Homegrown Hero Set for Return

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Flynn Downes, the 25-year-old midfielder currently on loan at Southampton from West Ham, is poised for a chance to impress at his parent club next season. This comes amidst a potential change in management at West Ham.

Downes has emerged as a vital cog in Southampton’s midfield during their Championship campaign. His presence has been instrumental in their success, with Southampton winning only two out of the ten league games he missed since his arrival last summer.

However, a recent report from The Standard suggests a different path for Downes. He will be given an opportunity to showcase his abilities during West Ham’s pre-season under the new management.

This turn of events likely hinges on the anticipated departure of current manager David Moyes. Moyes, who oversaw Downes’ limited playing time during the 2022/23 season, might not have been convinced of the midfielder’s capabilities.

The expected arrival of Julen Lopetegui as West Ham’s new manager could mark a turning point for Downes. Lopetegui might hold a different view of the player and be willing to integrate him into the squad. Downes’ experience and reliability could be valuable assets for the Hammers.

The upcoming pre-season will be a crucial period for Downes. He will need to convince Lopetegui of his worth and potentially earn a place in the West Ham squad for the upcoming Premier League season.

While Downes’ return to West Ham is a possibility, it remains to be seen if Southampton will make an effort to retain him, especially if they secure promotion to the Premier League through the playoffs.

This summer transfer window promises to be an interesting one for Downes, with his future potentially hinging on West Ham’s managerial change and his performance during pre-season.

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  • Selsdonhammer says:

    It’s encouraging when the news coming out of West Ham is that Flynn Downes and Freddie Potts, both of whom having had excellent seasons out on loan, will be given the opportunity to show their worth when they return to the club for pre-season. They’re both home grown and young and can add a vibrancy to the midfield that is missing at the moment. Under Lopetegui the impression is given that everyone will be treated the same, so good luck to both of them.

  • Sensible says:

    Downes is miles better than Phillips so get him back in the squad.

    • Essexiron67 says:

      We need homegrown suad players also give Earthy Marshall ,Orford ,Rigge and co a chance . I’ve watched over many years youngsters bought on particularly in cup games and they give everything to game. Doesn’t mean to say they would make Premier league standard but need a chance.

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