Tony Gale has got it so wrong!

Former Hammer Tony Gale said tony-gale-Image-001on TV recently that West Ham have spent £4m net in the last four years which is completely false! Below we analyse the real net spend over the past four seasons.


2017/2018 Season Spent £41m Sold £21.8m  Net spend £19.2m

IN: Arnautovic £25m Hernandez £16m

OUT: Norveit £4m,  Randolph £5m, Fletcher £4m, Feghouli £3.8m Valencia £5m

2016/2017 Season  Spent £63.72m  Sold £36.90m  Net spend £26.82m

IN: Ayew £21.69m, Lanzini £10.80m, Snodgrass £10.80m, Fonte £8.28m, Masuaku £6.39m
Fernandez £5.76m

OUT: Payet £26.37m, Tomkins £10.37m

2015/2016 Season Spent £46.33m Sold £16.66m  Net Spend £29.67m

IN: Payet £13.5m, Ogbonna £9.9m, Antonio £8.55m, Obiang £5.4m, Byram £4.32m, Jelavic £3.69m, Hendrie £1.17m

OUT: Downing £7.11m, Maiga £3.6m, Jarvis £3.06m, Zarate £1.89m, Jelavic £1m

2014/2015 Season Spent £31.64m Sold £3.96m  Net Spend £27.98m

IN: Valencia £13.5m, Kouyate £6.75m, Sakho £4.5m, Cresswell £4.28m,  Henry £1.71m, Amalfitano £900k

OUT: Diame £3.96m

Total Net Spend over four years equals £103.67m 


About Sean Whetstone

I am Season Ticket Holder in West stand lower at the London Stadium and before that, I used to stand in the Sir Trevor Brooking Lower Row R seat 159 in the Boleyn Ground and in the Eighties I stood on the terraces of the old South Bank. I am a presenter on the West Ham Podcast called MooreThanJustaPodcast.co.uk. A Blogger on WestHamTillIdie.com a member of the West Ham Supporters Advisory Board (SAB), Founder of a Youtube channel called Mr West Ham Football at http://www.youtube.com/MrWestHamFootball, I am also the associate editor here at Claret and Hugh. Life Long singer of bubbles! Come on you Irons! Follow me at @Westhamfootball on twitter

23 comments on “Tony Gale has got it so wrong!

  1. So ok,if Tony Gale is wrong does that mean we’ve spent £104m and are still bottom of the league.Sounds like we did spend only £4m!!

  2. The figures are still a disgrace.. A club moving forward ????..I use to like the two Davids but all the thing s the Birmingham fans warned us about are coming to fruition.. Hope someone comes and buys the club and invests some serious money so we can have a team the fans can be proud of…and maybe just maybe win a trophy

    • A lot of West Ham fans seem to know a lot of friendly chatty Birmingham fans who kindly warn us of the perils in life.

      • Yeah I know quite a few ..thought it was sour grapes at first ..simple fact is they said Sullivan will promise the world but you will get nothing.. Whether you like it or not its happened.. Fact

  3. Tony Gale is a Legend I believe him why would he lie he’s like us can see the owners for what they are lining there pockets & blame everyone else taxi for the board & Bilic what a poor transfer window felt sorry for the mug for sky reporting on Sakho. well owners wheres the money gone? you sold us lies

    • Bobby Moore is a legend.

      Vic Watson is a legend.

      Tony Gale is not a legend.

      If you have heard Gale co-commenting on tv you ought to realise that he has no insight at at all and does no more than state the bleedin’ obvious when he watches a game.

      If you have heard his continuing whining about his sending off, more than twenty-five years after the event, you will realise that he is a bitter and twisted tw*t. You have people who fought wars against each other, who can forgive and move on and then you have Gale, a supposed sportsman, who cannot shake a man’s hand 20+ years after something that happened on a Football pitch. He would do well to look at Bobby Moore, a true legend, and learn something.

  4. Isn’t the point that the club’s income has grown massively over the past 2 seasons from increased stadium capacity and television revenues, yet over the same period net transfer spend has actually fallen year on year. At the same time, the club has chosen to pay down debt, rather than invest in players.

  5. The point surely is that the net spend is only a frction of the net earnings – the Club is being run on the cheap, it’s dying on it’s feet!

  6. There’s a saying that goes ‘Lies, damned lies and statistics’. Well, that all we get nowadays from pretty much anywhere. The more I read of this website the more it sounds like a mouthpiece of the two barrow boys and the ICONIC lady. One thing that’s doesn’t lie is the ICONIC league table

  7. We spent 63 million on transfers last season, really …

  8. I can’t get anywhere near £63m either Chris, even by including loan fees such as £5m for Zaza and the same for Tore. BTW, I took myself off to the Spuds U23 game against us last night, hoping to see a West Ham team play a bit of football and compete. Other than the young number 11 on the wing, who was super until he tired, it was same old, same old. Mind you, at least I got value for money, 9 goals, 4 pens and all for a fiver.

  9. and just to cheer everyone up a reminder of the 2 Dave’s intention to pass the club on to their next generation so we’ve got years of this under investment and mediocrity to come. The Club is such an attractive proposition to a big investor what with being in London and having a large stadium but most of us will never see that realised whilst these two are at the helm. The reality is the we will be overtaken by others currently below us the terms of value as more and more big money looks to come into the game. Such a shame and I’m a natural optimist !!

  10. He is not the first one to be economical with the truth about this. Well done to Sean for righting this wrong.
    Tony Gale was a great player for us and a great character too, but he lets himself down, when his dislike for our board takes precedent over the truth.

  11. For me it’s not about figures, it’s about who came in and who has gone out. We have shipped out a decent amount of the dead wood who were way below par last year, a lot of squad players who were/are no better than some of the youngsters coming through. As a football fan I want to see the best players at the club and I want to see great football. As a West Ham fan I want to see my club move to the next level. I don’t want to see us do a Leeds or a Pompey. The club is still heavily in debt. I do think the Dave’s will sell the club but how many of the super rich foreign investors are willing to take us on right now with the amount of debt we have. Once that is reduced we may become a more attractive option.
    The fact is this was a difficult transfer window. Not just for us but for many of the PL teams including the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. Everyone home and abroad knew about the tv money and prices went crazy.
    It’s all relative at the end of the day, we are not one of the big boys on the pitch or off it financially.
    I would have been happy if we had got the Carvalho deal done along with Mirallas. But I will also be happy when Kouyate is back along with Arnie.

    Is this a poor line up:

    Hart, Zaba, Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Obiang, Kouyate, Antonio, Arnie, Lanzini, Hernandez

    That’s a pretty strong line up in my eyes. Defensive cover in Fonte, Collins, Masuaku, Byram and Rice. Midfield cover with Noble, Haksabanovic and Fernandes and Ayew with some promising youngsters if needed. Striker cover in Carroll and Sakho. On paper that squad is good enough even with 5 of the first choice options out

  12. Hammer jk I agree with you that the lineup you show is/should be Ok. But I still think that cover is weak, even before you look at our injury record.

    But I think the problem is the name ‘manager’ that’s not included. I have been reading quite a few ex players discussing Wenger, Oxlade etc. General opinion seems to be that the best managers A) get the most out of what they have B) improve players C) makes sure players know what their role is. I am no expert on tactics etc but surely on all these counts Bilic falls short, and even if your first choice all stay fit the team will under achieve while he is there.

  13. Adrian , Reid, rice, ogbonna, carvalho ,obiang kouyate, lanzini, Antonio, Arnie, pea / sakho ?
    Would have been nice for me , before all the crap lol!!
    Has to be a 3 at the back though ! 😉

  14. We would undoubtedly be weakened by injuries but there are very few sides in the PL that wouldn’t be, 3 or 4 teams max.
    When you look at the side it is crying out for Carvalho and LW cover, so Miralles would have also been a good signing.
    We tried with Carvalho but I do believe reports that SL were difficult. The proof is in the pudding in that he has been on the Premier League radar for about 3 seasons but a club is yet to successfully negotiate a deal for him.
    I am firmly in the thought that the problem is the manager. That is not a bad squad but like many I think they do not understand the tactics, their role and many are played out of position. That is down to the gaffer and that is why he needs to go. None of the youngsters will reach anywhere near their potent with Bilic at the helm.

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