West Ham must decide on Moyes NOW

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News that West Ham’s Tim Steidten and David Moyes are ‘voluntarily’ keeping their distance is a troubling sign for the club. It appears West Ham has backed itself into a corner due to a lack of foresight about the consequences of their actions.

Any semblance of foresight by the decision-makers would have suggested that Moyes and Steidten cannot coexist at West Ham next season. Simply put, if West Ham retains Moyes, then Steidten, having lost the manager’s trust, must depart. Conversely, if Steidten stays, then Moyes must leave because the club cannot operate with a director of football who is unable to interact with the first team.

If the club is leaning towards dismissing Moyes, it would be better to act now rather than at the season’s end. It’s more humane to relieve Moyes of his duties immediately rather than let him linger as a lame duck.

Moreover, the urgency of a significant summer rebuild makes it absurd that the director of football cannot move freely within the club’s facilities when he should be assessing the squad and planning for the future.

West Ham are exhibiting a troubling level of confused and contradictory thinking. With European football looking unlikely next season, there’s no justification for Moyes to remain in charge for the final three Premier League games.

West Ham seems to consistently mishandle situations when trying to act decently, often failing to discern right from wrong. Their attempts to keep one person content have resulted in both Moyes and Steidten being placed in an untenable situation.

It’s widely acknowledged, including by Moyes himself, that he is on his way out of West Ham. Keeping him on only makes The London Stadium and Rush Green awkward places to work for everyone for the remainder of the month. It’s time to let him go.

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  • Mark says:

    It’s better to come out and let everyone know Moyes will be leaving then on the last home game give him a send off

  • Anonymous says:

    Sullivan doing what he does best ruining everything

  • Dutch Courage says:

    Let him go asap.

  • Peter says:

    Circus again with the main clown Sully and his sidekick Moyes

  • JRS says:

    I think he should see our his last 3 games! We should let everyone know the much and Moyes decided to part ways. Also makes talks with new manager easier, saying Hi Fonseca we let Moyes go bc we want you… Yes I think Fonseca would be the best bet for us, even over Amirom. I don’t think we should go for Still though wouldn’t be against him being in the coaches backro team. But Moyes should coach the last 3 games and then, we know he is going and some players who all deserve at good send off! Just would be so much more professional…. Since we can ‘afford’ Testimonials.

    • Geoff Carter says:

      If Bayern are struggling to appoint a new manager is it any surprise that we are too !
      Any name that’s put forward is greeted negatively.
      Think next season is going to be tricky , putting it mildly !

  • Dfbutcher says:

    I used to be indecisive now I’m not so sure

  • Trevor says:

    West Ham won’t be ‘dismissing’ David Moyes because his contract is expiring very soon……though I think Moyes has already told David Sullivan that he won’t be signing a new deal. It’s the reason why the search for a new manager is so advanced. It is time for Sullivan and Vanessa Gold to sell their shares and go… with everything West Ham, this has become an embarrassing mess.

  • Tezzard says:

    Sullivan still insisting he will hold talks to Moyes after the season finishes whilst simultaneously asking the technical director to look for a replacement, so the club is prepared if Moyes doesn’t sign / or isn’t offered a new contract. (Still don’t know which it is)
    Meantime Sullivan vetos various identified replacement’s

    I think we can all see the root of our problems.

    The weak indecisive meddling leadership.

  • Ian says:

    I said. several weeks. ago. that. it was in the clubs best interest , wanting to move on , they and Moyes should part. amicably . Perhaps. there is something in the contract preventing this .only one thing. comes to my mind . say if Moyes is on a substantial bonus. if. West. Ham. Finish in the top 10 . he will need the last. games. to achieve this .

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