The West Ham question that has to be asked


By Simon Leyland

The question has to be asked….what has been the problem this season?



Has it been Mr Moyes` safety first tactics, the dreaded first season syndrome for our recent signings, the infamous injury hoodoo, the frustration of being in the bottom half or just the stuttering nature of a season split by the World cup and fragmented by the endless flow of mostly pointless international breaks?

Probably a mixture of all the above.

But despite our current good run of form there have been some real low points this season; performances that have been impossible to defend (with some defending that has been impossible to defend !).

However, there has also been some evolution, both in terms of new players and (attempted at least) new tactics, which had to happen eventually. I wonder if it was all Moyes`s idea? I would be pleasantly surprised if it was.

Nevertheless this new process has not been a seamless success, but, fingers crossed, it looks like it might be coming together just at the right time.


3 comments on “The West Ham question that has to be asked

  1. There is only one answer & yes it is Moyes

  2. Maybe the question is an over simplification of a multitude of issues which now seem (even to the untrained eye) to be heading in the right direction.

  3. I gree its down to David Moyes. When he came back to the club he insisted that public statements were his and David Sullivan should keep his opinions in the Boardroom. He largely has.
    He demanded the final word on transfers and that has happened, he felt the club structure needed drastically improving and tonight FA youth Cup final shows that as our Academy has under performed since 1999.
    He has made mistakes, who hasn’t? but brought stability to our club and finally the much criticised stadium atmosphere has come alive. Games against Arsenal and Ghent last week proved that!
    All in all I don’t anyone could have achieved more

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