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Terriers may hold Slav’s fate in their hands




By Hugh Southon



I wrote recently that it took three years to judge a manager – perhaps that should have been three GAMES!

Manchester United was one thing, Southampton quite another but Newcastle? Nah, I’m not having that!

I won’t try to find words to explain how I felt as I watched one of the most shambolic performances I have ever seen from a Premier League team.

What I am gonna say is this;  that if we are at the end of three or four from Huddersfield Town – or if we lose by any margin – then I reckon we can forget the apparent three or four game reprieve Slaven Bilic has received.

ItsallPersonally I believe it will be a case of: Thank you for your efforts Slaven but (as my favourite band of all time once sung): ‘It’s all  Over Now.”

It’s quite right that he should get the home game not simply because it’s at home but because it provides him with a totally different way of approaching things.

He needs to show us flair hopefully via Manu Lanzini – who has stayed away from international duty because he is determined to serve the cause.

Right now, Javier Hernandez has received nothing out of midfield and therefore, in my view, we need Kouyate in there as well with Pedro Obiang – crazily left out last week – in as the holding midfielder.

We need two up – hopefully Sakho playing alongside Chicharito so long as Michail Antonio is played in his best role, on the right side. I’m assuming Sak will still be with us as rumours circulate tonight that he is being linked with a move to Rennes!!!

This means that Bilic bites the bullet and drops the captain and Andre Ayew thus hopefully providing us with a team that can move forward at pace and stop this appalling sideways and backwards passing because nobody can see any way forward.

If the boss can’t make the big decisions I fear it will be more of the same and if we lose all hell will break loose and I believe the co chairmen can only make one decision.

This is not something I am hoping for but  nobody, surely can stand much more of this!

My team for Huddersfield: Adrian; Zabaleta, Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell; Antonio, Kouyate, Obiang, Lanzini; Sakho Hernandez.





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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

14 comments on “Terriers may hold Slav’s fate in their hands

  1. Spot on article. Also credit to the owners they have acted and as far as I am concerned correctly. Bilic has the opportunity to put is right and pick an offensive team with two up top (and please not Carroll who has no pace). Like that team above too except I have reservations over Ogbanna. I would consider Collins instead.

  2. Sorry one other comment if he does not react correctly and continues to pick negative teams then he deserves to be sacked (lovely guy but has to see it).

  3. Fingers crossed for a win Hugh.I cant take another round of the dummy spitters on here again.

  4. I did not bother to watch MOD but From above comments it seems nothing has changed from last season the constant sideways & backpassing was one of the reasons I did not renew my ST I do not mind my team losing as long as they try to play football & at least put in a shift but the only time that happened was against Tottenham the rest of the home games were terrible. There is something seriously wrong with the coaching set up at WH the team selections are a mystery & Slav’s habit of playing players out of position has gone beyond the point of being annoying it has proved to be sucidal, I just cannot understand the man, therefore I think it is time he went the only problem now is who do we get to replace him definitely not Rafa, we need someone younger & more hungry who will be willing to try new things & look to build a team that will try to achieve some thing as well as play good football

  5. Sorry but I really don’t get why there giving Slav 4 games… I mean what’s the point it won’t change the fact that he just isn’t up to the job..even if he wins a couple games it will definitely happen again ..I don’t see how giving him a few home games will change him as a manager.. In my opinion… For the first time in 40years I really am at the stage were I just Fred up with the same old rubbish.. One good season and its all been problems since ..not sure why as that’s always been west ham ..maybe with promises of going to the next level and stuff when really nothing has changed ….

  6. Best team sheet right there. Dont know why everyone is still on Saks back he looks like he has a point to prove and seems one of the only players hungry for it at the moment.

    Love Slav but its time to say thank you goodbye and bring in a manager with a winning mentality who is ruthless enough to cut Noble out abd pick the best available squad on the day.

  7. It certainly looks a more balanced attacking team.Wary about Ogbonna like most people.Players coming back from injury but considering we have shipped out 16 players surely there has to be another foray into the transfer market b4 deadline day. Hoping that the club are doing the preverbial swan routine in the last 2 days of the transfer market.ie not much happening on the surface but paddling like buggery underneath the water.

  8. Huddersfield have a good manager we don’t , he will get out managed again, best hope is a draw. He needs to go no matter what. The problem is not that we are not picking an attacking team it’s that we don’t know how to defend as a team and we have no tempo. Players out of position no game plan a truly poor manager the worst for a long time and we’ve had some bad ones. Get him out and then we can move on and stop wasting time.

  9. Well said Hugh and I agree. With Mooy’s long shots and Harts left side inability. I think Adrian should start anyway he knows the players better and haven’t seen Hart of old leading and commanding. Got critised other day for my love for Adrian blinding me when saying Hart has shipped 20 goals in 8 games going g back to Torino and didn’t do enough for me in preseason Slav said Hart had to earn #1 just don’t think he has. So has to make the call for Adrian over Harts name and wages. Think Adrian is just as good if not better and deserves the start and knows the team. I would think maybe a back 3 would be good tho. Seeing Rice play at Centre Half w Reid and Ogbonna worked well for clean sheets last season and Slav has to bench Noble he is liability we need Obaing and Kouyate they proofed last season they are good pair in mid. I hope we don’t sell Sahko thin as it is rather see him go for free next year or try a 1 year deal.
    Huddersfield won’t be easy and they will press Zanka and Schinder have proven a good defensive partnership and Lossi done well btwn the sticks as well. They have at least 2 players in every position and Mooy and Mounie will be huge threat on goal.
    Like Danbee said Wagner is no slouch is class manager and doesnt just press will drop to back 5 if needed and counter they were my dark horse out of 3 to come up to do well Wagner can get 12 Ayers now and our old GK Green of recent and make them Gel right away.
    But I don’t even think a tie will suffice need a win and WBA after won’t be easier either without a clear plan.

  10. If we lose to Huddersfield he should do what he should have done already and walk, Huddersfield are playing how we should be, pressing the ball and playing for each other, as much as everyone love Antonio when he was playing his best he was covering his defender then breaking the full length of the pitch if he had too, now the wingers don’t defend, either because of what Slav says or because they are more interested in attack than defence like the rest of the players in front of the back two, I am not sure what Slav has against a flat back four, it worked well in his early days defending in an Allardyce style then breaking with pace, for most matches since those few early great results against the top six we have played with a back two and the full backs forward of those.

  11. And just to add if when Slav goes we can get Salvisa Jokanovic and think his style of play would be loved here and will stand up to board speaks his mind. His tactically asttute and always as more than just a Plan A and B.
    And he is called Slav for short so pro Bilic might not even know his gone 🙂

    • I doubt we would go for Jokanovic JRS, he does done pretty well but the Board will go for an established name that has managed big clubs based on recent history of appointments. I think although he wouldn’t be my choice if Rafa was available they would go for him.

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