Souness breaks ranks and slams Moyesball


Graeme Souness has broken the rules and slams Moyesball. We’d like to think Moyes’ fellow Scot  had been reading of our snipes against pundits when he suddenly decided the support of David Moyes was more than enough by his media colleagues.

Thus far the punditry community has done nothing but support one of their own in Moyes but Souness is having none of it.

He has come down firmly on the side of the Hammers supporters who pay their hard earned to be entertained which he claims is certainly not the case at the London Stadium right now.

Souness breaks ranks and slams Moyesball

He makes it absolutely clear that the counter attacking game is not what fans want and are therefore putting the pressure on for change.

He claims that it’s all about entertainment levels which of course has been the position of Claret and Hugh and many many fans.

He adds that if you are a supporter and buy a season ticket and you go to watch your team, you want it to be enjoyable. He adds that Moyes “who is not new to the game – knows what he must give them.

Souness breaks ranks and slams Moyesball

Souey gave his views on talkSPORT in a two minute interview saying: “Listen when you get a job at a football club you walk in and you have to deal with the group of players you have. If you’re there for a period of time you get your own style – remember the word style – of footballer in.

“And I think the criticism that David Moyes gets is that the players he’s bringing in and for (playing a) counter attacking football. I don’t think (it’s where they are in the table that’s the issue), they’re sitting ninth in the league. It’s how they’re doing it.

“If you’re at a football club two, three, four years then you’re buying players that you want to be bossing games, you want to be on the front foot, you want to be playing in the opposition’s half – especially at home.

“And I just think West Ham, for a West Ham supporter, it’s not terribly enjoyable. Because you’re playing counter-attacking football, you’re on the receiving end of the other team having the ball all the time. And it’s not an enjoyable watch.

“Overall he’s done a good job there. But it’s David’s style. It’s perceived as being negative. He’s working with a group of players which he thinks the best way of getting a result out of them is going this way. But then you fire another argument, if you’ve been there several years, you’re going to then buy players who are going to take you away from that and then you become more proactive (as a team) instead of reactive.

“On Sky someone said to me about ‘the West Ham way’. I said I’m not quite sure what ‘the West Ham way’ is. But I think the way the modern game has evolved, West Ham are a big football club. Look at that catchment area down there, enormous catchment area, great stadium. I think you buy a season ticket and you go to watch your team, you want it to be enjoyable.

“Ok you get a wee bit of enjoyment if you play counter-attacking football and you’ve won 1-0. They’re wanting more than that and I understand why they want more than that. And I think David – who is not new to the game – he must realise what he needs to give them.”

All this too from a fellow Scot – well said Souey!

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