West Ham’s crisis of identity

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I love Aaron Cresswell and Angelo Ogbonna and deeply appreciate their contributions to West Ham. In an industry where loyalty and commitment are rare, Oggy and Cressie have been exceptional servants to the club.

Indeed, it could be argued that both understand West Ham better than most. These long-time Hammers have weathered multiple managerial changes and experienced playing at Upton Park before the move to the London Stadium.

However, the mere suggestion that Ogbonna (turning 36 this month) and the comparatively youthful Cresswell at 34 should be awarded new contracts does not speak well of West Ham’s recruitment policy.

West Ham has the second oldest squad in the Premier League and should be actively looking to rejuvenate its line-up. Despite there seemingly being problems in Cresswell and Ogbonna’s positions, do have a full-back capable of playing in central defence, yet we’re letting him go.

Ben Johnson (24) would happily accept a reasonable squad wage for a fair chance at first-team football, but West Ham are not prepared to offer him a contract. It seems ludicrous that two veteran players, who are unlikely to feature significantly next season, would be offered the kind of money Johnson would gladly accept.

Not to mention, Ollie Scarles from the academy is eager to step up and play first-team football. The last thing he needs is a senior left-back blocking his pathway into the first team. With no European football next season, Scarles should be brought in to understudy Emerson and hone his skills.

Sometimes, I despair at the lack of foresight and planning at West Ham. How can the club seemingly panic and offer players who are past their prime new contracts when there is a Sporting Director like Mark Noble and a Football Director in the form of Tim Steidten?

What are these people doing? Do Steidten and Noble genuinely believe re-signing Ogbonna and Cresswell is a wise decision? Or are they so constrained and powerless that they cannot implement their own vision to inject younger talent into the squad?

Who knows? But what is clear is the lack of true direction from a club experiencing an identity crisis. The irony that West Ham’s last opponents were Bayer Leverkusen should not be lost on anyone: one side panics, while the other plans methodically, and the two could not be further apart.

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  • ResultsMatter says:

    Good players and Managers should want to come to work for West Ham. The fact that many don’t tells you people see the club as a badly run entity.

  • Hammerpete6 says:

    Yes Cresswell and Oggie are definitely our sort, well thought of by all of us, and have been dedicated servants. They are like Ginger Pele, Alvin Martin and Steve Potts,well respected. I felt they both deserved this year’s contract, and we needed them, but that’s enough now.

  • Michael says:

    Would like to know what mark noble dose now we don’t hear a thing I know he was in Portugal play golf few weeks ago

    • Jon says:

      Hes allowed the odd round after all he’s fine for us, isn’t he. Ungrateful

    • Hammeroo says:

      Funny, I was going to ask the exact same question, Michael! What exactly does Mark Noble do within the club at this moment in time? And I am not referring to his job title. I am not criticising Mark, after all he has done for our club. But ‘Mr West Ham’ seems to be invisible lately. I’d like to hear his voice at least!

  • Mogg says:

    Could it be that they expect Emerson to leave this summer and don’t want to lose both left backs?

  • Deathblow says:

    As long as Sullivan wants to carry on playing football manager with our future their is ZERO hope this club is going anywhere apart from the circus, or an empty soulless bowl in the Championship.

    I thought you’d reported ‘from a trusted source’ that the circus master was going to take less of a meddling role and leave recruitment up to Steidten.

    All I can see now is the latter resigning and joining a properly owned football club, and Moyes staying and have more power than ever.

    Two major blows again for us West Ham fans.

    A couple of years ago I really thought Moyes was the one and would be with us for a long time. His signings of Bowen, Soucek and Coufal were perfect for West Ham.

    Then somehow, we end up buying ‘exotic’ players who it’s clear Moyes never wanted, and it’s been a decline to the point of where we are now.

    The second blow is this utter dog’s dinner over Moyes and interviewing coaches while he’s still our manager.

    If Steidten does inevitable go and Moyes stays, then just let him buy honest pros, like the above guys and Dawson, so we can at least watch players who are willing to shed blood for the cause.

    It’s so obvious Kudus and Paqueta are not Moyes players, they don’t fit his style of play, so if the moron keeps him on, just butt-out and leave Moyes to it.

    If we were anything like the team who qualified for Europe first time round, would it be that bad? Just don’t dither at each transfer window, and lock the imbecile away so he can’t meddle with Moyes.

  • Billboy says:

    Sullivan has no interest in progress, more of the same and keep banking the change. Can’t blame Moyes for not getting players in, making low bids for players that wouldn’t touch West Ham is no way to go. Good players want to challenge for cups and medals, not to fight against relegation and play non football every week. Moyes and Sullivan need to go, club needs a re-fit from the ground up. COYI

  • Bib says:

    In the summer Cresswell went on strike to force a move to wolves loyal huh

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