Sutton Blasts Hammers Over Moyes

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Chris Sutton has ignited a controversy by criticising West Ham United’s handling of manager David Moyes’ future.

It has been well documented that West Ham are planning for life after Moyes. The club has reportedly initiated talks with potential replacement managers , despite Moyes’ contract running until the end of the season.

This behind-the-scenes activity has angered Sutton. He finds West Ham’s silence on Moyes’ future “disrespectful” and “dirty.” In his opinion, the club should have openly acknowledged Moyes’ departure and expressed gratitude for his work.

It does beg the questiony that Moyes might already be aware of the situation and might have accepted his exit. However, the lack of official communication remains a sticking point for Sutton.

Sutton warns West Ham that a change in manager could lead to a mass player exodus, potentially derailing their ambitions of reaching the “next level.” He emphasised Moyes’ achievements and suggested the club might regret their decision in the future.

With Moyes’ future shrouded in secrecy and doubt, West Ham finds itself in an awkward position. While Moyes’ awareness of the situation is a possibility, the lack of clarity hinders the club’s ability to plan for next season, including transfers and other preparations.

West Ham needs to address Moyes’ future publicly to move forward effectively.

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  • exsoulie says:

    Chris Mutton should stick to old farm footy its his level

  • David says:

    Regardless of anyone’s stance on Moyes, the conduct of the club has been reprehensible. Par for the course for David Sullivan unfortunately. His pathological need to be “liked” makes him hated more and more.

    • Saul says:

      WHAT??? What nonsense. Do you not think Moyes doesn’t know what’s going on? And how do you know that about Sullivan? Utter drivel

    • Ess_Bee says:

      Regardless of anyone’s stance on Moyes, does anyone actually know what has gone on behind closed doors? I am sure Sutton doesn’t, and neither do you. Moyes will be well aware of what’s going on. He’s got the remainder of his contract to honour and will act accordingly.

  • Harvey Fox says:

    Could lead to a mass player exodus…like Haller, Scamacca, Kehrer, Benrhama, Fornals….maybe a new manager would give Cornet or Ings a game?

    • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:

      You forgot about all the youngsters from the Academy over the past 4 years who knew they had no chance whatsoever of getting their 15 minutes to showcase what they had.

  • John simmonds says:

    Chris who??
    Oh yeah isn’t he that dinosaur ex pro masquerading as an expert in the gutter press? You know
    .the ones who’ve not paid out upwards of 80 odd quid for ticket for donkeys years.
    Pathetic amoeba

  • I'm not the answer to our right back problems says:

    WHY! does it have to be made public what has or hasn’t been discussed between Sullivan and Moyes, yes he is in the public eye as a Football Manager but the contract and anything concerning it is private imo. Chris Sutton needs to get back in his crate and shut the …. up

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    WTF has it got to do with. Chris Sutton. Has no connection with the club whatsoever. Interestingly he doesn’t like Brendan Rodgers. A manager who plays football on the front foot . Moyes would go down like a bucket of sick at Glasgow Celtic. Believe me I know all my family are Glaswegian Celtic supporters.

  • Mark Briers says:

    People have short memories. Wasn’t it Mr Moyes who bragged a few months ago that it was he, who had the contract sat on his desk, and it was he who would decide when it was time for him to sign. Well, the time has run out, we can’t wait for him forever, even if he did live up to his ealier catch phrase “winning, it’s what ar do!”


    Westham cannot move forward under Moyes. They have a great youth team and under 21 side but Moyes has not given any of those players a chance. Putting them onto the pitch with 10 minutes or under is a joke. Even worse putting Callum Marshall on loan while a full Northern Ireland international and then getting Kelvin Phillips in worked out well didn’t it? Marshall back from loan because he wasn’t being played but now can’t play for the first team only under 21 youth team. Munbama does not get a chance even when we need a forward on the pitch. Our youth team players know that under Moyes they will not be given a chance so they are seeing out their contracts and leaving which will have cost us millions in sell on fees. The quicker he’s gone the better.

  • zahama says:

    Sully definitely has previous with respect to managerial sackings – from Avram Grant in the tunnel at Wigan, when sacking Slaven Bilic saying that he should have done it at the end of the previous season and in BFS final season racing to say that he wasn’t renewing the contract before BFS could say that he didn’t want to renew

    Moyes has come to the end of the road – three league victories in 2024 is relegation form – but it would be nice to see a classy and dignified end to his tenure

  • Tony says:

    Sutton is a walking contradiction. He predicts whu to lose every game but turns around and defends Moyes. Does he even watch West ham games? He has no clue what he is going on about!

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