Steidten shortlist is a mouth-watering prospect


Steidten shortlist could start an exciting Hammers era

The news that Tim Steidten is compiling a managerial shortlist in case of David Moyes departing West Ham is intriguing.

Like many, I was thrilled when the club appointed Steidten as the director of football last summer. It signalled a shift toward a newer, more modern, and cerebral approach from West Ham. For too long, we’ve stuck to old-fashioned methods, with David Moyes at the helm embodying that ethos.

However, there is a new breed of head coach now, and in many respects, the traditional role of a club manager is becoming obsolete. Most Premier League clubs now adopt a continental model, and there are compelling reasons for this.

The concept of an all-powerful manager who has their fingerprints on every aspect of the club just doesn’t work in the modern game. So, if Moyes were to depart, it would make sense for the Hammers’ hierarchy to follow this modern blueprint.

Incredible Steidten-Steidten shortlist-David Moyes replacement

A shortlist is being drawn up by Tim Steidten to replace David Moyes

It’s uncertain who Steidten might include on his list, but it makes sense that managers like Jose Mourinho wouldn’t feature. Steidten, who was part of the team that recruited Xabi Alonso to Bayer Leverkusen, will be well-versed in the upcoming coaches in Europe and is unlikely to want to look backwards.

Make no mistake about it, David Moyes has taken West Ham on a remarkable journey, especially in Europe. However, the naysayers would have us believe that we should be careful what we wish for, fearing that the Irons’ empire will crumble with Moyes’s departure.

Personally, I’m not so sure… we could be on the cusp of something very exciting.

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  • John Harrison says:

    Agreed Gonzo, the Moyes years were overall positive for the club: we avoided relegation and, due to a new third tier in Europe, DM was finally able to justify the claim that he was a ‘winner’. We got as a result another year of European qualification, though not through our very poor league performance last year. ‘Careful what you wish for’ is just a cliche used by old men (I know: I’m 71!). The game at Leverkusen illustrated how ultra-caution can only get a team and club so far. That, in a nutshell, is why there has to be change. How about another cliche? Nothing ventured nothing gained. And Steidten is a golden opportunity. Hats off to the person at the club who brought him in.

    • Eastendexile says:

      As my old grandad use to say’ if things don’t change, they’ll stay as they are’
      We have to change our approach and make it enjoyable and successful

  • Si says:

    Agreed with both of you. If you sit back and let a team have 20 plus shots at goal they will score. We have a great team going forward and that is our strength not defence.

  • Whammer 1 says:

    To John Harrison
    Totally agree with you post,I am also at the age of 71 and like your self have supported through thick and thin and thin and more thin, let’s have a real change and go at it and give us old facts memories to take with us..

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