Steidten ally Romano reveals Moyes decision still pending

Steidten ally Romano reveals Moyes decision

Transfer insider Fabrizio Romano has revealed that David Moyes could yet remain at West Ham. Tellingly, the Italian journalist seemed to indicate that the ultimate decision remained with the club.

This conflicts with Moyes’s own story when he told reporters that there was a contract on the table for him to sign. The Hammers manager suggested that he would decide whether to sign it based on factors such as his family and what was right for the football club.

Steidten ally Fabrizio Romano reveals Moyes decision

Steidten ally Fabrizio Romano reveals Moyes decision with the Leverkusen tie clearly playing a key role

Speaking to Caught Offside, Romano said: “Rumours appear to be continuing on David Moyes but at this stage I’m not aware of decisions made about him by West Ham,”

“The club are fully focused on the Premier League and European football, so everything that comes next will be discussed later.

“I think many times we heard that Moyes was almost gone and he’s still there. Nothing is decided yet.”

Romano is usually first to transfer rumours and was always on hand during the summer to reveal any Hammers stories. He was particularly prolific with any news involving Irons football director Tim Steidten and is believed to be in regular contact.



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4 comments on “Steidten ally Romano reveals Moyes decision still pending

  1. Moyes needs to go the way he sets his team up and the tactics he wants has cost us many times yes he has done a good job and winning the conference league saved his job but he can’t rely on past victories and blaming the fans the players the media and not forgetting the officials and I agree that var seems to look for any reason to make sure things go against us the fact is that he has done all that he can as our manager to continue to improve we need a manager that will take us to the next level

    • The simple fact is with DM at the helm we are not going to progress any further. Thanks for keeping us up and achieving success with a trophy, however the club needs a new direction with new ideas and a winning and attacking philosophy.

  2. Please, NO!
    Never mind ‘Go Fund Me’ -can we start a ‘Please Save Us’ page???

  3. There seem to be a lot of people “in the know” and who have “a source close to the board” who turn out to be “purely speculating” like all the others.

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