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West Ham on the brink of something special

As a fan it’s easy to become blinded by the sparkle of potential silverware. But West Ham could be on the brink of something special far beyond that if we win the Europa Conference League this season.

As most will no doubt be aware, the prize for lifting the Conference League would be a place in next seasons Europa competition. Whilst for us fans it’s all about winning a trophy for the first time since 1980, it may be viewed differently by potential transfer targets.

Any team which can point to three consecutive seasons in European competition is going to be a very serious consideration as a transfer destination. For years West Ham had to pay over the odds for players just to get them through the door. However, with recent European pedigree there would not be the same necessity to sell the concept of the club to potential signings.

West Ham on the brink of something special

Europa semi-finalists followed by Conference winners carries a lot of weight, particularly when backed up by another imminent Euro campaign.

Much has been made of the Hammers recruitment being put on hold whilst we await confirmation of our Premier League fate. It makes total sense to have two separate transfer lists to prepare for separate divisions, but perhaps there’s also a third.

Aside from the mega clubs like Manchester United and Real Madrid, I think West Ham are an attractive proposition. We’ve just started to spend decent money in the transfer market, and 64,000 fans in the London Stadium was an impressive sight to behold.

Factor in regular European competition and it could allow us to lure some of Europe’s finest players to East London.


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