C&H Exclusive: Moyes vs Steidten rumours cleared-up

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Claret & Hugh has asked for clarity regarding rumours and reports suggesting a rift between West Ham technical director Tim Steidten and manager David Moyes. After speaking with a source close to the situation this afternoon, it’s clear that Steidten’s absence from the training ground and dressing room is a personal decision, not one enforced by Moyes.

Contrary to some claims in major newspapers this afternoon, Steidten has not been banned from these areas. Instead, he has chosen to distance himself from the player zones for the remainder of the season to allow Moyes and his team to focus fully on their upcoming matches.

The decision comes amid a slight conflict of interest as Steidten is actively involved in searching for a potential new manager, which understandably could complicate his presence around Moyes and the squad.

Out of respect and following a verbal disagreement, Steidten will keep his distance to avoid any disruption during this critical period of the season. Notably, Tim Steidten was absent from his usual pre-game discussion on the pitch at London Stadium during West Ham’s recent match against Liverpool.

Either way, this is not a good situation. If the director of football feels the need to give the manager distance then there is a problem. The whole episode seems unnecessarily torturous for Moyes who is clearly a dead man walking. With no hope of European football to be secured for next season, surely it’s better to relieve the manager of his duties and allow the director of football to continue his job without worrying that he might stumble into the wrong room.

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    Just put him on gardening leave he’s not bothered the players are not playing for him get rid now

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Sooner the club agree on a manager the better there clearly no love lost between moyes and steidten so moyes needs to go sooner so the new manager can see what needs sorting plus the players need to know some may think about leaving if it’s not done we really don’t need to bring about a situation that would see our best players heading for the door

  • Pete says:

    If they won’t announce he is leaving and give the fans to wave bye at the end then let the back room team take over. We lose nothing in these last matches. This club is run by buffoons with no common sense or football knowledge of how to do things. Circus 🤡 🎪

  • D.f.butcher says:

    I think they should rename west ham David Sullivan’s circus

  • 14 says:

    Got no doubt Sullivan is holding off on announcing Moyes’s departure until the build up for the Euros start heating up, hoping it won’t attract as much attention and potential criticism from Moyes’s cronies. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if the annoucement came the same day and roughly the same time as Southgate announces the Euro squad.

  • IronMan says:

    There’s a lovely Irish expression that David Moyes should have followed: ‘leave them while they still want you to stay’. Too late now. Shame like BFS he never realised that the club was truly special… never learnt The West Ham Way. If he had any self respect or understanding he’d have walked… but he stubborn. We’ve all learnt that. Shame but he is going to drag this one out to the bitter end and the club are going let him. Let’s hope for a much brighter future with Tim, Mark Noble and our new manager.

  • zahama says:

    I believe that Moyes is tactically limited and 3 league wins in 2024 is unacceptable so he should go. But I find the innuendos such as him banning Steidten from the training ground (which thankfully C&H has cleared up for us) very distasteful. I agree with those who say let the board announce that he is leaving (preferably by mutual consent) and then give him a proper farewell vs Luton. I believe that although he is not the coach to take us forward he is a decent man – I remember his positive input during the Tony Henry debacle and also his input during Covid and contrary to what some would have us believe I think that if he had not replaced Pellegrini in December 2019 we would have been relegated

  • Dean says:

    The man has done his job, the last few season have seen us have back to back to back European football, the football is not the best but people we are west ham utd we are not massive everywhere we go we been punching well above our weight and now its back to reality, are we a top 4 team ? Never ! Top 6 ? If we are lucky, we belong in the top half of the table that much is clear bit one thing for certain we would be playing in the championship if not for moyes so gibe him the respect he desrves

    • Nicko says:

      Well said Dean. There is nothing we as supporters can do to change anything, so let’s finish the season and support the team and whatever will be will be. I’m not a Moyes fan but credit where credit is due as he has brought stability and a trophy to the club. Let’s send him off nicely, thank him for everything and move on.

  • Kev Dyos says:

    Punching above our weight FFS? Look at the size of our wage bill, iirc Moyes is 8th best paid manager globally. The football he has served up for. years, is the worst I have seen, been a fan since 73

  • rollercoaster hammer says:

    why do people keep saying we will never be a top 4 club? sure, we can’t expect it to happen on a regular basis but i will say is this – Aston Villa! looks like they will. they’re no bigger than us and i hope they nab the spot instead of Spuds. we did try hard to get Emery but he turned us down and we took Slaven (what a season that was, and 1 more goal may have got us a CL spot!). the board won’t sack Moyes before the season is done (so no payout). he’s a dead man walking and he’d be daft NOT to leave (should have last season, on a high and with our respect). quit clowning around and appoint someone so we can attract the right players before they’re swept up by rival clubs. the “be careful what you wish for” brigade are just conservative thinkers, like DM, and are afraid to be succeessful. it takes risks and balls to be successful. i’ve loved this club for 48 yrs and i want us to be great, not just mediocre. if i jad the dosh i’d buy the club…and you’d all hate it cos i’m Australian!!! 😁

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