Tensions Between Ward-Prowse and Moyes


West Ham United prepares for their crucial Europa League second leg against Bayer Leverkusen amidst a backdrop of tension between manager David Moyes and star midfielder James Ward-Prowse.

A peeved JWP

Ward-Prowse’s recent comments suggested dissatisfaction with Moyes’ ultra-defensive approach in the first leg, which resulted in a 2-0 deficit. Many fans share this sentiment, believing a more attacking strategy is necessary.

West Ham faces an uphill battle. In addition to the scoreline disadvantage, they will be without suspended players Lucas Paqueta and Emerson Palmieri, and potentially key players Jarrod Bowen and Konstantinos Mavropanos due to injuries.

Ward-Prowse emphasised the need for a more aggressive approach, urging the team to seize the initiative and score the crucial first goal. He highlighted the importance of utilising the home crowd advantage to create a positive atmosphere.

This isn’t the first instance of Ward-Prowse questioning Moyes’ tactics. After the Premier League victory against Spurs, he expressed his belief that Moyes prioritises stifling the opposition over utilising West Ham’s attacking potential.

Despite the friction between Ward-Prowse and Moyes, West Ham needs a unified effort to overcome Leverkusen. The players must put aside any disagreements and focus on delivering a strong performance.

As we are all painfully aware, this Europa League encounter represents West Ham’s last chance to salvage a successful season. A positive outcome will hinge on a change in tactics, a strong performance from the entire team, and potentially a more harmonious relationship between manager and players.

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  • Pronoy Bose says:

    Although the negative appraoch isnt suitable for the prem , an attacking approach in Leverkusen would have seen us lose 5 or 6-0.

  • Mike Collier says:

    In the Oxford English Dictionary, if you look up the phrase ‘Click Bait’, it takes you straight to this page – nothing to see hear, just an attention-seeking individual trying to stoke up anti-Moyes invective – move on.

    • NorfolkHammer says:


  • Julian Woodhouse says:

    Moyes does enough of stoking up the negative feelings towards him by the negative tactics he employs, no one else is required it is self-inflicted.

  • Alex pound says:

    Please,please, please stop writing all this negative nonsense. There is no real foundation for most of this seasons ‘articles’ and all it does is breed division between the club and it’s supporters.
    Some so called fans just want to moan. Allerdyce out! GSB out! Moyes out!
    Who do we think we are? I’m from a long line of West Ham die-hards and we are not and may never have been what we think we are.
    The world has turned and football has moved on. We are not the academy of or home of football. Where do we really rank in the list of world teams?
    We are not owned by a country or a hedge fund with infinite resources, so where we are is where we deserve to be.
    If we played the ‘West Ham Way’ we’d be in the championship with Burnley next year and whilst at times it’s painful under Moyes. He’s managed 1000+ games. You, me and everyone else have managed none. So, grow up, shut up and just deal with the fact that we are a middling club trying bloody hard to be better . And we won a cup, something I thought I’d never see.
    Seriously guys, your so called journalism, along with the nonsense the maintenance media pumps out against us only damages our ability to attain more.
    Back the lads and forget the rest. Let’s concentrate on creating an atmosphere, creating some songs for our boys ( we never even made one for Dec!) and we need to do better. Then and only then can we criticise the players, manager and owners.
    Right now, it embarrasses me to be a West Ham fan and that has nothing to do with anyone other than the supporters. And by that I do mean the ones that go every week like I do.

    Rant over!

    • Saul says:

      Another healthy does of realism in a sea of fantasy. Well said, Alex. Of course the boo boys will be up in arms at such a well presented p.o.v and there will doubtless be more ‘furious’ responses from the double digit i.q brigade but i agree wholeheartedly with your words of wisdom.

  • Sorry for the typos. But I got emotional. But you get the idea. I hope.

  • Sorry for the typos. But I got emotional. But you get the idea. I hope!

  • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

    Alex pound . Fans with you’re mentally are a bigger threat to the club . Than the ones who want the club to improve it’s lot . Were a middling yeah one that averages over 62 000 .were trying hard. another laughable statement did you see the January transfer window no ambition whatsoever.

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