The season ticket issue

By CandH Facebook follower David Pitchford
West Ham-London Stadium_stadium-Hammers are in another legal battle

The season ticket issue

I get the ‘support your team, good or bad’, argument but there is now a season ticket issue.

The season ticket issue

The issue though is the manager. I am convinced that the majority of people who back Moyes, are supporters who don’t actually go to games! They really don’t understand how badly we are playing. ‘Look at the results’ they say. Fact is I think that’s all they look at!
Being a Season Ticket holder requires an investment of time and money from me, but I frequently think I should have stayed at home. Against that, I like the match day buzz, I like the sense of occasion.
Re Moyes, I think in one sense he is quite a good manager; we are generally terrific defensively, we are clearly well coached and and he has made some really good signings.
But, big but, we don’t close anyone down and we seem to struggle to get and keep the ball. The countless times we concede possession, often by an aimless punt up field, means we spend most of every game mounting a rear guard action.
So our possession stats are awful, and as a supporter it is very frustrating to watch your team constantly second best in a game. Other frustrating things are the lack of squad rotation and the lack of opportunity given to younger players.
In short, if Moyes stays, I will of course still support the team. I just wont be spending my time and money on going to games.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Pav says:

    I hope the board wait a bit longer before making any decision. As you said, we will likely be out the Europa soon and I can see us sliding down the league. There seems to be a real lack of excitement around the club resulting in some flat atmospheres watching our dull football. Unfortunately, as you say there are people who don’t go who seem to say everything is fine. I don’t think anyone in my section wants him at the club. Sullivan and Moyes mates at Talksport tell us everything is rosy when we know it isn’t.

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    The problem is, Hugh, I suspect you will. You’ll renew, because you won’t want to give up your seat, and the camraderie you build with the West Ham family around you.

    And, you’ll know that your support and hope will outlast Moyes, however long he stays, and knowing that fortune’s always hiding, you’ll want to be there to see it. 🙂

  • Pessimist says:

    The only thing that I Board ever understood is Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss accounts. Cost them money and they will do whatever they have to, in order to stop the rot.

    My father was a staunch old time supporter who went no matter what to every game he could afford, but he always said look at the sign over the door and you will always see Limited Company. Money counts supporters don’t. Sadly his words are still true.

    You are right Hugh vote with your feet, say no to Season Tickets say no to attending games for a while and the Board will feel the sting and will start to listen.

  • Bournehammer68 says:

    I think your assumption about non attendance of the majority of the Moyse support applies to pundits too.
    All.they watch are 5 minutes of highlights on MOTD see the table position and conclude everything is peachy on yhe pitch. Frankly Moyseball is not the beautiful game.

  • hammerfan1983 says:

    Moyes has done a great job, this site has become so anti moyes as it has done with every manager we have seen for as long as I remember. We need a goal scorer, we need a creative midfielder when pacqueta is unavailable. Both are rare and expensive. But with moyes giving us European football we have more chance of growing than an exciting manager who gets us 12th every year but we score a lot. Moyes gives us a chance of getting better players. Don’t assume him going will see us get any better.

  • WestSidePhil says:

    My take is the same as Pav- in my section, not far from Hugh there is a common feeling of change required so is the small section of fans a fake news description……

  • Ironman1963 says:

    This is a dilemma as season ticket holders we all face as we have outlasted numerous managers, owners and players. But it begs the question: just what have the club got to do before we say ‘enough us enough’ and withdraw our support? Anyone that goes regularly knows this is not the West Ham Way. We do ho to watch other teams enjoy 70% possession. I am so reluctant not to renew the season ticket but surely there is some collective action we can agree that would confirm the fans are not going to put up with what we are being served. We are not mugs. So, put your thinking caps on and let’s do something that gets their attention… we’ve done it before.

  • Legin says:

    This is getting tiresome. for the majority of the 40 years I’ve followed West Ham we have been crap to adequate. Under Moyes we are adequate to some times exceptional. This is a vast improvement on where we have generally been. I’d much prefer to be inconsistent fighting for 6th place than inconsistent fighting for relegation. It seems to me there are a group of supporters who are vociferous on social media, supported by various websites, that will not be happy whatever Moyes does. Fortunately we seem to have some adults running the club that recognise he is generally doing a good job; long may he continue doing so.

  • Stratford E20 says:

    I’ll renew but I’ve already started skipping home games. The 40 mile journey, the total cost of the day, total time of approx 7 or 8 hours plus I know that I will be bored to death even if we win…. is too much. I don’t go to top six games now as I know Moyes doesn’t expect to win and his stats back that. West ham fans have a history of supporting their team and they have mostly seen entertaining football in return. When was the last time we could say that happened? Moyes has spent hundreds of millions and a lot of it has been wasted. I can only hope Moyes contract isn’t renewed even though I have no idea who to replace him with. Even Fat Sam didn’t bore me this much.

  • Hammer_Rite says:

    I make you right Buddy.
    .As a senior season ticket holder in band five i get my season ticket really cheap and Hugh as a man of a certain age will do to.
    Hugh’s not going anywhere!

  • vossem7 says:

    As a supporter for over 50 years and season ticket holder. I will be giving up the tickets if Moyes get another contract.

    With the players at his disposal, the inability to play open, expansive football in the club traditions is extremely poor and frustrating. Coupled with his inability to react tactically during a game if plan A fails is depressing.

    +£2k a season for the above is unreasonably. If you are happy to take a league position and a rare cup to renew yourself then good luck to you.

    Not for me anymore

  • Doombar says:

    Moyes has done a great job; this site has become so anti-Moyes as it has done with every manager we have seen for as long as I can remember. When he came in we started okay with good counter-attacking football and plenty of goals from set pieces. Alleviating the pressure on Antonio, who more often than not was blowing out his arse after the first half or came off injured with his hamstring.
    We need a goal scorer, we need a creative midfielder when Pacqueta is unavailable. Both are rare and expensive. Antonio has been plagued with injuries the whole time with Moyes’s appointment. We have been crying out for a replacement, and when one has been identified and brought in, he has not worked well with Moyes’s tactics the same as a decent creative midfielder sold Lanzini and Fornals left with Tomas Soucek. We just got Philips, who is a defensive midfielder. We have also been screaming out for a decent left back for at least 3 years, another position divvy Dave has overlooked and placed players out of their natural positions to accommodate his low-block system. Late decisions for substitutes, when it’s glaringly obvious to everyone, need to be made earlier. What about the end of last season dropping down to relegation status with the same tactics we see today. The cup win must have dazzled your brain cells as you have obviously forgotten about it and swept it under the radar.
    But with Moyes giving us European football, we have more chance of growing than an exciting manager who gets us 12th every year, but we score a lot. Moyes gives us a chance of getting better players. Don’t assume him going will see us get any better. We will not be getting any more European football. We will finish around 11th/13th, kicked out of Europa and scratching our arses. We will be pondering everything about the has-beens and blaming everything and VAR rather than the person who created this situation with his dinosaur tactics.

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