Sarri identifies signing to mend Hammers midfield


Maurizio Sarri is poised to restart his managerial career in the Premier League, and he might bring two Lazio stars with him. The former Chelsea manager believes he can resolve West Ham’s midfield issues by recruiting a former Arsenal player, Matteo Guendouzi, to East London. It remains uncertain what Hammers director of football Tim Steidten would think of such a move, however theses are only rumours at this stage.

Italian media reports suggest that Sarri regrets his departure from Chelsea and is eager to return to Premier League coaching after this season concludes.

Recently turning down an offer from Nottingham Forest, Sarri has received proposals from both Newcastle United and West Ham through his agent, Frank Trimboli, but he has not yet made a decision.

Sarri believes Matteo Guendouzi would fix West Ham’s midfield problems

Sarri is holding out for more concrete offers from Premier League clubs, hoping to secure around €50 million in backing to attract Lazio players Alessio Romagnoli and Matteo Guendouzi to whichever team he manages next. Both players have been staunch supporters of Sarri during his tenure at Lazio and might be persuaded to join him.

The 65-year-old is currently spending time with his family in Castelfranco but is ready to return to the coaching fray soon.

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  • Bennyboy baker says:

    What a great improvement he would be on moyes and being able to bring in 2 quality players with him which would ease the pressure on steidten so he can work his magic in rebuilding the squad the tactics that Sarri likes to use would take us up a level and strike fear into the opposition

  • Good Ole Daze says:

    I’m not against Sarri on the basis that he’s 65 but is he the young, imaginative coach many are looking for compared to 60 year-old David Moyes? I’d rather Moyes stayed than Sarri. I don’t think Chelsea fans were sorry to see him leave but they are a hard lot to please. Unless he’s calmed down, Guendouzi makes Alvarez look like Florence Nightingale – aside from the fact that he looks like a cross between Kenny G and Milli Vanilli. I think the club deserves better.

  • Ian says:

    It’s fair to assume that Tim Steidten now has a big influence on who will replace. Moyes. ( IF HE EVENTUALLY DECIDES TO LEAVE).
    Similarly Steidten has a preference for younger players and one would think age is more important in this SPECIFIC situation.
    Finally Steidten has already built supporter. respect in a year so why not trust him to do the right thing.

  • Andre says:

    Yes, Sarri would be a clear upgrade and Gundoezi would indeed be a great and young engine in the middle. In defence, Sarris back 4 is complimented by Romagnoli who doesn’t seem phased by nothing and can command the defence.

    I can see us having a bright future under him and surely our football would improve, as someone said above , we would start to put some fear into opposing teams.

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