West Ham issues OS Statement


The club have issued an official statement ahead of the planned documentary on the Olympic Stadium this evening.
The statement on WHUFC.com reads:
“BBC One London will broadcast a documentary that will look to convey certain viewpoints on our move to the former Olympic Stadium in Stratford.
“The Club were approached to take part but declined the invitation as we were concerned that the programme would not fully reflect our views and would look to regurgitate issues that have been discussed many times before. Although we will reserve judgement until the programme has aired, the early previews suggest that we might well be proved right.

T”he below comments were supplied to the producers for inclusion but, as they are not likely to be featured in full, West Ham United are providing them here as a reference point for any interested parties.

A West Ham United spokesman said: “It should be remembered that during a fair, open and robust process that was open to any party or organisation in the world, West Ham United were chosen as the group that delivered the best long-term, viable future for the Stadium and the best return for the taxpayer. Our presence underwrites the multi-use legacy of the Stadium and our contribution alone will pay back more than the cost of building and converting the stadium over the course of our tenancy.

“The worldwide draw of hosting the most popular and watched football league in the world in such an iconic venue will add value to any sponsorship and commercial agreements related to the Stadium, which the public purse stands to further benefit from. It is clear that the linking of the naming rights to West Ham United generates real cash value for the LLDC and the taxpayer.

“Our move to Stratford will also create more than 700 jobs, provide over a million visitors to the Park each year and an opportunity to help tens of thousands more disadvantaged youngsters through the expansion of our West Ham United Foundation.

“In terms of the future ownership of the Club, anyone who knows David Sullivan and David Gold will tell you that they realised a lifelong ambition by becoming Joint-Chairmen of West Ham United. Having both grown up in East London and waited decades to become custodians of the Club, it defies logic that they would be looking to sell it at arguably the most exciting period in its history.

“Thus, they both have made clear that they would like to pass their shares on to their children to keep the Club in their families. To demonstrate their commitment to the Club and its long-term future, they were also happy to include a clause that would return a substantial sum of money to the taxpayer should they sell the Club following our move to Stratford.

“Without us, the Stadium would lose money. With us, the public purse will see a return on the hundreds of millions of pounds that were committed to build the Stadium, long before West Ham’s association had begun.”



4 comments on “West Ham issues OS Statement

  1. Here – here : I hope they sue the programe makers for any misrepresentation of the facts. There has already been enough of that in the press.

  2. I also hope the program is captured by someone and is put on the internet, because I can’t see it in my area.

  3. They should have added at the end: “So go **** yourselves BBC, Orient, Spurs, Charlton pussy club et al and die in a ditch of sensationalistic shame. Peace”. 😉

  4. I’ve got a sky box. I’ve set it to record at 8.30pm on bbc news channel.

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