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Steidten interview reveals much about Moyes relationship


Yesterdays Tim Steidten interview was fascinating and offered an insight into the workings at West Ham and potentially David Moyes future. Thanks to Pete for sending in this excellent guest post.

Ambitious Steidten plays the long game 

In a revealing interview with the German press, West Ham’s Director of Football, Tim Steidten, shared his ambitions and experiences since joining from Bayer Leverkusen. Steidten expressed his desire for complete control at West Ham, indicating a significant shift for the club’s management trio, which includes himself, David Moyes, and David Sullivan. This admission highlighted Steidten’s initial ambition and the subsequent period of adjustment needed to align with Moyes and Sullivan’s approaches.

Steidten’s aspiration to take charge reveals the complexity within West Ham’s management structure, suggesting potential friction given the overlapping desires for control between him, Moyes, and Sullivan. However, the narrative seems to have evolved, showing a collaborative shift where each party has had to compromise to some extent.

Tim Steidten winning power and influence at West Ham

Steidten interview reveals much about the workings at West Ham

The January transfer window served as a reality check, particularly with the problematic acquisition of Kalvin Phillips, underscoring the need for a more joined-up operational approach. Steidten’s interaction with Moyes appears to have transitioned from initial ambition to mutual respect and learning, particularly in football perspectives.

Steidten’s strategy and approach to football management have been influenced by his experiences and interactions within the club, especially with Moyes. The conversation around the January transfers and Steidten’s assertion of learned football perspectives from Moyes hint at a dynamic working relationship that has grown beyond initial expectations.

Moreover, Steidten’s comments on squad restructuring reflect a long-term vision for West Ham, suggesting a strategic approach that could span several years. This perspective aligns with the broader goals of stability and growth for the club, contrasting with the immediate pressures and expectations in football management.

The interview also touches on the broader implications of Steidten’s tenure at West Ham, including potential shifts in managerial responsibilities and contract negotiations, particularly concerning Moyes. The discussion around contract specifics and operational control indicates ongoing negotiations and strategic planning within the club’s hierarchy.

Steidten’s insights offer a glimpse into the intricate dynamics of football management, blending ambition with pragmatism and strategic foresight. The evolving relationship between Steidten, Moyes, and Sullivan illustrates the complex interplay of leadership, control, and collaboration in shaping the club’s future.

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    Moyes and Sullivan should do the honorable thing, and step aside and let Steidten take charge with his experience, knowledge and skill. Thank you.

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