Sullivan thanks travelling Irons army

David-sullivan-001David Sullivan has thanked the 6,000 fans who travelled to the Hawthorns today and left bitterly disappointed after seeing the team beaten 4-0.

He experienced the fury of a group of mindless fans as he left the stadium who hit him with a barrage of foul language on a video which emerged on Twitter.

ClaretandHugh personally apologised to the co chairman on behalf of all our followers who had sent sent messages of support to the club chief via our forum.

We received a personal message of thanks and in a message via www.whufc.com he added: “It was a very disappointing afternoon for everyone connected to West Ham – the board, the coaching staff, players but most of all the supporters.

“I know that the manager and players will have wanted to do nothing more than fire us to an FA Cup quarter-final tie but I think ultimately our exertions over the past week took their toll.

“I’d like to personally thank every West Ham fan that went to The Hawthorns and assure them that we will be doing all we can to make sure we continue for push for as high a place as possible over the remaining 13 games in the Premier League.”


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Sullivan thanks travelling Irons army

  1. if he sacks sam tonight all our rage will fade 🙂

  2. Sack him please – let us be rid of him and let us blood new players like Burke, Oxford, Henry, Poyet. We are sick and tired looking at Nolan, O’Brien and Cole playing because of the unprofessional behaviour of Allardyce. He needs to go now – it is incredible what we have had to put up with this season. There will be no club if there is no fans so listen to us now before we see more of that dreadful behaviour today – none of us want to see this. We respect the owners and we trust them. We are all behind you so just pull the plug on his reign.

  3. There is only one thing he can do to keep the faithful happy and he knows it but I think he will still fight DG and keep BFS to save money,
    Well there is no reason he can’t go on garden leave tomorrow and the cost is the same,
    Yes you would have to pay someone possibly Teddy Sheringham little bit more for the rest of the season but we are not talking a fortune and its probably less than what you will loose if the gates start going down,

  4. I am speechless – so will write “it is incredible what we have had to put up with this Season ” – are you nuts – we’ve beaten Man City- Liverpool – outplayed United – beat Everton in a great Cup match and are going to remain in the Premier League for another important pre Olympic year. Have you been following this Club for more than twenty minutes. By their deeds ye shall know them – think that was St Paul – Allardyce got us up – kept us up – and your watching our best Season in years. No I’m not a particular fan of Allardyce, who is, but just exactly which stellar manager have you got in mind who’s going to rush to us and guarantee seeing us into the Olympic Stadium.
    Finally glad C & H apologised to Sullivan, thank you – mindless idiots not supporters.

  5. Georgebrand I noticed you mentioned list of things except Everton That happened at the beginning of the season and you would probably remember most fans thought BFS had changed as he agreed with the two Daves for this season ,
    Wrong he was waiting his time for his pets to return then when things started to go wrong
    Caused only by himself trying to prove he is right and everyone else is wrong including a lot of very good managers and a few thousand fans who follow football daily and are not stupid,
    DS has done so much for this club and every last fan is grateful but we pay the same as him and most pay more money per ratio of income then the directors,
    We would like a voice as well which you have proved today with your views but that does not make them morons because they don’t go about it the gentlemans way,
    But if needs be
    Please mister Sullivan could you tell us why BFS is still at the club as he has broken his agreement with you and us and is now harming our club ( how’s that georgebrand ) ?

  6. Bubs.quite right.

  7. Georgebrand you are absolutely spot on. You have also just witnessed what happens when you post anything on this forum that differs in opinion to the “we want big fat Sam out now” brigade. They will personally address you jump on whatever you’ve has to say and try and ridicule you. When you try and stick up for what you believe they will call you an idiot or worse. They will also tell you that everybody thinks the same as them.

  8. David Sullivan and David gold. Thank you for everything you have done and everything you are doing for the club I love. I will be forever grateful. My apologies for the mob tirades the walk out half way through a gamers the boo your own players when they come onto the pitch boo boys and the fat Sam outers

  9. Conkerpot,i read your ridiculous diatribe about Italians yestterday but said nothing.The guy was as entitled to an opinion as anyone else,to masquarade racist stereotyping as humour was a poor excuse.If ever i saw a case of bad mannered jumping on someone it was with that inane comment you made.Your comment was riduculing him to the maximum.To then come on here whining about people jumping on your comments has a bad stench of double standards!!!

  10. Sorry Conkerpot,i forgot to mention,im Scottish.Just in case you wish to throw some bagpipes,haggis & Braveheart quotes into you reply.

  11. As you said in another article you are not pro SAM,I don’t believe you after reading your daily replays but a very sensitive person deeply offended when BFS or the 2 Daves are attacked but also a hypocrite,
    It’s ok for you to attack anyone who doe not have your views and asTysonM has written just as nasty when it suits you so when Braveheart,Haggis loving,bagpipe blowing fellow fans
    Personally offer you the chance to get a heavy weight off you chest I would do it,
    That heavy weight is BFS mania by the way

  12. He can say what he wants about me bubs.I am not so thin skinned as him.I take little he says seriously.I saw a comment lastnight saying that he wrote on here he was at the game but while the game was on he was here posting comments.Says much about the guy.He is willing to lie to get his point across.Sounds like he could make a great politician.I have little wish to involve myself in arguements with people on here but his post to the italian guy really made me angry.It would be easy for the italian guy to have choosen Chelsea,Man Utd or another big club to support when taking an interest in English football.Instead he chose to follow us & gets repaid by having a buffon writing rubbish to him about the mafia & all this rubbish.Guy has no class,but is very quick to attack others for being rude.I look forward to him explaining football to me using a haggis as the football.Seems it is the way he does things.

  13. Well said mate,the problem is this forum is for everyone to comment about there feelings about our club,
    When the miority don’t get there way like most things in life there real colours come out,
    It’s not just the Italians how did you come to follow our club or is it your second club aswell as a Scottish club ?

  14. Nah Bubs,my folks are scottish,i was born in London.But if i dont call myself scottish my dad will kill me,lol.I have supported the irons since i was five.I dont even support a scottish club.I just spend all my life eating haggis & playing bagpipes,well,in Conkerpots world anyway.

  15. That defiantly makes you english mate but understand the DaD thing.
    It helps sometimes to get your feelings out there so others can help its a pity conkerpot can’t let us help him with what ever it is that getting under his skin he can’t be that bad a person he does support our club.
    Come on conkerpot let the majority help with your problem ?

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