Slaven’s next big challenge

LEROY (1)Slaven Bilic was absolutely right to single out Diafra Sakho for special praise this morning and we had all better hope the lad stays fit for he is the key to everything that the Hammers are doing at the moment.

He showed yesterday against the best team in the and – a side that hadn’t conceded all season – that he can occupy and take defenders out of position to create the space for us to make our new way of playing really pay.

That Slaven should mention it only bears out what I’ve been saying for a while now – the guy is a tremendous player and as an old centre forward I truly appreciate him.

He’s a diamond who also does a magnificent job chasing back and defending. No praise is high enough.

Should we need to bring Andy Carroll back into the team we are going to see Slaven presented with a new challenge – can he fit them into another way of playing?

I am totally convinced he will because we are looking at a great manager. It’s early days STILL but this is a man with quality written through him.

We absolutely deserve to be in second place and what impressed me so much yesterday was that even when we were totally under the cos, when we did get possession we still carried a terrific threat and ‘Sak’ could have easily had another in the second half

Yesterday’s win was monumental and I am incredibly proud. This is all happening with a brand of football we haven’t seen from the team for years.

The old days are back – the West Ham Way is back and we should be loud and proud. We are living through a period of our history we though would never return.

And it’s absolutely glorious.


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12 comments on “Slaven’s next big challenge

  1. With you all the way Leroy !!!
    Absolutely awesome display !!
    Proud is an understatement !!!! My belly is tingling !
    Its coming home and it feels effin great !!!
    COYI !!!!!!!!!!S

  2. Amen… we were fantastic even if at times it was like watching the Alamo lol and we had 11 John Waynes.. WELL done Slav and the team.
    Great result COYI !!!!

  3. Hippo is hurting again !!!
    Can’t leave it can he !!!
    Embarrassing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OK !!! Hippo !!!!!!
    I never in the whole time I have supported west ham 54 years heard anyone criticise
    Greenwood or lyall !!!!!
    Get you’re facts right !!
    They played the west ham way you Muppet !!!!!!!!!

    • You sound obsessed/like a bitter ex-wife. Move on. Give it up son.

    • Greenwood wasn’t taken to task at a train station then?
      Lyall wasn’t given grief before he left?
      You may not of heard it, but by all accounts it happened.

      • Oh dear 7580,you are incredible.The slightest remark or attack on Hippo & you are off & running defending him.On here & on Wetpants,lol,you tell everyone to let it go but your own personal crusade to save Hippos blushes or reputation is honourable to the point of sycophantic.People on sites are allowed to be dismissive of hippo without you always flagging up things to defend him.No one cares about Allardyces reputation anymore.As you tell everyone else,’let it go’ 😉

        • 80 takes it as a personal afront if anyone says anything about Sammy Baby.It is indeed the same on Wetpants till im dry (thanks Exsoulie).He goes on a one man mission to hunt down anyone who dare critisise Hippo 😀

  5. Spot on Leroy,Sakho was fantastic,cant believe someone said on here the other day that Sak wouldnt make it under Bilic,lol,yeah ok.Also love that all the people who were saying Slav only played a few games for us before being a mercenary & deserting us are all now singing his praises from the rooftops,lol.
    We need to keep Allardyce to keep stability before the move to the OS!.How many times did we hear that from people on here & other sites.Thank god the board had other ideas 😀

  6. If we bring Carroll back Sakho will have to learn to play a new style,
    What a crock how about if Carroll wants to get in our side he will have learn to play within the style the team plays,
    It’s not about Carroll,it’s about Westham and he is just a squad member,
    Sakho is Special and just because he is not English or cost £15 million does not make him number 2 to anyone,he will always score he is as much a hand full because of his pace,
    Just hope he keeps Carroll on the bench all season

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