Sullivan heads for crunch 48 hours

Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk v Sevilla - UEFA Europa League FinalDavid Sullivan is heading into crucial talks with Carlos Bacca and his advisors – expecting to know exactly where he is with the signing within 48 hours.

The co-chairman is currently in the South of France on his annual trip with David Gold when they talk with agents and players on their wanted list.

RR Very HighWe have been told within the last few minutes that the co-chairman – now effectively director of football – is hopeful that he will get the result he wants on the Bacca deal over the next couple of days.

We were told by a top level source inside the club: “These are the big talks with Bacca and his people – the crunch talks. We are very hopeful but will know an awful lot more over the next 48 hours.”

AC Milan have accepted the £26 million bid from the Irons and Sullivan – a relentlessly hard line operator when he really fancies a player – is expected to seal a deal with the 29 year old Colombian.

Bacca – currently on £60k a week is expected to see his basic wage upped to closer to £70k plus any number of clauses aimed at taking him towards the £125k Payet level.


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7 comments on “Sullivan heads for crunch 48 hours

  1. We are spending a huge amount of money on a 29 year old, who does not look to have the build to play in the premier league, who is unproven in the PL, I agree with the article earlier it is a huge risk. I just hope we know what we are doing because I would hate to see the scenario that we let Sakho leave and bring this player in and he fails to justify not alone his price tag but that he is a better player than Sakho. I see more benefits in keeping Sakho who has 2 years PL experience and bring in a young and upcoming striker like Icari or this other lad from Toulouse. Laccerette has never played in PL but his physique is ideal for PL – for me we should go back in for him. He is the only forward out there that I would sway Sakho for. Just my opinion..

    • mate, he’s Columbian. they never quit. your thinking reminds me of the sob stories from spuds & arse insiders telling us how & why they passed up on Payet. trust in Slav & the Daves.

  2. Sakho has only managed 43 games for us in two seasons and has scored 15 goals, 5 in 20 games last season so I don’t get it with people calling him our top striker & we don’t need to buy another. On top of those figures he has asked for a transfer.. why would we stick with him??

    • Agreed mate.Our superstar striker who is attracting the interest of all the big teams around Europe like West Bromwich & Sunderland lol

  3. Sorry, but not over-impressed with Bacca: 1) From 15/16 goals, he often had massive space; I don’t think he will get that in the Prem 2) Team spirit is a fragile thing; this guy sounds like he’s demanding to be Mr Big; how does that fit in? How will the others feel? 29 years old????????
    I am REALLY not liking this….OK, in Slav we trust etc, but I’m VERY uncomfortable. WHEREAS this Yedder chap has WHU written all over it. OK; he’s done the scoring in the lower leagues, but his speed and skill looks top drawer. Ticks all the boxes above in exactly the way Bacca doesn’t.
    That’s my opinion, for what it’s worth….we’ll just have to see how it works out….

    • I totally agree Cometh.There is no way Bacca should be on Payet’s money at this stage.Improve Sakho’s money and I bet he will stay.IMO

      • With you there mate! Mind you, Sak can be a surly b@stard, and has some issues off the pitch, so maybe his problems are NOT just money. However, if his money is drastically improved, he might be happy…for a while…until the next time; only a year ago he was THRILLED, remember!
        He does go for LONG periods without scoring (when not injured). Maybe he made it easier for others to score by dragging defenfers away to open gaps etc and maybe is now an injury risk going forward.
        SO, IMO, I really don’t think he is the no 1, and if he thinks he is, then get rid FAST. The fact is, NONE of us REALLY know why he is such a sour puss. I hope it is only the money (in which case he has my sympathies), but suspect it might not be!
        A swap with this Yedder chap would be a no-brainer

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