Video: West Ham v Astra Giurgiu goals


4 comments on “Video: West Ham v Astra Giurgiu goals

  1. A little ironic we entered the competition via the fair play league, yet have 3 reds already, 4 including the gaffer.

  2. It was a very good individual goal from Zarate.
    Same for that 25 yard rocket from the opponents though.

    I wouldn’t think Ogbonna was at fault for the OG, he tried his best to clear it.

    Let’s hope for a winning performance next Thurs. COYI

  3. Good confidence goal for Zarate. Their first was an absolute peach, can’t argue with conceding that – any other time the shot would have gone into orbit and come down with snow on it. Ogbonna very unlucky with the own goal, he was doing his best to stop it reaching one of theirs.

  4. Yeah the performance was good we lost a bit of composure after Collins was sent off which is understandable but until he was sent off, they were restricted to the kind of speculative shots that resulted in their first goal, in truth in 90 minutes they didn’t create one clear opportunity yet somehow Christmas came early for them. One observation I would make is that the back 4 were very slow to close down the opposition throughout the game, something that hasn’t been the case in previous seasons but if we don’t address soon will come and bite us in the PL. The midfield on the other hand really pressed and harried, Kouyate must have run Payet close for man of the match because he was absolutely everywhere and won countless tackles. Cresswell didn’t have his best game quite often being caught flat footed when Payet wanted to give and go, hopefully that is just lack of experience of playing at a faster tempo, something he will have been unfamiliar with playing for Sam and Mick McCarthy previously.

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