West Ham: A House of Cards Built on Fatigue


West Ham’s recent slump can be attributed, in large part, to a squad built on shaky foundations. Manager David Moyes‘ recent comments expose a critical flaw – a lack of depth.

Moyes’ reluctance to utilise substitutes exposes a troubling truth: the gap between the starting eleven and the backups is significant. This core group, forced to play a relentless schedule, is burning out, leading to lapses in concentration and fitness issues.

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Despite significant spending in recent seasons, West Ham‘s squad depth remains a glaring weakness. The blame can’t solely fall on the ownership; transfer strategy also deserves scrutiny. Have they been getting the right value for their money?

While Moyes deserves credit for his past success, his current squad selection raises questions. Can he adapt and effectively utilise a deeper squad, or is a change in leadership necessary?

The presence of Tim Steidten, the talented director of football, offers a glimmer of hope. His expertise in player recruitment could be instrumental in building a more balanced and effective squad.

West Ham needs a two-pronged approach. Firstly, significant investment in quality players across multiple positions is essential. Secondly, a more strategic transfer policy that identifies the right talent to complement the existing squad is crucial.

West Ham faces a critical decision. Do they back Moyes with the resources he needs to address the squad depth issue, or is it time for a change in leadership? Regardless of the managerial direction, a significant investment in a deeper squad is paramount for the club’s long-term success.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve never known a manager so bad at using a whole squad …well he hasn’t got a squad because he just wont buy plsyers .no wonder paq can’t wait to leave and who can blame him …quality players will never stay simply because the way the club is run…just look at cornet, what does he have to do to get a game …moyes sucks the confidents out of players…this man can take us no further….his excuses are embarrassing…..just awful…

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Moyes should have strengthened the squad when he had the chance and rotate players accordingly but he decided not to so it is all on the regulars he picks week in and week out no wonder the team looks out of steam he seems to let his personal likes and dislikes govern how he picks the team he even plays players out of position because he doesn’t like them he needs to swallow his pride and respect all the squad players we have the return game on Thursday in the Europa League I dread to think who he’s going to pick for that game it will be amazing if we manage to win and get through to the semis there looks like that is impossible but where there is life there is hope I won’t hold my breath on that

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    Truth is, we don’t know how much of this is down to Moyes, Steidten, Sullivan, agents, the players they chased or our FFP position…

    I’ll gladly highlight where I think Moyes has failed, but not where it’s not clear. Let’s be fair. We can see what’s going on on the pitch. We can’t see what’s going on in boardrooms and shady hotels…

  • Ian says:

    It is obvious that Moyes will drive his players until they drop then drive them more.
    It is obvious that he chooses. a limited number of players to rely on which only exacerbates the collective fatigue.
    It is obvious that injuries will increase which presumably Moyes knows .
    It is obvious that fatigue will bring short fuses especially players on high octane ! = increase in yellow cards. surely Moyes will recognise this.
    It is obvious these factors alone (without including the more subtle inter managerial/ player relationships) lead to matches being lost in the later stage.

  • Ian says:

    It is obvious that quality players worth their salt will not want to join a club with no clear philosophy for the. Future , unless they are told something we don’t know, which is unlikely!
    It is obvious that a player would be doubtful to adapt to Moyes regime regardless…
    It is obvious that a player could see from a distance how they could be used and discarded without a real period of transition.
    It is obvious that a quality player would need to think of their careers and FAMILIES.!

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