Samuelsen future – what the fans think

Young Hammer Martin Samuelsen produced a brilliant performance for Peterborough United against West Brom earlier this week in the Fourth Round FA Cup replay.
He was all over the place running the show and despite a missed spot kick in the penalty shoot out got rave reviews from pundits and fans alike.
Posh director of football Barry Fry is talking to David Sullivan about keeping him on loan for another season. Here’s what ClaretandHugh’s FB members have to say.
martinsamuelsen726O He’s got a bright future ahead of him
Martin could play for us in Prem easily. The boy oozes class. Ran that game last night. Very impressive. Certainly no need to keep Song who has proved how inconsistent he is after coming back from injury. Martin is our future for sure.
I think he is class and should move into the first team squad when Moses goes back to Chelsea next season. I think he is better than Moses now probably

O A great prospect indeed. However, I don’t understand the above post as he is certainly a different kind of player than Song. I still don’t understand all this anti Song stuff. He has played OK. Not been as consistent as I would like but still 13 or so games to go. Judge the man at the end of the season and until then support him.

O His time will come.

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15 comments on “Samuelsen future – what the fans think

  1. If we are not going to use him next season then he needs to be palying in the championship or a newly promoted Premiership team. Either way we need to make sure that he is signed up to WHU until he retires and that he gets game time next season, as this lad is class.
    If we can keep all our young stars from going to the not so dizzy heights of the top 4 teams including Oxford, Lee, Burke etc then our future is looking very bright indeed.

  2. As the second FB post says, he plays a different position from Song. He has also been mistakenly compared to Noble. He could not do their jobs. He is not the all singing all dancing complete player.
    He needs more experience in a higher league as ssaunders says to be ready for the Prem, but he is very exciting prospect.
    Perhaps a modest pay rise and a contact extension to keep him with us while he is learning. Only if he keeps progressing of course.

  3. Bring back all the youngters in the summer & lets see them in Claret & Blue. These kids will save the club £m’s

  4. He needs game time. He won’t get in front of Payet or lanzini. Best place next season is on loan. Same as Reece Oxford needs matches . There is no issue with going on loan to gain experience. People who think he is ready next season are deluded.

    • I agree with that, and just look at Rio Defoe and others who went on loan. They gained enormously from it.

    • Thirded – and put in on a course of weight-training and a high protein diet – he’s good but still a bit lightweight!

  5. He has diffinitley proved he can be put on the mix with prem players. I personally think we have needed him the last few games. Playing with three defensive midfielders and payet on the left. We could of had him as cover for lanzini on the right and kept payet in the centre.

  6. I must be deluded then Jason. I think he is ready. Look at Dele AIli. He is only 19 just needed a shot. I think going out on loan again for another season will be best for him. Only cause of the hype it would cause and that can effect your game but watching him run rings around west brom the other night! He is going to be a player!

  7. I would have the lad back, and off load Moses who is a very, very expensive luxury, the club doesn’t need or afford. Obiang should replace Song, who also does not contribute enough for the wages he gets,’IF’ the information on this site is correct.
    Oxford would be a far better option next season coming off the bench, plus the benefits of saving £150, 000p a week on potential wages to Song & Moses.
    Samuelson looks every bit the part playing for Posh and would be a great asset in relieving Lanzini & Payet as playmaker occasionally. Can also play wide if need be.
    In the words of Les Miserable ‘Bring him home’

  8. If he is not part of the first team next year and Oxford we will loose them,
    Song can be replaced by Oxford any time you like,
    Moses can be replaced by Samulsun and play in games to replace Antonio,he will grow in strength in the next couple of seasons,but great small players have as Zola,Oscar,Lanzini
    Ect can use there size to their benefit
    If he can be kicked about in the championship and turn players like Cresswell and Byram inside out he is ready,he proved it twice against a very physical WBA and that’s not easy,
    Let’s give youth a chance he is not that much younger than Bryham,
    New contract 5 years and play him in 1 season we will have a £25 million player on our hands,

  9. luckily it’s not us voting for the decision, It’s up to Bilic
    . Let’s see how he is performing after 14 more games, and after pre-season, I’m sure Slaven will make the right decision.

  10. just saw the daily mail article in which Terry Westly says ” ….he will come back to us and challenge for a place in the first-team next season.’
    Does that say something?

  11. He should start intensively working on his core strength, he has a huge future but he is not yet physically strong enough for the PL being at Peterborough has been really good for him. Everything I see about him other than the reservation about his physical presence I like, he does hold onto the ball a little too long but that is better than a player that dumps the ball off with short aimless passing and that is something that working alongside Lanzini and Payet he can really improve. As others have said if he is not going to play next season then definitely he should go on loan at a championship side and continue to develop.

  12. Plenty of good opinions on here today, but a dismal understanding of how the loan system works and what the demands of a full European campaign. As for Samuelsen, he’s the real deal. Like Payet and Lanzini he’s a rare talent that doesn’t need to be run into the ground. Let him play when we need him, let him understand where he fits in, let Bilic put his arm round his shoulder and he will blossom into another Devo/Paolo/Dimi. I can see him eventually replacing Payet after a couple of years of playing alongside him.

    • Totally agree Demon,
      All this about core strength is sound but, real natural talent is rare, we will have ‘3’ players in that category next season, so they can all get rest and he can and build strength slowly and under the eye of the WHU staff who have his best interests at heart anyway.

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