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Video: Matchday Vlog


As always the day started with promise and hope but Phil Jones and Mike Dean ensured that our first match of the new year would end in disappointment and frustration.

It was my sons turn for this game and we enjoyed a cruise around the stadium on the barges followed by a BBQ and a visit to the club shop to spend his Christmas money. The stadium, shop and surrounding area is a good area to entertain kids before the game but as has been a feature of this season the problems really begin when the whistle blows. I’m quite sure that once we can start to collect points regularly at home a lot of the peripheral stuff will fade away.

I’m not usually a fan of the winter transfer window but we desperately need reinforcements to help out all areas of the team and rectify what was a very poor summer of recruitment.

Anyway, hopefully you’ll enjoy the first part of the video and failing that you can join me in moaning at the referee.

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  • lenchi says:

    After Jones got treated did he go off the field. The blog doesn’t show. Can anyone clarify it please. COYI

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