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Sullivan to launch legal action on S Lisbon director

Nuno Saraiva

Nuno Saraiva

West Ham United are tonight reported to be launching legal action against the Sporting Lisbon director who called David Sullivan a “liar” and a “parasite.”

According to the Telegraph the club are contacting Nuno Saraiva, Sporting’s director of communications, who claimed they had not made a formal written offer to sign the midfielder William Carvalho.

Sullivan has described Saraiva’s allegations as “nonsense” and is now taking legal proceedings, claiming his reputation has been damaged by a potential libel. A letter is being sent to Saraiva.

West Ham also claim they have an email showing that they did, indeed, on August 10, contact Sporting and their president Bruno de Carvalho to make an offer for William Carvalho which amounted to a minimum €25million (£23million), to be paid over three years, with additional terms and bonuses “to be discussed”.

david-sullivan-west-ham-upton-park_3339474The Telegraph reports: “Negotiations dragged on, through agents, throughout August with Sporting apparently refusing to budge on their higher valuation for the Portuguese international who, it is understood, wanted to join the Irons.and remains upset it didn’t happen.

Sullivan had told West Ham’s official website on Friday that Sporting had then contacted him on transfer deadline day, Thursday, to say they would accept a club record bid for midfielder Carvalho, after all.

Saraiva,by saying: “David Sullivan is lying. Sporting Clube de Portugal, as its chairman has already said, has received no offer for the player William Carvalho.”

And he went on to make made derogatory remarks about Sullivan, and how he made his money through the adult entertainment business, and said he needed to provide proof backing up his claim that a bid had been made.”

 “David Sullivan has the duty of proving what he said,” Saraiva went on. “Sporting Clube de Portugal is challenging him to publish the proposals that he said were made, as well as the proof that Sporting CP received them.

The Telegraph quotes the co chairman as saying:  “We made bids through the agents acting for us. To say we never bid is utter nonsense.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

29 comments on “Sullivan to launch legal action on S Lisbon director

  1. Look forward to seeing this one play out although I doubt we will most likely settled behind closed doors with both claiming victory…

  2. I’m guessing we won’t be back in for Carvahlo in the next window then.

    • Or Sullivan says you agree the deal fot Csrvalho at agreed price in principal on 1 Jan and I drop legal proceedings…..

      • Blackmail!! The plot thickens 😂😂

        • I had to laugh at the liar and parasite quip !!! 😂
          34, 23, ???? Who cares , the bottom line is bilic wanted him and he didn’t get him!!
          Legal spiegal now takes the events and confuses it even more , please leave the room sully , I think you’re bread is buttered as they say !! Its just a matter of time when you are consumed. Far to many unhappy supporters who have given you a fare crack of the whip and you have not delivered !! 😤

  3. The SL bloke seemed a bit unhinged I thought. Could be the translation I guess! After some of the stuff on here today I may be risking assassination if I say I back our owner on this one but I back our owner on this one. At least we can win in the law courts even if we can’t win at football lol. And before anybody threatens to deck me for not showing loyalty to the team that is just gallows humour. It has been a bit of an explosive day on here. Can I suggest a few pints? It will make everybody feel a lot better..

    • Rads is out 64 chained to a kennel 😁 so cheers big ears 🍺🍺 good idea 👍

      • Lol im unchained now Laz.I have served my time.I just booked her a flight back to France to visit here parents & bros so im in the good books again 😁
        I did reply to you earlier but i used a term with Wet in it so it got deleted 😂😂

        • 😂😂!! Wasn’t the bordettes complaint was it 😂😂😂 wow ! I even went a bit serious for a bit so put the hampster in subtlety !! 🔪 fekin knife job mate , defo not one of us piiss taking barstewards !! Well have to go to church and confession soon after every post lol even the font will be dry 😂😂
          Touch with the madame on home leave ! I take it you’re going to put you’re self in rehab then 🍺🍺🍺

          • Yep method in my madness Laz.Ship her & the little man back to France for 4 days & i can go on the lash 😂
            64 wants to be tied to a settee by her but im not sure he can handle a 26 yr old at his age 😁😁

          • 😂😂send him a Jenna DVD rads !! And some dissolving rope 😉 just in case
            For health and safety reasons , mind you 32 might get a bit jealous so best send him a copy to😂😂

    • We can only win in the court if we press.

  4. It seems to me they are both cut from the same cloth.

  5. We will never know the truth i doubt.Aint particularly bothered anyway.
    Im not sure about this one,i mean we were chasing him for 3 weeks it seems.If Nick Nack wasnt interested then why not just put a bid in,know it is going to be rejected & then claim straight away he tried but it failed.
    This dragged on too long for it to be a all bullshyte imho.
    I reckon there is wrongdoings on both sides if im honest
    Just my opinion before i get accused of defending Nick Nack,coz i aint 😁

  6. Announcing legal action via a kids Twitter. Classy and professional.

    So we did in fact bid 25m euros for a player they rate at 40m euros. Doesn’t Sullivan realise this makes him look even more of a *****? All it does is substantiate the belief that we underbid for players, knowing the bids are derisory, so they can go back to the fanbase and spin the fact that we ‘bid’ for top players but couldn’t get it over the line.

    Also, what was all that **** about them accepting the original offer (ie 25m) but not having time for a medical? Lie after lie.

    We probably bid 30m for Neymar before he went to PSG. So close and yet so far.

  7. What does it matter the truth now.The sabre rattlers will have him guilty anyway.
    Guilty until proven innocent!

  8. The truth appears to be, at least according to Sullivan, that we did bid, ie. 25m Euros. Fair enough technically we did bid. However the fact is that bidding 25m for a 40m player isn’t really serious is it? If that comes out (which it has now) you’re going to look like errrr…a two bob chancer rather than a professional.

    So instead, we were told, by Sullivan, that the original bid, ie 25m was accepted. but we didn’t have time to do a medical hence the deal falling through; even though, as many have pointed out, contracts can be signed subject to medical, and you’ve got the player at a bargain price.

    Yeah, no problem at all with believing that that’s what happened. Tough luck Dave, thanks for trying so hard Son.

  9. Doesn’t need legal action just show everyone you bid which i suspect our owner would have already done if he could,although I love the way he said we sent the bid to his agent

  10. Yeah!! Go for a settlement.😉. Carvalho for ten million. 😂😂

  11. Sullivan has been made to look like a fool.
    We deserve better that this!
    I’ve been a fan for over 50 years and I’ve never known the club to be run so badly (including by the icelandic bankers!)

  12. Sent the bids to his agent via ours…. i.e. passing the buck yet again.

  13. Who cares we ain’t got Carvalho and we’re still relying on Captain Slow 😡 How do I go about suing Noble for impersonating a midfielder or the Poppodom for impersonating a footballer 😆😆

  14. Whhoooooooosssssshhhh ♿ 😂 he’s coming GW ! Just don’t stand on the side or behind him 😂😂

  15. Sully really didn’t have time on deadline day – he was too busy trying to get back to me to finally accept my 20p bid for a season ticket.

  16. What’s that Radai about being tied to a settee- can’t read the text & I can’t get up from the armchair to look for the magnifying glass. Can’t handle a 26 year old at my age? Oh er missus I think I need a lie down. Come on Hugh- never mind the swearing you can’t tolerate the disgusting ageism that is creeping in on here.

    At least things seem a bit calmer on here today. I had to take a break yesterday. I guess it shows how strongly some people feel about their footy. I did have a rant & talked a lot of tosh on Thursday night about never going again etc. But I blame the drink. I was almost back to a normal human being by Friday AM. I realised years ago that for me drink & football don’t make a good combo. Apart? Great! But I do think the discussions work best if it is kept light & not too personal. Just my view.

  17. There’s a truss in the post 64 😂 that will help mate ! And protects the knees as well 😉

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