Keown living on Planet Allardyce!

_52114311_keown1What planet is Martin Keown on?

He continues his ‘Sam Allardyce love in’  still practiced by certain parts of the media and select football commentators by suggesting Sam Allardyce could return to West Ham on a rescue mission if it all goes pear shaped for Bilic this season.

In a Daily Mail article today answering ‘Which manager is under most pressure going into this season?’

Keown replied:  “Slaven Bilic is another interesting one, as I wonder whether West Ham truly appreciated the work that Sam Allardyce did.”

“What are the odds that if West Ham get into a rough patch that Big Sam comes in on a rescue mission!”

Time to move on Martin, we have!



14 comments on “Keown living on Planet Allardyce!

  1. Ay yai yai…

  2. Just put my iPad on can’t believe this idiot talking rubbish again,and other sites say we are going to get relegated,
    Only Koeman today has been talking any sense
    Hope with the problems Wengers having with injuries and Slav keeping our best players back we can turn over the gooners

  3. Monkey features is the biggest clown on the ‘pundit circuit’ – bigger eejit than Merson, and that is saying something.

    Must have been trawling the barrel to the bottom to have got down to his level.

  4. So he is as stupid as he looks. This confirms it

  5. All the BBC pundits are loons,this just backs it up.All part of Sams little clan.

  6. surely he was laughing when he said that

  7. Bloody typical of that lame b*stard FOBYAC that just because there is some arguements going on on the bianca weatwood article that he says it is guys from here gone over there to cause problems.What a total w*nker.Of course the p*ss pot brigade then agree with him.He is one snide b*stard that bloke!!!

    • Saw it mate.Typical snake in the grass Gobyac.Geezer who was having a dig at Sam is a regular on there.Sod all to do with this site.Bunch of Great British Bake Off tarts,lol

  8. Some one tell him we dont talk about the beast anymore his gone carry on Slaven stay true to the fans and you will be fine

  9. Don’t worry. Savage estimates we will avoid relegation and is predicting we will finish 14th.

  10. Perhaps Mr Keown would like Sam for the Gooners manager ……thought not.

  11. Ooh God help us about 70%of all the old stool pundits on radio and TV are all BFS lovers time they moved on the game has so have we eeejit

  12. Keown and Hippo should produce lovely babies proberly name them foybac,
    Everty time my dog has a poo now I cross myself and say foybac,try not to walk in it
    How can Savage count up to 14 has he been to night school,

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