Shock jock defends his right to cricitise Bilic


Adrian-Durham-006Talksport Shock jock Adrian Durham has defended his criticism of Slaven Bilic in a long winded article in which he insists he doesn’t hate West Ham.

Durham writes: “On Monday’s Drive show I was highly critical of Slaven Bilic for his touchline aggression and for his criticism of referee Michael Oliver after the game.”

A number of West Ham fans objected to my comments, so it’s worth clarifying exactly what my criticism was based on.

I like his passion, but he went too far, hence his charge from the FA. Picking up a big TV microphone and slamming it to the ground so aggressively that the fourth official had to take evasive action is the sign of a manager who has lost control. That level of aggression warrants punishment whether he’s angry with decisions or not.

But what about those decisions? He called the referee “awful”. Was Bilic right? Or was he fuming because West Ham conceded an equaliser with 93 minutes on the watch, and decided to take it out on the referee?

In my view Bilic was over the top with his criticism, it was borne out of frustration that West Ham didn’t hold on. He gives that away when he says he was ready to go home before the break with the three points.

A manager publicly criticising a referee isn’t ideal, but sometimes it’s understandable. But here Bilic has massively over-reacted.

Two things are of concern: Firstly Bilic doesn’t seem to understand the offside law, which he needs to be expert in if his criticism of officials is to carry any weight.

Secondly his aggression on the touchline – no he didn’t kill anyone, but he picked up an object and threw it to the ground – is unacceptable.

I don’t hate West Ham, I don’t support West Ham, West Ham are just another club to me, like all the others (with the exception of my club). So as much as I praised Bilic last season for his impressive work, I will criticise him when I think it is due.” 

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  • mooro66uk says:

    Who really gives a toss what this slug thinks. He is an opinionated, arrogant bully. COYI X

  • Hammer And Pickle says:

    No one takes a blind bit of notice of him anyway do they.He is a prize winning *****.

  • hammersfan01 says:

    Yes, you have every right to criticise. And we have every right not to listen to you, not to read your crass articles, and basically ignore you.

  • markro says:

    Why would you re-iterate his views here?

    Durham sees it as his job to court controversy, antagonising the gullible to react.


  • JeffJed says:

    Biggest laugh I’ve had for ages – Adrian Durham described as a “Shock Jock”! He’s just a silly little boy trying to play with the grown ups. Do what most people do – ignore the idiot!

  • Hammer And Pickle says:

    Well the fact that Bilic could well escape a touchline ban as a first offence really does make this way over the top.If Bilic was a repeat offender i could get it.Whats this his first real show of anger in sixty or seventy matches managing us.Im sure some of our angelic fans will agree with the ***** though.

  • ironswatch says:

    who cares what u think u are not important to us fact we should have had a pen as well

  • nellythehammer says:

    Knew it would be ****head Durham from the title…..just ignore him. He’s an arse

  • Tom says:

    I would love Slaven to phone in this evening and shut him up just like Carragher did a few years back …

  • John says:

    The fact the carrot haired **** gets a dozon posts here a few thousand comments on blog world means he has set out what he wanted to achieve. I’d. never heard of him till I read his name here. I never knew Lawro had a prediction thing till I read it in the blogs. Self publists they are. It’s gonna be a long 2 weeks 🙁

  • MikePen says:

    never heard of this bloke Does he have a listener base – I suspect not with the gibberish he is reported above as coming out with. Don’t give the idiot the oxygen of publicity.

  • TRB says:

    Without the likes of the highly provocative Adrian Durham and Jason Cundy, Talk Sport wouldn’t have much to broadcast. They each take an outrageous stance on any current topic just to wind up fans of whichever club. The targeted stupid fans then bite hard……call up the programme at 13p a minute and hey, Talk Sport fill a 3 hour show with content not worth the effort! ……..Alan Brazil’s early show doesn’t offer much intelligent listening and I can take or leave what comes between 10am and 4pm…..Radio 5Live offer better sports programming.

  • Stinger says:

    Why on earth would you put this article up here. What on earth is the point of giving that moron and total idiot any more attention than that he already craves. All you have done is played right into his and talk****e’s hands.

    For Christ sake, don’t give the idiot what he wants ans take the article down from the site.

    Are you going to do this every time he has a West Ham related rant, because if so you will have to have at least 1 everyday.

    • I hear what you say but news is news whether we agree with it or not. This article is the most read article of the day and double that of any other article today. The headline wasn’t misleading it was sold as seen. Counting down the days until football comes back on 25th Feb……

      • TRB says:

        It’s not news until it’s written about……… If we can’t read it and what’s more, it the radio station isn’t listened to, then it remains where it belongs. Nowhere.

        • Stinger says:

          Spot On.

          Sorry SW, but this is not news at all. All you have done is promote this idiot and his shock jock station.

          • Stan The Man says:

            Do you really have nothing else to worry about other than an article on a web site.You are making a mountain out of a molehill.This is forgotten by tomorrow,who cares.

  • Wembley1980 says:

    Adrian Durham doesn’t actually believe what he says, he desperate for a reaction desperate for listeners and desperate for people to phone in. .basically he is desperate !

  • Michael Miller says:

    You only have to listen to him once to realise what an idiot he is – his ‘just putting it out there’ – devils-advocate style is beyond a joke – mind you,it must be difficult talking complete rubbish for hours on end!

    • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

      He seems to find it simple enough, Michael. The guy is a joke. He asks people what they think, then talks all over them in a condescending manner that leaves you wondering what the point is. It’s all about his opinion, and nothing else matters.

  • bubbles says:

    **** end ….****

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