Ward-Prowse’s Wizardry Masks West Ham’s Woes


James Ward-Prowse’s audacious corner goal against Wolves was a moment of brilliance, but let’s not sugar-coat it – it masked a larger problem for West Ham. Their Jekyll and Hyde performance raises questions about consistency, but the win itself offers a glimmer of hope.


It was just a bit of wind. Moyes wasn’t sure JWP intended to curl the ball in

West Ham fans expected Ward-Prowse to deliver from free kicks, but a lucky (or perhaps skilful?) corner steal the show. While his intent to create a deflection is commendable, the wind played a significant role. This raises the question: why wasn’t this kind of creativity and tactical variety evident throughout the entire game?

The midfielder was David Moyes’s prime target during the summer transfer window, however it’s fair to say that he has blown hot and cold.

Ward-Prowse himself acknowledges the night-and-day difference between the two halves. A lethargic first half saw them struggle to control the ball or create chances. The second half, however, was a different story – one of tenacity, aggression, and ultimately, a comeback victory. This inconsistency is a major concern for West Ham.

West Ham’s ability to bounce back from a poor first half showcases the character in our team. However, recent comebacks raise another question: can they avoid these slow starts altogether? Relying solely on second-half heroics isn’t a sustainable strategy.

The win keeps West Ham in the European qualification race, but their inconsistency makes the upcoming Europa League clash against Bayer Leverkusen a major test. Can they bottle this newfound momentum and translate it into consistent performances across all competitions?

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