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Spencer FC talks West Ham – do not miss!


Spencer Owen will be playing at Wembley on September 2nd to raise money for the Bobby Moore foundation.


He has started an annual match at Wembley called ‘The Wembley Cup’ which is in it’s second year and will be featuring Robbie Fowler, Robert Pires and others yet to be announced.
 Details below

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4 comments on “Spencer FC talks West Ham – do not miss!

  1. Do Not Miss?

    No thanks, this guy has proven he knows very little about West Ham. He was asked who Syd King was and he had never heard of him.

  2. Hang him,crime of the century,young kid doesn’t know who Syd King is.What has happened to this site.There used to be some good lads on here who had a laugh & didn’t take themselves seriously.These days it’s one big moanathon.This place could give WHTID a run for its money for sour pussies.

  3. I agee with you Ray, the world is changing and the wet side of the Force is spreading like a virus… every man for himself… lol 😉

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