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Sullivan boys deny Sakho departure

jacksuStories that Diafra Sakho is leaving the club for Rennes have been roundly denied by Jack Sullivan jnr and his brother David Sullivan.

As Sky Sports News and the rest of the media world let us all know that the striker was on his way to Rennes in a £9 million deal the Sullivan boys followed CandH’s story of last night which had firmly ruled it out.

Jack tweeted: “Iv’e heard he is not leaving. I have a few sources at the club #itkjack.

davidsuluAnd his brother David –  answering a worried Hammers comedian James Corden – said quite simply: “He’s not leaving pal.”

Stories had been running since last night that the Senegal hitman was on his way and were followed by pictures of him arriving at what was claimed to be Rennes airport.

That was followed by SSN’s Kaveh Solhekol  saying he had passed a medical in advance of a £9 million move to the Frenc Ligue One club.

But we have been told over the last hour that whilst Sakho may have chosen to have a medical there was never an chance of the club agreeing to let him leave.

We had been told originally the offer was far too low and today have learned that it would have only totalled £9 million with many add-ons.

And we were told again: “We wouldn’t be able to get anyone in at this late stage to replace him so he stays.”



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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

51 comments on “Sullivan boys deny Sakho departure

  1. So he went all the way to France to have a medical of his own accord and the club just let him go while knowing all the time they weren’t going to sell him? Something is not right here.

    • I would think the club had some say in it, but he ignored them, to force a transfer. Up to his old tricks perhaps…..

  2. My club is going from bad to worse sak is going and when all things have been added up like tony gale said we have basically spent 4million in 2 seasons.. Ivre got a lot !more to say like other people but I’m done loosing sleep over it …R.I.P..west ham

  3. Well, Sky Sports have him at Rennes, passed his medical and thee Clubs agreeing a fee of £9 million and only personal terms to be sorted out – and ‘my sources’ are saying that West Ham are looking to bring in Abdul Majeed Waris from Lorient.

  4. Lol i aint ever lost sleep over anything to do with The Irons Kip.I just go watch the football & what happens happens for me these days 😁
    Stop being a miserable f*cker with all this RIP shyt.Man up man 😂😂

  5. So we will be signing a loan forward or free agent the day after the window shuts i guess 😁
    If he goes we must have a replacement already sorted i reckon.

    • We’re supposedly looking at Abdul Majeed Waris.
      No, I haven’t a scooby who he is either!
      I wouldn’t bother getting his name on the back of a shirt.
      Too expensive with that amount of letters, and probably off in January.

      • Yeah he was mentioned earlier in the summer wasnt he Condor.I have heard of him but know nothing about him.
        Its all speculation & bolloxs,Sky steal stories from teams websites & then say Sky Sources said it.I have seen it before.
        Just have a bag of popcorn & relax Michael 😁

        • I don’t tend to put too much stock in what SSN has to say Rads.
          They are, after all, part of a company that also has a bookmakers as an offshoot.
          Odds manipulation anyone??

          • Youre a sceptical man Conor.Im sure Sky are above board & totally clean & green.I mean Rupert Murdoch owns 70+% of Sky doesnt he & he is a man of integrity 😂

          • Honestly Rads, I absolutely detest the antipodean midget and all he stands for.

      • I think he used to play basketball for the La Lakers didn’t he, was famous for his skyhooks 😉

    • Trust me Kip before we had the nipper i used to go to most games home & away & i have been in foul moods on the trips home but now i just get it out of my system on the same evening & thats it.
      I still care passionately about The Irons its just the rant has left my system these days & the club will still be around long after Bilic,Gold,Sullivan & us,so a couple of poor seasons is nothing in the grand scheme of things.No one gives a shyt what we think anyway mate 😁😁

  6. Sky now are saying tha Crystal Palace have offered £10 million for Sakho and that West Ham are having secoond thoughts about letting him go – you couldn’t make it up!!

  7. Sakho’s staying put, now let’s get Barkley in

    • Unfortunately I can’t see that happening shammer.
      Think we’re more likely to end up with Jack Wheelchair tbh.

      • talking of wheelchairs Barclay is injured and not likely to be fit for a few months he is unlikely to be going anywhere this window.

  8. Something is not right at our club
    Like Rad I ignore all these rumours until it really happens
    This club has fantastic fans that have put up so much rubbish and they still turn up with head held high
    This should have been a great year
    We have some fantastic kids but we chose to send them off and stick with our old men who have had their chance and failed,
    Since our manager arrived he has stormed up and down the touch line in all weather kicking every ball
    Not this year WHY ?
    We have top international players that are wandering around
    With their heads down putting no effort,
    What ever your view of our club captain this year he has given up the ghost WHY ?
    We need to turn this around now
    So let’s start with stopping the rumours coming from the club that only hurt our club
    Either back Slav 2 Daves or part company
    1 and 1/2 days to go either say we are not buying any more players or go and buy the player or Players Slav wants

  9. Dont know mch about this Waris but 1 goal in about 15 in Russia,0 goals in about 18 in Turkey before moving to France.Sounds like our type of signing 😂😂

    • I don’t think there is any truth in it Rads but yeah who would be surprised then they see how cr@p he is in training and call him one for the future.

      • Not too sure about that 32.
        I think he’s the sort of punt (no, no spelling mistake) Sully loves.

  10. It was clear he doesn’t want to be here after looking so miserable against Cheltenham, even when scoring. The fact he’s gone and had a medical elsewhere sums it up. Notice how that fact was buried at the bottom of another corporate communication here?

  11. Back again to have a swipe at the site Ray.Same **** different day.For someone who doesnt like it you must read it alot.

  12. If anyone wants to read more dodgy journalism to lift their spirits apparently Carvalho’s agent is in London to finalise the deal http://readwestham.com/2017/08/30/carvalhos-agent-in-london-to-finalise-west-ham-move/ why an agent would finalise a deal on which personal terms have allegedly been agreed is beyond me, unless of course he would sign the contract on behalf of his player ? Unless we pay what Lisbon want we won’t get him.

  13. This Alexndre Mlindes we are looking at 17yo plays for AS Minguettes. Has 21 goals in 22 apps and 35 goals season before. Be good to add to academy and let Toni get his chance.
    Sahko just wants to get away from Bilic so he is trying but supposedly Palace offered £10m!
    Rather stick w Sahko till January see how he does then sell Majid Waris at £14m is bit much for Ligue 2 player

  14. Will we beat Huddersfield. Yes of course we will , and everything will be rosy again with Bilic on a reprieve ., untill we lose another couple in a row . Then it will be hatchet time again .
    Don’t know about you lot but being a fan is harder than being a player or a manager .
    What will it take for the fans to be heard ?. Bilic is letting us down , the players are letting us down and the board is letting us down . The fans are in total disarray and don’t know what or who to believe and are arguing amongst themselves as to this , that or other . But we still support our Team come high water , sun , or storm .
    Something Bilic , Mr’srs Sullivan & Gold & the payers are failing 100% to appreciate .
    We are screaming and begging for some kind of Sun Shine to fall upon us but all we are getting is heavy downpours of cold rain . No direction , no system to call our own , no cohesive football , no real plan and only a desire to flirt with relegation . It’s like yoyo united instead of West Ham United . Looking good for a Take Over imo . And it wouldn’t disappoint me to be honest .

  15. What is it about Ghanaians?

    Waris going on?

  16. Woe is me Woe is me, RIP West Ham, Slav out, Board is crap, They ain’t got a clue 😆 Just thought I’d give a quick overview of a day on all West Ham blogs for those that can’t be bothered to read all the comments 😆😆

  17. What!?! A West Ham player trying to force a move back to France. Where on Earth did that idea come from?

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