Sakho slams FA foreign player proposals


diafra-sakho-542296Diafra Sakho has hit out at the Football Associations foreign player proposals will have no effec t whatsoever on the lack of quality young English players coming through at Premier League level.

And he has told the FA they are making excuses ” for the failings of the England team”with proposals to limit the number of non-EU foreign players in the domestic game.

FA chairman Greg Dyke also wants to increase the number of required home-grown players in Premier League squads from eight to 12 by 2016, as well as reducing the required age for home-grown qualification from 18 to 15.

But Sakho told BBC Sport: “Everyone can make their own excuses to defend their own interests.

“France won the World Cup in 1998 and the French league was full of foreigners, same with Spain who won the World Cup and Euros, and Germany too.

“I don’t see why we should shut the door on new talent coming over.

“The Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world, one which all young players dream of playing in.”

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  • canchaz says:

    This guy is obviously about more than just scoring goals, for he is right on the money here. If we had more young players with the talent of the likes of Sakho they ‘d be playing in the PL and England’s problems would solve themselves. But no amount of social engineering, which is all this FA proposal is, will solve the problem

  • TysonM says:

    Yep,what he says is true,we are tryng to find excuses for our own failings.Btw Hugh,i think you will find Winston Reid said the last bit about peers.They were both in the bbc article when i read it earlier,but whats in a name when atributing comments made by them.Just dont want you sued by Sakho,lol 😀

  • bubs says:

    It’s not just the talent its not he hunger to play,we have a habit of telling our youngsters how good they are at a early age and there perents can see pound signs and wrap them up in Colton wool,these African players mostly come backgrounds and living conditions that we would not cope with and Sport is a way out of that life,
    It’s back to the same old cherry,we want to be entertained and a lot of home bread players do not make the cut,
    If you have a choice of watching a b film or a blockbuster for the same price only the people from Biggin Hill and the Silly Isles will want to watch the b film,

  • ssaunders says:

    I am a West Ham fan and very happy with our dealings on the transfer market during the Summer. I do feel the FA have a point when our best British talent is sitting on the bench watching oversea’s imports play in their position. But then again these younger players are tempted to go to the big clubs, receive a nice big pay checque for sitting on the bench.
    Sakho is wrong about some things. When Spain won the Euro’s and World Cup most of their players played for Barcelona and Real Madrid, when Germany won (recently) most of their players played for Bayern and Dortmund, when France won most of their players played in England. We should limit the ammount of overseas players playing in each team. It might not help but then again it just might!

  • TysonM says:

    Is true about the youngsters moving to the big clubs & then becoming lost ssaunders.There are many examples but i just think of two off the top of my head who went to Man.City,Scott Sinclair & Jack Rodwell,both were getting great reviews at swansea & everton,talk of international recognition.They then went & sat on citys bench for a couple of years & are now barely even spoken of.Any career momentum they had was lost.Im not saying they would have been good enough for many,many england caps but it is just showing how our youngsters get lost because they move to the bigger clubs.Though sometimes it is their clubs who accept the big bucks for them so i guess it is a difficult situation.

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