Sam: “It’s our biggest win”…nudge nudge!

West-Ham-v-Hull-Sam-Allardyce-bubbles_2756968Perhaps a tad over the top but Sam Allardyce has described the win over Sunderland as the biggest of the season!”
The relief he’s been expressing since the scrappy 1-0 victory over a less than average Black Cats team may be rooted in the current uncertainty surrounding his position at the club.
And that was reflected very strongly in what was a very untypical and seemingly nervous TV interview before the game where in an unusually quiet-spoken mode he spoke of this being a “must win ” game.
That it was Diafra Sakho who again came to his rescue continues to amuse as the 12 goal man was all but lost in negotiations back in the summer! Nudge nudge, wink wink.
Sam’s relief was palpable as he declared ro West Ham TV : “It was a big game and probably our biggest win of the season.
“It settled everybody’s nerves, because you could see the fans have come here so often recently, seen some really good performances and gone away having applauded the lads off the field but disappointed about the result.

“The performance wasn’t as good as it was against Manchester United or Chelsea but I’m sure, like us, all they wanted to see was a victory. When it came as late as it did, it is always sweeter that way.”

Next up Leicester and then Stoke – it will be no surprise to hear them described as our biggest matches of the season!

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19 comments on “Sam: “It’s our biggest win”…nudge nudge!

  1. Really does show how badly our season has fallen away when the mighty Samasaurus is declaring beating sunderland as our biggest win of the season.Davids rid us of this muppet pls.

  2. This was only a big game for one person ( BFS )
    With Mrs B leaving his corner and the fans near to rebellion only he had defeat to worry about,
    Nothing changes my opion of the man,the game was rubbish the tactics awful and the opposition second class,
    What are we going to be served up in the next month,BFS looking just for points to improve our league position just so he can look the 2 Daves in the face and say he has fulfilled his remit
    The problem for me is the only part of the remit that’s important is to play the West Ham Way,he can not fulfil this because he does not know how to or what that means,
    We want to be entertained every week, we want value for money,we want adventurous attacking football and if we get that we will win games not all I grant you and probably not win trophies,but as a faithful fan I am used to that for 50 years and it is only the last 5 that I have been unhappy with the performances


    • I too have 50 years under my belly,what is the West Ham way.Cos lets be honest bruv we have never been a top six side have we.Dont mention 86 a superb one-off. C.O.Y.I.

      • I dont really understand this.If there was no West Ham Way,where did the term come from,why was it used as a way of describing our football.Why has it always been used as a way of expressing the way people want to see us play football.Even Allardyce admitted there was a West Ham Way,though then he pretended he had never heard of it.There clearly was a West Ham Way otherwise it would never have even been used to describe the way we played.The West Ham Way is a philosphy of how we would like to see our football played,it has nothing to do with being a top 6 team or high league positioning.

        • spot on Tyson its about playing attractive attacking football that entertains .. it has nothing to do with winning games or league position. I hate it when Sam says ‘3 points is all that matters” because it is not all that matters to us fans. I would rather play entertaining football all season and finish with a few points less than watch dross for a few points more & actually there is no reason why you would have to have less points playing attacking sexy football.

          Football to me is about excitement and entertainment, pride and passion, not boring people to death cuz you might get a couple more points – anyway if i was only interested in points id support someone else lol

  3. Last week Samuel the Magnanimous had to read a bedtime story to his sad childs, but this week he found his time to highlight his genius. Now I feel better, thanks.

  4. Not sure where baddow has been for the last 50 years but definitely not Upton Park. Has he ever heard of Ron greenwood or john lyall. Football is for entertainment not points.

    • ” Football is for entertainment not points. ”
      That was Greenwoods opinion not Lyall’s. Lyall believed in winning with entertainment.
      That was the peak of the West Ham Way: Passing attacking football with, but with some defending added to it.

  5. Yes agree sleep I was trying to make the point that it’s not all about coming in the top six although obviously that would be ideal.

  6. If our performances have been so good lately as BFS keeps telling us we should have had an easy win yesterday with several goals. To say this was the biggest win of the season shows just how awful our recent form has been.

    I really hope this has not secured his future. I was willing to stomach a loss yesterday if it meant the end of him.

  7. Yes I see your point, but most supporters these days don’t know that we were used to entertaining the whole country while barely surviving. Winning 5 – 4m losing 4 – 3 was typical West Ham under Greenwood. Of Course I don’t complain about him, because he was the greatest innovator the British game has ever seen. And he was English. And he was West Ham.
    I admit I got fed up with coming last while entertaining for about 30 years ( with exception of golden moments like winning cups ).
    Now I want us to win ; with the West Ham way when possible, but being flexible when not possible.
    Yesterday I would call flexible. lol

  8. sorry I was answering DGHammer34

  9. Sorry but I want entertainment first and if we win great if we loose which everyone does with pride and distinction,
    If all you want is to win then you have no place at a club like ours,it soon where’s off,I have friends who hate how there clubs have gone (Man City and Chelsea ) it was great to win a first but now there is no structure nothing to call there club its a Russian and Arab toy not there club anymore,
    Keep our club for football lovers,

    • If all you want is to win then you have no place at a club like ours,

      never said it so I stay with my club

  10. Couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately with the insane amounts of money at stake we are now in an era of winning being the most important thing. Personally I would rather we were an entertaining yo-yo team with some relegation and promotion battle excitement every year rather than what I fear we are headed for; mid-table mediocrity in a sterile new stadium.

    I honestly can’t think of a worse future for our club than that.

    • this is why the new stadium is so important. with more money we can entertain and win. It means we can get better players. It’s essential if we want to survive today no doubt.
      The days when you can entertain and live on a tightrope are gone. We would be in admin in no time.

  11. Sleeps have you been to Biggin Hill ?
    It’s nice there you would be happy no excitement but safety in numbers,
    Only problem they hate the youngsters,don’t want excitement ( weak hearts I think )
    Like rather large people with no vision,
    I think Conkerpot may have come from Biggin Hill.
    BFS OUT ( don’t go back north head for Biggin Hill )

  12. I have no problem with ‘winning ugly’ when you have to. The point is Sam’s tactics make it ‘a given’ that guarantees ‘ ugly’ win or lose.
    All these discussions on this game or that game are pointless, unless you understand they are all part of the symptom that creates those situations.
    Like any good doctor you have to locate the problem first before you can fix it and every investigation comes back to the same place when one looks at our club dispassionately.

  13. Delusional comes to mind.

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