West Ham Press Pause on Lopetegui Announcement

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West Ham United are pumping the brakes on announcing Julen Lopetegui as their new boss, according to Evening Standard reporter Malik Ouzia. This surprising hold-up stems from some board members having “buyer’s remorse” over their very public search for David Moyes‘ replacement.

For weeks, West Ham openly interviewed potential successors to Moyes, leaving his future hanging. While a deal with Lopetegui was reportedly struck in early May, the official news of Moyes’ exit only came on May 6th, near season’s end. This extended period of uncertainty has some on the board rethinking their approach.

West Ham’s public manager hunt may have boomeranged. Months of pursuing Lopetegui, alongside reported talks with others like Ruben Amorim and scouting of Hansi Flick, while Moyes remained in the lurch, created a sense of disarray.

The constant speculation about Moyes’ future might have hurt the team’s performance. Their recent slump coincides with this period of uncertainty.

By delaying Lopetegui’s announcement, West Ham might be trying to control the damage. An earlier confirmation of Moyes’ departure could have provided closure and possibly boosted team morale for the season’s final stretch.

West Ham’s public manager search has backfired. The delay in announcing Lopetegui suggests internal debates about how to move forward. Whether they announce him soon or wait for the season’s end remains to be seen.

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  • Roy says:

    Now that Moyes is gone, I look forward to being in a relegation dogfight every year.

    How I missed that stress.

    • Kevin waylen says:

      We would’ve definitely been relegated if he stayed on look what he did to sunderland fc. Why can’t you just give this guy a chance he has an impressive cv ?

    • Mark says:

      Or…Now that Moyes has gone, I look forward to being in the mix for European football each year…

  • Mark says:

    Seems a bit pointless everybody knows about it you may as well get it done just for clarity

    • Laurencehoppen says:

      I am particularly looking forward to our top youngsters being blooded next season and the whole team benefitting. We need to discard zouma. Now we can also await the return of benhrama..

  • DJHammer says:

    On the surface it appears that Moyes was blown out, however Moyes himself admitted that it was he that stalled signing an extension(STC). We now have a Technical director, a Sporting director and soon we will have a head coach to reshape and develop a squad of players. Maybe academy players will feature, maybe not.
    Some of us will be happy, some will be displeased. But we all love the Hammers.

    • Bennyboy baker says:

      Well we know who is taking moyes place it’s a shame the way things have been handled however what’s done is done now we have to get behind the team and the new head coach and hope that the owners have got it right moyes deserves a good send off given the things he has done for the club I wish him well I don’t think he will be out of a job for long sooner this season ends the better for everyone

    • Ess_Bee says:

      I can’t imagine Moyes not knowing was going on. It makes sense when your contract expires that you reapply for the position again knowing that you will have competition for the position of manager. IMHO Lopetegui is a step up from Moyes. But we’re only can find out how good or bad after about 15 games. Hopefully he gets funds and brings in some class players.

  • Ray Wooff says:

    Lets hope he doesn’t bring the 4 players with him that have been mentioned, they are no
    better than we have got. I think at least 3 of them are Spanish and one of them is a centre
    back but he is playing at left back, remind you of anyone.

  • Ian G says:

    Or board members are having second thoughts over the choice having heard all the negative reactions

  • Phil Baker says:

    The director of football ( Steidten ) must be aligned with the head coach or else we have the farce of the winter window again and again . To comply with FFP , academy players must be polished and played in the first team . Even if academy players prove to be not good enough for Westham , transfer value will be added which will go into the coffers and help fund the first team . A clear path from academy to first team must be offered .

  • Dave says:

    I am not sure the club have done things in a good way. He does deserve a bit of earned respect. But to the poster who said we can now look forward to relegation battles from now on, well if he had stayed we definitely would be fighting relegation. He should have taken it on himself to walk away after the cup win and would have been regarded as a legend by many. With our recent form he should have walked away then but is too stubborn. The main thing that annoys me is we are constantly hearing he has delivered the club only its 5th bit of significant silverware. What you don’t hear is this club supplied him with is one and only bit of significant silverware and got him his half decent reputation back.

  • Mike says:

    This is a typical West Ham cock up. They couldn’t run a p**s up in a brewery. Whatever you think of Moyes the way they have carried out the search for a new manger while Moyes was still in post is disgusting. Klopp told Liverpool he was going at the end of the season. Compare the difference between them and cheapskate Sully and the board.

  • Ron Hoover says:

    “The constant speculation about Moyes’ future might have hurt the team’s performance.
    Their recent slump coincides with this period of uncertainty”

    That is Utter BS.Our slump started four months ago so don’t let the players off the hook.

  • Russell Burke says:

    Leaking the news was tactical- season tickets are up for renewal. Both parties said a decision will be made at the end of the season.

    • Diarmuid Brosnan says:

      Delay in announcing new coach is waiting until Moyes gets his final 2 games over,it PR damage limitation and also showing respect for David Moyes final 2 games.

  • Hammer68 says:

    A typical balls up….The West Ham Way.

  • Jason Dunlop says:

    Moyes has been given zero respect, it’s absolutely shameful how he’s been treated. I’m in the position of knowing first hand just how terribly he’s been dealt with behind the scenes for months now! Shame on the board, they are disgusting!

  • Chas says:

    Just hope we have a change of style and not rely upon breakaway attacking. But the way the directors have treated Moyes is disgusting.

  • Wayne says:

    Moyes is no victim in all this. The bloke has not helped himself and blaming everyone apart from himself for defeats.

    Someone mentioned about looking forward to relegation fight each season. Like last year? 3 league wins in 2024, 70 goals conceded so far this season…..yeah, let’s be careful what we wish for.

    Time to come out from behind that sofa.

  • Julesthehammer says:

    I am not a Moyes fan but the guy deserves more respect than the board are giving him. This whole thing stinks of Sullivan. Coyi

  • Justin says:

    Get behind the new manager, coyi

  • Kevin waylen says:

    Richard keys should be sued for slander by Tim steinden? How can a critic get away with calling Tim steinden a weasel? Keys doesn’t know what was said between moyes and steinden.Moyes seemed to be the arregressor not steinden banning him from the training room and matches.

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