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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I’m talking about West Ham of course and specifically the the amount of fuel we seem to continuously donate to feed the media’s fire.

This first international week is supposed to provide meagre pickings for those who seek to fill the column inches and 24 hours news channels.  The World Cup qualifying break has just started which usually means that England have played Outer Mongolia and bored everyone half to death as well as the the transfer window closing. Journalists are just scratching around for any old story really so one can only imagine their delight when trusty old West Ham provide more entertainment, intrigue and sub-plots than a series of Game of Thrones.

Why do we have to make ourselves such easy targets? Why does history always seem to repeat itself as our beloved club lurches from drama to turmoil then once again into public slanging matches. Wayne Rooney (who seems to be thoroughly enjoying his England retirement) must be absolutely delighted to see West Ham and Sporting Lisbon taking pot-shots and one another and diverting some of the attention away from him.

Last seasons start to the season was a farce with over zealous stewarding and fans fighting amongst themselves and this one looks to be no different with a lame duck manager and planned protests against the board.

What we’d give for a bit of stability, to sign a player without fuss and under the radar but instead we bid for weeks on end then don’t have enough time for a medical.  Our second striker was hanging out at an airport trying to force a transfer via social media then stopped off at the racecourse to watch his agents horse before going to the wrong venue for a meeting about his future.

The whole sorry saga borders on the ridiculous and with a whole week until our next game I have little doubt that we’ll be filling the headlines a few more times yet.

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7 comments on “The Gift That Keeps on Giving

  1. So What next for West Ham in the Headlines?
    “West Ham to face investigations into Diana’s Death!”…
    “Kim Jun Unn in bid to oust the Davids with Nuclear Threat!”….
    “Donald Trump backs West Hams Board!”…

    “Andy Carroll to Play football..!”…. nah, sorry, got a bit carried away with that….. :-S

  2. I’ve been very patient over the years supporting our favourite team. From my youth, I’ve seen five relegations which have spanned SO many farcical events. A ‘few’ of them include……The 1985-86 team being broken up, our best players forever being sold for peanuts, John Lyall’s sacking, Lou Macari’s appointment, Paul Ince in his Man United shirt, 0-6 away to Oldham in the League Cup semi first leg, Terry Brown as MD, the Bond Scheme, Bonzo leaving, Harry’s horrific wheeling n dealing followed by his inevitable sacking, the usual untimely injuries, Manny Omoyinmi, Rio being sold to Leeds against his will, Losing to so many lower league teams in either cup, the antics of Paolo Di Canio, the way in which Defoe left, Giving away a 3-2 lead in the 90th minute of the 2006 Cup Final – then losing on pens, more untimely injuries, The Icelandic ownership, the Carlos Tevez affair, then settling with Sheffield United out of court, Avram Grant, the appointment of BFS, Andy Carroll, more bloody injuries, the London Stadium (so far), Dimitri Payet, wasting so much money on more bad transfers, more horrendous injuries, Mark Noble still in the starting XI, the recent shambolic Carvalho transfer that should’ve been sealed weeks ago. Need I go on?

    Del Boy and Rodney have promised us Champions League Football. “One day, Rodders, we’ll be Miilionaires!” Methinks it will take a megabucks sale of the club to a wealthy Chinese or American to achieve that from here. God help us if Jack Sullivan ends up running the club if his old man is still pulling the strings when he pegs it.

  3. I’d rather Kim Jun uhn in charge to be honest as he don’t fanny about even kills own family members. as a West Ham fan I liked the old way turn up at the boleyn see us play out of our skin yeah we got lumped in the 70s 80s & 90s but we didn’t give a monkeys then next week were go away game & might win then the week before was forgotten. But today is a different ball game with lying owners lying agents & sky telling you when to play or not well I only like West Ham cos I was born in Plaistow a stones throw from the ground I love the claret & blue & players who have deserved to wear the shirt but today who gives a monkeys this week Sakho next week could be any1 of the squad to throw a fit but I think Sakho is the tip of the iceberg we could have more to follow COYI

  4. Always loved West Ham, watch games when I can and always the first result I check.
    For me football has become farcical, while I don’t doubt the hard work and talent of players, the fees they now command and the wages they earn. Crazy.
    The fact that the richest clubs buy the best players, especially in the EPL, effectively ends the competition before it starts.
    I’m not a huge fan of the board at West Ham but after the Iclandic connection nearly sent us to the wall, it can’t be denied that I’m glad they came in and kept the club afloat.
    However I can’t take the games seriously anymore, not until wage and transfer caps are introduced. Encouraging home grown talent to remain at the club rather than seeking a big payday elsewhere (and yes I would go running if I was offered millions, so I don’t blame the players for doing so).
    That and allowing a game review panel to punish cheats that go unpunished during the 90 minutes.
    So there you have it, I’m not after much 😂

  5. Great videos Gonzo. Not sure tommy’s right when he says we let too many players go, the ones who have left permanently just weren’t up to the standard. The issue is we’ve not brought in enough quality, or given a couple of the top quality youth a go, especially Burke and Oxford. But the outcome is the same, paper thin squad, messed up transfer dealings and a manager hung out by the board who take no responsibility for their actions.

    • Cheers Jimbo. Funnily enough with the misfiring midfield who seem unable to pass the ball I think it was a bit hasty to loan Cullen to Bolton.

  6. It’s amazing how some supporters get so emotional that they lose site of planet earth. How long did GoatiJoe spend creating all that hogwash. As for lying, I think we need to wait for the court case to decide that.

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