Sam: Carry on attacking

West Ham United v Nottingham Forest - npower ChampionshipSam Allardyce has pledged to continue the “attacking policy” that lifted the team into fourth place earlier in the season!

Defeat at Leicester appears to have encouraged the manager into declaring that the requested offensive style wanted by the board will stay in place.

Speaking to the official site the manager explained: “The big shout at the beginning of the season was that we were going to attack more and for that reason we’ve lacked a few more clean sheets than we wanted. That would have got us a few more three point victories than draws and got us higher up the table.

“We’ve scored more goals than we’ve ever scored and we now must push on over the next seven games to get more than 46 points, which is our best total from year one, and if we can do that by continuing playing like we’re playing then we’ll go on and do it.

He added: “We played like that and won earlier in the season, which was why we got to third or fourth so I’m not going to stop the players playing like that.

“I’m going to tell them to be a bit more careful when we haven’t got possession as if we continue to give goals away it means we’re going to have to score two, three or four goals to win games.”

He added on the Leicester defeat: “We didn’t play like a team that was drifting on Saturday. We played like a team with a lot of creativity and drive. Where we failed is that we’re less clinical than we used to be.”


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18 comments on “Sam: Carry on attacking

  1. One striker and Nolan is attacking football? I’m clearly just not sophisticated enough to appreciate that counts as attacking football…

  2. BFS is clearly trying to wind up all the fans with any intelligence,
    Attacking football could be played with one forward if you did not have to carry Nolan and had a player like Nene siting just behind him just as Zarate did,
    But we had a lesson the week before and looked a better team when we played with Cole along side Sakho so why did BFS change it ?
    Sakho only played to his best at the beginning of the season along side Valencia and later along side Carroll, if a low intelligence person like me can see that why can’t this self praising genius BFS see it,
    I am sure lifeissobeautif or Biggin Hill Will tell me.
    BFS OUT NOW and if you lot keep changing your names I will get confused

    • Not sure what you’re on about bubs but I am not Biggin Hill. I’ve been there but definitely not me…

  3. ahaahah… Sam the Attacking Conqueror doesn’t know what else to do to safe his a**.
    “We played like that and won earlier in the season, which was why we got to third or fourth so I’m not going to stop the players playing like that”.
    ahaha… now we are a team of mavericks “at it, lads!”
    That’s his next move: against Stoke Adrian striker together with Sakho and Nolaninho, no goalkeeper… total attacking football, better than Barcelona.
    He’s a natural comedian…

  4. If he wants to get back to how we were earlier in the season then surely it can only happen again with Downing playing behind Sakho & Valencia.Is he going to drop Nolan to do this? Of course he wont.So we wont get back to early season form no matter what spin he puts on it.Shame it is taking to the last seven matches to say this.All of a sudden he wants to give the chairmen what they asked for again,now he is fighting for a new contract.

  5. He speaks like a robot that responds to orders: he’s programmed to do what the owners ask him. Except that when his puppets came back he restored his old boring football… I hope and I think Davids are not blind.

  6. Purely as an observation and perhaps in the interest of balance it may be interesting to our regular contributors to read Pages F10 and F11 of todays Telegraph Football Section.

    • F10 & F11 isnt much good on the Telegraph website.Can we have another clue like the headline,lol,is this like some sort of easter egg hunt but with an article as the reward 😀

  7. Sam must be going mad, we jacked in the attacking football the the Chelsea away match and its never came back.

    Clearly he is cracking under the pressure

  8. I personally did not like the snide comment about if we were not attacking, then a few more three points would have come our way if we had defended our lead. Pants, we lost out to Man U, Spurs, Everton all by conceding goals in extra time. because we went defensive for the last 20 mins of each game bringing on defenders for strikers, to try and protect a one goal lead. What about his ‘respect the point’ policy he is always banging on about, the guy’s not only devoid of common sense but a hypocrite as well.

  9. Its comments like this that make supporters really angry at the club for printing his drivel and trying to make out we are morons.You cannot go to the bottom club with one up and a captain passenger and claim we are an attacking team.I find these comments from Allardyce that are printed on the club website with the owners permission as plain offensicpve to us supporters. Very very disappointing from the club and its owners.

  10. The guy has got to the stage now where he will say anything to save his job.Make out he is following the chairmens wishes.Well with one upfront in the last two matches against teams that were in the bottom four he is hardly pressing the attacking accelerator is he.He has got to the stage now where he is just chasing his own tail for sure.

  11. Wow,the guy is taking the proverbial isnt he.How can he try to fool people with this bs.More to the point how did he manage to get these untruths on the whufc site! sometimes this man leaves me flabbergasted with his statements & ways of trying to fool the fans.Incredible.

  12. Ok so if we are going to play attacking football then we can expect Valencia back in the team right Sam! So who drops to the bench out of the midfield? Which one of Song,Kouyate,Noble,Downing & Nolan will be dropped? I bet it will be Song or Noble,though everyone knows who it should be.

    • Nolan? Nah… We can’t live without our ace… 😉

      • If Nolan isnt the one to be dropped then it just proves he has no intention of playing this attacking football he talks about.But it wouldnt surprise me if Valencia starts on the bench & Sakho starts on his own again.Dudley the dinosaur is stubborn enough to do it 🙂

  13. Sorry ty but I don’t agree… West Ham without Nolan is like Barcelona without Messi… lol

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