Shameful mob tirade at Sullivan


sullivan_5535cWest Ham’s 66-year-old chairman David Sullivan was this afternoon subjected to the kind of posse mentality which wouldn’t have been out of place in the old wild west.

After leaving the Hawthorns before the end of this afternoon’s debacle he attempted to shake hands with a group of Irons supporters understandably furious at the team’s appalling performance.

He made a gesture to shake hands with them all but was driven backwards by a baying mob freely using the F word.

The video can be viewed at the site but this was not a mob of hoodies and teenagers. The people involved all looked like middle aged guys who seriously should no better.

To scream and holler at an elderly gentleman is pretty desperate in any circumstances and quite what they expected him to say as one demanded on three separate occasions “Can we have some answers – and not on Twitter ” goodness only knows.

It was a sad sad sight. Entirely embarrassing and entirely pointless. Oh and how ironic that it emerged on the very outlet where the guy didn’t want the answers – Twitter!

Frankly, it was shameful

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • ChelmoHammer says:

    I am just as frustrated as everyone supporting the club. The FA Cup was the one thing I wish we’d thrown everything at. But I agree that ambusing the owners like this just isn’t the thing to do. We instead need to pick our selfs up, and get ready to take all three points from the Spuds next weekend!

  • rads45 says:

    Well out of order.Guy must wonder why he pumps his own dough into the club when he gets treated like this & lets face it he isnt really the biggest fan of BFS anyway amongst the board.Think they picked the wrong one to be shouting at,not that any of them deserve it really.

  • Ironworks says:

    2 years running two humiliating exits from the cup. Full credit to Pulis and the baggies who out thought BFS and completely outplayed our boys. I don’t buy BFS bullsh1t excuses as WBA have played as often as we have and several of out team today didn’t play all three games. We’re all frustrated, angry, embarrassed and disappointed – that doesn’t make it right to gang up on DS and abuse him. Embarrassing all round.

  • Michael Miller says:

    Agreed it was uncalled for – the fans had a terrible journey and witnessed a pathetic performance from West Ham but abusing David Sullivan is not on!

    Lay off the ‘elderly gentleman’ stuff though – Sullivan is only a couple of years older than me – sixty is the new forty – I wish!

  • johnham1 says:

    Firstly it is totally out of order, we owe a lot to David’s so lets not forget. However I also understand the enormous frustration of the fans. If I look at this and try to understand why this incident happened – it leads me to only one place – the incredible loyalty the chairmen have shown to BFS. I believe the fans actions today were of poor choice but I do not believe the incident would have happened if the chairmen have acted and got rid of a manager who the fans simply do not want. If I look at why this is – simply BFS has made horrific decisions this season and probably his decisions have resulted in some awful performances. Again how he can bring O’Brien and Cole on today is just madness. I believe he needs to go now and I believe it is 6 months too late.

  • Michael Miller says:

    I was just thinking a couple of injuries and a Red Card exposes how shallow and weak the Squad is – yet another thing to bash BFS over the head about!

    Allowing Vaz Te, Zarate etc to leave without getting any bodies in looks even stupider!

    • drevil1969uk says:

      Not the first time he has bough stupid in the transfer market and not had enough cover is it. i am surprised that he didnt allow Cole to leave anyway leaving us with just 3 strikers. He has form does sophisticated Allardyce

  • jaybs says:

    Completely wrong to abuse the co-owner Mr David Sullivan in this way, it was an embarrassing afternoon for the club on the pitch, Sam’s defence of being tired is very questionable, though different from what I expected, blaming everyone but himself. Truth is for weeks we do not seem the same team, the loss of Carroll was not the problem, Downing seems to have lost it, Cresswell after a superb start seems lost and Nolan just a waste of a place! We were bad and that is disappointing Spurs I do not see as a walk over. Sam seems for weeks not to have answers any longer, Pullis often seen as a joke gained much respect today!

  • NorthDevHammer says:

    Well said Hugh and thank you for raising the point. We are all deeply disappointed with the team’s performance today but no excuse for that tirade of abuse aimed at DS. That mob should be ashamed of themselves!

  • drevil1969uk says:

    Totally disagree to be honest, He had a chance to get rid of Sam last summer and bottled it. Of course fans were annoyed, they probably had to get up at 7am to travel by train and went all that way. They know full well Allardyce will have an excuse but that was unacceptable and it adds a long list of things he has done which is not good enough. People seem to think Allardyce has done this “magnificent” job but forget the millions he has spent and wasted! They were angry and maybe feel do not get a chance to say so, and this time they did. Would you be all happy and chirpy going all that way and watching your side be a disgrace????

  • bubs says:

    Sorry Dave but you copped the frustration of the fans because you are one of only two people who can give the fans what they want,
    You have sat back for the last two months and watched BFS put two fingers up us but also at you and done nothing WHY .
    Watching the replay one fan asked you on three occasions for some answers and you tried to shake hands and ignore the question and that is why you got abused?
    We are only like Milliband trying to get a answer to a question but unlike Cameron who does not understand what priminster question time means you don’t have to answer,
    So next time just walk away don’t say nothing don’t do nothing( as you have been)
    And there won’t be a problem.

  • rugbyirons says:

    There is clear hypocrisy here.if the mobs use of the F word is what is unacceptable then perhaps you should stop the manager and players,including the foreign nationals from swearing too.
    Would the mobs behaviour been acceptable if they had spoken politely?
    Either way the solution is the same for both and perhaps illustrated best by the hypothetical two fingers stuck up to the owners and fans by just one person.
    I look forward to a mob response

  • philtheiron says:

    I have just heard the shocking and tragic news about three West Ham fans who lost their lives in a motorway accident while on the way to the hawthorns today.

    Our thoughts and deepest sympathies should be with Al their families. RIP.

    After this arguing about today’s game and BS just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

  • HammerJeff says:

    Rugby, it wasn’t the swearing, it was the mob mentality and hounding the poor guy! How much of your money have you put into the club? – not as much as the Daves I bet!

    He had the decency to shake the fans hands out there but Mr Gobby who was getting too excited wanting to some answers? Maybe he should have given some questions?

    Deepest sympathies to those involved in the accident, big respect to DS how he handled himself with dignity, and I’m sure he sees what we are all seeing with BFS – give it till the end of the season review eh? The only person who doesn’t see these things is BFS himself!


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