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West Ham Paqueta sale back on

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West Ham are preparing for the sale of Lucas Paqueta to Manchester City in July.

Claret and Hugh understands that the FA has until next week to charge Lucas Paqueta over suspicious betting patterns or drop the case.

It is claimed that the FA does not have any evidence suggesting that the West Ham player did anything wrong, so it would be disgraceful if he were charged.

The FA faces a potential legal lawsuit if it fails to meet that deadline or charges the player without credible evidence.

This means Paqueta should be free to join any club that matches West Ham’s £85 million buyout clause. Whether that happens remains to be seen, given the Brazilian’s poor form in recent weeks.

As reported recently by C&H, the club will brace itself for offers lower than the valuation and buyout clause. However, West Ham remain adamant that any offer under the stipulated amount will be rebuffed.

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  • Danielson79 says:

    He’s probably already told City that he’ll be playing absolutely garbage for the last 5 games to force a move. Personally I think he’s an amazing talent in flashes, but he’s too temperamental and inconsistent.

    • Essexiron67 says:

      I think he could be classed as a luxury player for us ,he does come back and tackle but my biggest gripe is he doesn’t release the ball qick enough at times . He would certainly be better with man city’s players around him ,hope we bring in some upgrades and he stays but 85 mil could buy several talented younger players for Tim and co to bring in to the club.

      • Bennyboy baker says:

        It will be a great loss should Paqueta leave however 85million is hard to just dismiss given the amount of players we need to bring in to the club I would have thought that our new manager to be would sit down with him and try to keep him at the club but that doesn’t look like it will happen the club need to stand firm on the price if Man City want him then they have to pay £85 million minimum same goes for any other club that wants him Man City can’t go round thinking that when they want a player that they dictate the fees ect they know the minimum price if they want him they can pay up or shut up

  • Chris says:

    Well if it happens it better happen quick so Tim can get on finding a replacement….and i am betting once Pep has got hold of him the histrionics of throwing himself to the floor and showboating in areas of the pitch that you shouldn’t will be knocked out of him quick smart.

  • rollercoaster hammer says:

    Pep’s given him a call and asked him to play like **** so they can press for less.
    “we want him but he’s not THAT good” 😆

  • Malcolm says:

    Take the £85min good grace but not a penny less

  • Robert says:

    He’ll be playing in league 1 next season then when Saudi City get a huge points deduction.

  • John Ayris says:

    Can Man City afford £85M given their problems with the authorities ? They’ll need to be playing a very straight bat as things are for them. We’re not going to take Phillips in part ex now. That doesn’t rule out other takers though. I don’t mind him going for big money, he’s brilliant at times but also flawed too. To my mind we need more than just a few in so money that could buy three or four would be very useful.

  • Colin says:

    What’s wrong with you people, paqueta isn’t going to city full stop, they will be relegated come the seasons end for there 115 ffp charges, there cannot be any other outcome after their scant disregard of the rules, and they knew exactly what they were doing. Paqueta playing in the championship with guardiola absolutely laughable, as peps already stated he wlll leave when city are relegated

  • Justin says:

    They won’t touch city golden boys for this overrated league

  • Billboy says:

    Hope he goes, hasn’t been interested in playing for us lately. Was just using us for a stepping stone. Overrated prima Donna. He’s not THAT good. Rather have a grafter that plays for the shirt, not pkay for a transfer.

    • Juldeh Camara says:

      A Brazilian footballer is never good in the eyes of the English people. Jealousy all over. I read a British article saying Sir Bobby Charlton is as good as Pele. Geoff hurst is better than garincha and Lineker is better than Zico. Oh my God.Julde

  • Gabe says:

    Welcome to the treble winners lukas

  • KJDon says:

    The FA have to **** or get off the pot by the end of the week. Says who? I have heard this repeated so often. People need to engage their brains before parroting some unsubstantiated claim! Just wh or what is putting this pressure on the FA. Laughable!!!

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