West Ham Fans Divided Over “Baffling” Bid

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West Ham United’s transfer policy is back under scrutiny after a reported bid for Corinthians winger Wesley Gassova.

West Ham has a reputation for puzzling signings, with names like Simone Zaza, Havard Nordtveit, and Marco Boogers often cited as examples. The appointment of scouting chief Tim Steidten was supposed to herald a new era, but the interest in Gassova has many fans questioning that notion.

The 19-year-old Brazilian possesses undeniable skills – lightning pace and impressive dribbling ability. However, concerns lie in his lack of “end product,” with reports suggesting poor finishing, passing, and crossing.

According to Brazilian journalist Jorge Nicola, West Ham’s €15 million offer for Gassova was rejected by Corinthians. This has sparked widespread criticism, with pundits and fans unsure what’s more baffling – the bid itself or the club’s refusal. Former Brazilian international Neto even mocked the situation, offering to personally deliver Gassova to West Ham.

Despite the current negativity, some argue that Gassova’s young age allows room for development. With dedicated training, his finishing and passing could improve. For the reported price tag, some believe it might be a risk worth taking.

The jury is still out on Wesley Gassova. While his raw talent is undeniable, his lack of end product is a major concern. Only time will tell if Steidten’s gamble pays off, or if this goes down as another “baffling” West Ham signing

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  • Harvey Fox says:

    What actual evidence is there that any sort of bid has been made?

    • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

      I think the answer to your question will be a firm “None”, Harvey.

    • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

      To be clear – C&H are just reporting what others are saying – they are not claiming that an offer has been made. It’s important to read carefully and make that distinction. And remember, with the rebuild job we have on our hands, I would expect no fewer than 100 names to enter the fray over the next 5 months…

    • Dave Andrews says:

      Here we go all last summer transfer widow in stiedten we trust first move he makes the bull starts we not sure is he the player we want he can’t do this just give it a rest leave the man to do his job how many managers are we interested in we up to 30 yet give it a rest and supporters a break

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    So Benrahma 2.0 then…?

    Always up for giving a lad a chance, but €15m?

    I’m going to #TrustTim and assume all such stories are down to naughty journalists and agents until the club (either directly or via trusted sources like C&H) verify them. If he feels he has potential, then fair enough – we can’t talk of wanting Steidten to have more power then question his policies every time a name is linked…

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