upton Gardens
    Likes to make money
    But don’t like to spend it.
    Look where he started
    His career
    Millington@ daily sport

  • George Brand says:

    Enough already – notwithstanding my attendance at Stamford Bridge yesterday it remains a fact that David Moyes is still our most successful Manager in far too many years. Less than a year ago we had 100 thousand people lining the streets of the Boleyn neighbourhood as a result of winning our first Euro Trophy in 58 years ( on a personal note I was at both Finals ), less than two months ago we thumped Freibourg 5 – 0 and less than a month ago we frightened the unbeaten Leverkusen who got a lucky last minute goal for a draw.
    Unfortunately Moyes does not have the vivacity of Klopp or the mysticism of Guardiola, he is a grumpy Scotsman. and so has suffered a sustained and often spiteful level of abuse and criticism from those so called supporters who inhabit Social Media the chief culprit here being Claret and Hugh. The damage to the reputation of the Club and Moyes is due very largely to the sustained diatribes in what has become an orchestrated campaign Further our current poor form has undoubtedly been influenced by the turmoil surrounding Moyse
    The current disgraceful situation, where a SUCCESSFUL Manager is now having his would be successors being interviewed, whilst he remains in post, is both shameful and shabby behaviour by his employers. In my view this is in no small measure the fault of the outside carping critics who continue to erroneously purport to speak for us all – they don’t.
    I can only trust that on Moyes departure he can publicly say to all those responsible for this contemptuous outcome “Gentlemen go F**k yourselves”

    • terence says:

      Spot on George. This has been coming for many months. Moyes did not stand a chance between toxic fans, toxic social media and the usual crap served up by the general media. All media is interested is in stirring it up for click bait purposes only and that includes this site. clicks = £.

      This will be my last post on this site as they have been at the centre of the social media poison. I would suggest all decent fans boycott this site. They do not represent the majority view of decent well informed fans.

  • Jimmy Wallace says:

    I can’t understand the Hammers fans who have hounded out Moyes.
    Well, get ready for back to mediocrity, lowly League positions and fighting the drop.
    Not to mention the lack of classic European ties under his tenure.
    We will regret this

  • Gaza123 says:

    Mr sullivan likes shopping at harrods but hes just been into lidal

  • Owen Gunter says:

    Obviously no fan wants to be in a relegation battle but we want a team that at least is set up to win not just try not to lose.

    We were in a good position half way through the season why not try to kick on. We weren’t going to be relegated but still set up against teams like Bournemouth at home as if they were European champions. Just feel we could have done so much better; seems like a missed opportunity.

    Reading some of our match reports words like turgid, dire, hopeless… When you say be careful what you wish for; why can’t you wish for better?

  • Darren says:

    It is frustrating to see the decline since the turn of the year, the passion has gone and turning Weat Ham into a defensive team is like watching big Sam’s long ball system. Last season I was watching a possible top 5 club despite the loss of Rice we bought well , Bowen, Kudus, we still thad those blood sweat and tears players like Antonio and sadly seeing Fornals go was harsh.

    However not all the blame goes on Moyes, tactically yes but there are 11 players on that pitch also who should give it their all. I would not lose no sleep over Paqueta going, great player but solely a baby with his rolling around on the pitch when not hardly touched.

    Kudus what a buy, but his not alone out there, he seems to feel he has to take on an entire midfield and defence if he looked up more often and passed the ball I feel he would be scoring more goals.

    Its a rebuild mission with or without Moyes , the board have been terrible advertising and interviewing candidates whilst the guy is in charge, how would that make you feel, no interest and this showed against Chelsea , i have seen some bad games since New year but that is the worst.

  • Robin says:

    I just pray that Lopetegui is Steidten’s preferred choice…..if that is not the case we cannot maximise our potential.

  • Danny says:

    Is this the new hypocritical narrative.. hope you’re all happy now. Not only did the constant whingeing bugger up our season but now it’s delivered a manager nobody seemingly other than David Sullivan wanted. Hate to say I told you so but…

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