Sullivan: “We are looking for a striker”


sullivan_5535cDavid Sullivan has admitted the club is hunting for an out of contract striker to provide additional cover following Andy Carroll’s season ending knee injury.

With only Diafra Sakho, Enner Valencia and Carlton Cole available the Irons will be looking at what’s available among the out of contract players.

He has not given any names but admitted in an interview this evening on LBC that the club was now actively looking for a players.

Mauro Zarate is unable to return from Queens Park Rangers where he is on loan until the end of the season and with Diafra Sakho suffering a recurring back injury, the situation could get difficult.

Sullivan – speaking of Carroll’s injury – said: “That’s football. You have to cope with it. We are looking for a striker as cover now.”

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  • rads45 says:

    So we will probably end up with a striker who hasnt played since last summer when his contract expired & nobody wanted him or someone let go early from their contract because they were useless.Maybe we can talk that crazy man Cassano into coming here,he is free & wanted by no one 😉

  • bubs says:

    Good work by BFS again letting Zarate go to OPR and get fat,
    Lee was on the bench last week if he returns to early season form may be worth giving a shot but then he is probably 10 years to young for BFS,
    There’s probably a player on BFS’s agents book about 40 needs 6 months work ( most likely Italian) sit on the bench week 1 then injured till the end of the season.

  • ItalianHammer says:

    I think Antonio cassano would be a good option hes a nutcase but still a world class player on his day. I cant believe we let ricky vaz te and Zarate go we should of at least kept one of them

  • canchaz says:

    It’s all beginning to look like a Max Sennett comedy, or a skit from the Three Stooges, isn’t it.
    We bring in this Argentinian with a fanfare of trumpets, then ignore him for most of the season until he gets fed up ,so we loan him out. Then we get lucky again when a bargain basement striker turns out to be pure gold.
    But instead of thanking our lucky stars and using this guy with a partner whose proved to be perfect, we keep on playing an injury prone crock until he finally keels over permanently.
    Honestly, you couldn’t write a better script for a bunch of professional clowns from Hollywood

  • rugbyirons says:

    Dear David ..
    In a safe position you still have fit Elliott Lee and McCullum when his ban ends Lee in particular will be an asset to the diamond style rather than hoof to AC or Cole and has earned his chance. I doubt Allardyce has enough a sense to play them but as owners you don’t have to look outside the club.We are WHUFC not Same toy.

  • rads45 says:

    I expect we will end up with some Brazilian no one has heard of who has be playing in Uzbekistan or the middle east & has been sunning himself on the copacabana for the last 6 months.With a dodgy duel nationality Brazilian/Spanish passport that will end up getting us fined.Nothing suprises me with The Irons anymore 🙂

    • TysonM says:

      Rads do you have inside information? You say about a Brazilian who plays in the middle east & then this Nene turns up.Are you sure you are not David Sullivan in disguise.Your name does end in DS as well,lmao

  • ulsterhammer says:

    So Sam completely writing off zarate publically and shipping him off to qpr wasn’t such a good idea after all. How would have thought. We have only two strikers cause Cole is about as much use as a cropped carroll

  • conkerpot says:

    zarate was like diame. A show pony. They get the ball and they run with it. Nine times out of ten they run into a defender and lose the ball. Once in a while they score a spectacular goal and that is what they live for which is why they don’t know how to pass the ball to a team mate who was in a better position. They get goals going fiorward sometimes but they lose the ball a lot also and put their teammates on the backfoot and under pressure. They give you virtually nothing defensively or for the team except for the occasional goal.

    • baddowhammer says:

      Bang on the money bruv,i remember against liverpool Zarate was away clear on goal had been on twenty mins or so.Liverpool had played midweek with extra time.As Zarate ran up towards goal Skrtl who must have been shattered flew past Mauro and took the ball from him and kept possesion as well.In other games too he had been challenged bounced looked to the ref,and you could see the ref say shoulder,he just isnt strong enough,or good enough.

  • Dainon17 says:

    Typical BFS freezing out an inform Zarate at the start of the season & letting him lose confidence, form & fitness before finally shipping him out on loan.. He played well for us at the start of the season (& for QPR last week) …… a far better player than CC

    Our season would have been even better with a modern manager at the helm instead of this old school pig headed ‘gaffer’

    • Roman says:

      Nicely put Dainon.Good comments all round.I thought Rugby’s thoughts on playing youth had merit also.

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