There’s more than one dithering Dave at West Ham


David Moyes earned the moniker ‘Dithering Dave’ for his hesitation in the transfer market. Many suspect the manager spends so much time pontificating, that West Ham lose potential targets to rival clubs. In essence, Moyes hesitates when swift action is required.

This season however, West Ham have a very focused David Moyes at the helm . . . a sort of ‘Decisive Dave’ has emerged from the chrysalis of indecision. Moyesie 2.0 is a bloke who knows what he wants.  . . and he wants the very best of British in his football team.

As a result, the Hammers have made half baked enquiries for Ward-Prowse, McTominay and Maguire. All of whom are available, but our negotiators have stopped short of offering the required fees. Mischievous minds might suspect that West Ham are intentionally bidding low for Moyes targets. Some might suggest that we’re doing just enough to say we’ve tried, without fully backing the manager.

It’s clear to me that David Moyes is a dead man walking. The club will not back him in the transfer market and there are a queue of players who don’t want to work with him anymore. Even his buddy Mark Warburton walked out, stating that he was close to falling out with Moyes.

Delaying the inevitable

It begs the question . . . what is David Sullivan waiting for? Yesterday we saw West Ham humiliated by a team partly constructed by Tim Steidten. Yet for some reason, that same director of football is impotent at West Ham. It really is a mess of comical proportions.

Moyes currently cuts a humiliated and isolated figure at West Ham. We are witnessing his slow march to the gallows and its not a good look.  Sullivan looks as though he wants Moyes to resign and the manager is probably expecting the sack. It’s a form of football ‘chicken’ where everybody loses.

West Ham have missed out on a genuine opportunity to build on success. We’ve squandered the chance to have a pre-season with a new coach and new players. Instead, two members of the backroom team have departed, and players are refusing to sign contracts.

Gianluca Scamacca demanded a transfer, because the manager didn’t know how to deploy him. Aaron Cresswell and Michail Antonio both want to leave and I doubt Lucas Paqueta will put up with much more of this nonsense.

A decision needs to be made immediately. Either back the manager and purchase his targets or sack him.

A decision would be nice.

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  • KingDiCanio says:

    I believe there is something else behind all this lack of transfers.
    Could it be that West Ham have another manager already lined up to take over who’s influencing who we go after. Maybe the new manager disagrees with the players Moyes wants and our new DOF is working with the new manager on new targets.
    It makes sense. They are just waiting for Moyes to quit or to be sacked after a bad start. If this is the case then the new guy coming in will already have started the process of bringing in who he wants before he has even arrived.
    Everyone would want an Alvarez in their team so that’s a no brainer but a younger more enthusiastic manager may not want a JWP or Maguire in their team.
    That’s my theory what do you think?

  • eromittal says:

    I would make a comment but mine seem to “go into moderation” and then disappear!

  • jonwalker says:

    Yeah Sake him!,… Great……only last 3yrs in Europe, and some silverware too…..Ive been waiting 43 yrs to win anything….. finally had the best night in years, winning a final against a good team Fiorentina….. your loyalty is brilliant…. need more like you

    • Good Old Daze says:

      I appreciate your loyalty jonwalker to David Moyes but you can’t be excited by what you saw in the Premiership last season and for half the season before. The matches against Rennes and Leverkusen showed more of the same but without Declan Rice. I appreciate what David Moyes has done for our club and I desperately wanted him to succeed but I now think it’s time for a change.

  • Limey says:

    Fair point(s) Gonzo.
    Moyes does appear to dead man walking.

    Now he’s the bookies favourite to be the next manager to leave his position as low as evens with BoyleSports betting.

    In fairness to Dithering Dave, he has on accasion, saved West Ham from buying some duds.

  • jaybs says:

    Sadly Our Club! is being make to look a complete joke! Run by Clowns! How did we ever reach this level?

  • Stratford E20 says:

    Plenty of practice!

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