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So suddenly a brilliant Irons win is a Man U story!

Just to remind the pundits and ‘papers…this is what the story should have been!

Monday morning should be a lot easier for most Hammers fans after this weekend although we still have a few who aren’t 100 per cent happy.

Twas ever thus!

Despite a convincing attacking away win at Goodison  a fabulous defensive performance and clean sheet against Chelsea, eight in the cup and three more against Man U, conviction is a word that doesn’t mean much to some.

Well they are entitled to search for negatives if that’s their thing, I’d sooner be upbeat and look forward to an exciting journey this season.

What is more irritating by far is to watch Match of the Day and find that despite this fine Hammers turn around following a shocking start, the pundits after a brief “well done” from one Danny Murphy (zzzz!)  made the story all about Manchester United.

Despite being thoroughly beaten, destroyed at times, it was all about how badly they played that got the attention rather than  our A1 display as we become a club very much on the rise after a superb display.

Annoying in the extreme!

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Even worse was to turn to the website of a particular red top paper today and on visiting the West Ham page find something like 15 United stories on our page, a lone match report and one or two tales on the Carabao Cup.

Quite what is going on in the media these days defeats me despite having had a lifetime in the business.

It obviously escaped the attention of our “best” broadcasters and newspapers that West Ham won the game yesterday in pretty dramatic fashion.

Yesterday was not a Manchester United story yet here they were turning it into everything but what it should be presumably because Mourinho and Pogba have been digging each other out.

Shame on them – the game coverage was totally unbalanced towards United. Is it any wonder we get the hump?


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

5 comments on “So suddenly a brilliant Irons win is a Man U story!

  1. Unless you are a West Ham supporter,a West Ham win doesn’t sell newspapers!All media types have,since the start of the season,have taken every opportunity to knock West Ham.The stadium,the owners,the rent etc,it’s endless.Now the team are beginning to performwe’ll all ignore that especially when Pogba and Mourinho are a more interesting to talk about .COYI

  2. The paper media is dying being replaced by online instantly available copy I guess, you would know more than most Hugh, what do you think ?

    I know that shaming and sensationalising trivia (such as the storm about Stacey Solomon not long ago) seems to be the direction that not only papers but other print media seem to revel in, yet there numbers show steady decline, I used to like reading the independent because it had well written non politically biased journalism, I am someone who likes to be presented with facts and think for myself, I think most of us are probably the same but all of this politically motivated and/or scapegoating twaddle they print bores the life out of me, they treat the general public like idiots not realising the editors that approve this stuff are the real fools.

    • Written media is gone – don’t need it – we have communication overload on the net. They have been overtaken. I could be sad but I’m not – decent story telling is possible in pixels…print? All over really in news field

  3. Listening to the bt team of hargreaves Scholes Rio etc talk incessantly about man u pogba mourinho etc was nauseating in the extreme. No balance at all..felt like MUTV.

  4. Thus far, the way we destroyed Man U is a one off. And we did lose our opening four games. So maybe not so surprising it was all about manu losing rather than us winning. There is a cure for that though. what we have to do is repeat the trick a time or too. Once we have destroyed a few other big teams then maybe the media will sit up and take notice that something special is happening down at West Ham. Until that happens though we are still going to be the same West Ham that can lose against the small teams and turn it on and get a surprising result against the big boys. As we all know, thats always been the West Ham way.

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