The missing 14,000 season ticket holders


Another Sunday 2 pm kick-off, another home loss and another David Moyes master class where thousands were missing despite the game being billed as sold out!

The official attendance was 62,459 just 41 short of the maximum 62,500 London Stadium capacity.

We all know the official figure is the number of tickets sold, not the number through the gate.

Based on previous freedom of information requests the actual number attending yesterday was around 48,500 some 14,000 less than advertised.

With 48,500 season ticket holders this season, up to 14,000 supporters with a season ticket decided not to turn up.

Tens of thousands more departed before the end of the game with West Ham losing 2-0 to Fulham.

West Ham are winless in their last four home games in the Premier League (D3 L1), their longest run within the same campaign since October-December 2019 under Manuel Pellegrini (six games).

West Ham has also conceded the opening goal in 10 Premier League matches in 2024; the joint-most of any side, alongside Luton. Indeed, they’ve not kept a clean sheet in any of their last 13 league games – their longest run without one since July 2020 (14).

Many season ticket holders are voting with their feet!  Season ticket holders say they listed their tickets on ticket exchange but there was little interest and most remained unsold.

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  • Are you reading this Sully ? If you’re not you should be!!… in the words of Fagin…. I’m reviewing the situation…
    Moyes out

    • Strartford_e20 says:

      I wish that I had joined them. That display was terrible. Thanks but please leave now Moyes!

      • Asokan Nair says:

        I was a season ticket holder for the 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22seasons in Londoner Blue hospitality. Paying £2280, £2400 and £2500+ respectively, you would expect to be treated with a little respect. The David Moyes years have gradually increased personality clashes with his players, negative defence play and a marked decrease in possession play. Even the staff in Londoner Blue started treating us as children, ordering bar staff not to serve refreshments until the ref had blown his half-time whistle. So, by the time you got a drink, it was almost time to return to your seat for the second half. Time to vote with one’s feet indeed. You can only fool some people some of the time

  • Anonymous says:

    I was a season ticket holder up until this season & didnt renew as the football is absolutely dire. And then you have the queues and the £7.50 pints. I find watching the actual football west ham play really hard to watch / enjoy and thats just watching on the firestick, let alone spending all that money & effort to get to the stadium. Went to the FA cup game thinking I’d go there & miss the whole match day & have regrets about not renewing but I just felt justified watching us struggle against Bristol (and eventually get knocked out by them). They can only fleece so many fans for so long.

    • Joe says:

      Lol I’m like 40 odd thousandth on the waiting list for one of them 😂 safe to say if I ever get to number 1 I won’t be getting one

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    The situation we find ourselves in is totally down to moyes his failure to make signings in January his attitude towards certain players beggars belief with his negativity he has made good players look really bad and the ones he likes are worn out purely because he has no idea on how to rotate his squad we have seen some great players leave because of him saying that their not up to standard but if you look at how things have gone for them since joining new clubs shows that it is moyes that’s the problem but of course he won’t admit he has got things wrong as he blamed every one else player’s officials fans and even the gap between playing on Thursday and then Sunday which is crap Aston Villa played Thursday don’t seem to effect them I would have more respect for him if he did put his hands up and admitted he got things wrong but that will never happen he is too arrogant for that

    • Darren Turner says:

      Have you heard of full stops?

    • Anonymous says:

      I was at the game Sunday at quite frankly find your report misleading. There were a few empty seats but definitely not 14,000!
      Just wondered what is the purpose of this false story?

  • Nigel Lambson says:

    It’s not just Westham suffering like this. Buying a season ticket now is a lottery as the fixture list is changed so often. With limited transport facilities on Sundays and TV companies changing kick off times willy nilly you can’t plan ahead. Everything in the Premier League now is set up for the world TV market. 3 o’clock saturday kickoffs are available to watch throughout the world but not in the UK, the home of the game. The supporters are being fleeced left,right and centre. I don’t go anymore.

  • Robert Brown says:

    We know most of the “missing season ticket holders” are probably not even West Ham supporter’s, many have had these seats since we moved from the Boleyn to the London Stadium because the cheapest way to watch Premier League football.
    If you don’t turn up for 50% of the game’s or relist your ticket you should lose the right to the season ticket.

  • Errington says:

    If moyes stays I wont be renewing my season ticket I’ve had enough.

  • Cal says:

    Careful what you wish for.
    Will be fun to see West Ham playing in the Championship in a few years playing the West Ham way.

  • natasha weldon says:

    I refuse to go back until Moyes has gone. The stadium itself is OK – although I hate getting away after games, but I’d suffer that if there was entertaining football. The combination of the 2 is just more than I’m willing to spend money on.
    I’d rather just not bother as even when they’ve won games I’ve still come away feeling fed up, you don’t support WHU for the glory, but to see good football and have a good laugh with your mates, it’s not like that now so, yeah for now at least I’m out

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