Why Marko won’t hand in transfer request or go on strike


So, despite modern footballers claims of loyaltythe biggest cause of their shyness is because they would lose out on contractual bonuses as a result.

A loyalty bonus tends to be spread incrementally over a player’s contract – i.e. 20 per cent each year on a five-year deal. Often these loyalty payments coincide with the end of transfer windows.

Signing-on fees are commonplace and must be paid in equal annual instalments over the period of the contract with the default  position being that where a player is transferred before the expiry of their deal, the unpaid element of the signing-on fee must be paid in full by the selling club to the player.

Should the player hand in a written transfer request, the signing on fee is terminated they lose the remainder of their signing-on fee or in some circumstances be bound to repay the full signing-on bonus if paid as a lump sum.

This is the real reason Marko Arnautovic won’t be handing in a written transfer request any time soon.

The club could fine Marko up to £250,000 in wages if he turns up late for training, refuses to train or play or brings the name of the club into disrepute.

Marko cannot knowingly do, write/ say anything or omit to do anything which is likely to bring the club or the game of football into disrepute, cause the player or the club to be in breach of the rules or cause damage to the club or its officers or employees or any match official.

Wherever circumstances permit, the player should give to the club reasonable notice of his intention to make any contributions to the public media in order to allow representations to be made to him on behalf of the club if it so desires.

This is the reason he is letting his brother do all the talking because it would be difficult to prove he knowingly instigated any of it and allows him to plausible deniability.

The bloke is not about to lose a quarter of a million pounds in a club fine and I am sure he will duly fly out to Switzerland on Monday to join the squad unless he is sold in the next few days or develops a mystery illness.

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  • Anthony crayden says:

    lets just get shot of the worthless piece of **** he is my grandchildren are more grown up than he is bobby moore must be turning in his grave to see how modern day so called players treat this great club

  • the iron man from essex says:

    The club should insist that he hands in a transfer request. The way he is treating the club via his poisonous, odious sibling there is no way he deserves any ‘loyalty’ payment, that is just taking P..
    If this Chinese club won’t go any higher for him, the pair of them should stump up the difference.
    All this has really wound me up big time & to say they both deserve a slap is an understatement. Who the hell do they think they are? We took him to our hearts, sung his name, the club have given him £20k a week rise & he still does this. W####r (excuse my language)

  • Mike says:

    I, probably along with many other fans, just hate the fact that the club is being taken advantage of. Lets not forget West Ham rebuilt Arnautovic’s career. He was shunned by Europe’s top club’s because of his attitude problems but we took him on, converted his role and put an enormous investment into getting him where he is today. Even with the abortive Chinese problems on January and the impact that had on the club and our season we stood by him and paid up, offered him a new contract (which he took with alacrity) and gradually accepted him back. To find this level of deception in a player is beyond the pale. OK so he ‘play’s the system through his agent brother. Well we can do the same. Lets be very clear, he is a contracted player to us and he leaves on our and not his terms. In his contract there must be all sorts of appearance, goal clauses etc – well pay him the basic, chuck him to train by himself and let him rot. Even that feels too good for this idiot.

  • Jack Anthony says:

    His brother is wrong. A horse or cow cannot withdraw his labour nor work to rule. They have no control over when they get sent to the abattoir or are whipped for not trying hard enough.

    High time there was a rule where an agent could be shown to be undermining a contract between a (highly-paid) player and club, and sanctioned accordingly – even losing their licence as a result.

    He needs to go however – and we need strikers. We are in a difficult position & he & his brother know it. It may be better to take that £20million & reduction in wage bill, and remove his disruptive influence once and for all – as he’s done next to nothing since January, and is past 30 now. Can’t see the Chinese – or anybody else – going much higher with his attitude AND his agent.

  • John Tyler says:

    As for the comments by his brother about just being a commodity to West Ham, well I think that Arnie is his brothers meal ticket and it is all about how much money he can glean from Arnie so as to bolster his bank a/c , Arnie already has more than enough money but I suspect his brother only gets 10% of arnies earnings and all that for what, sitting in his office on the end of a phone and doing nothing to earn his crust, Arnie is his Golden egg and if Arnie doesn’t want to leave then he should come out publicly and say so to the Club and all its fans, tell us the truth Arnie or **** off into the sunset

  • Dan Da Man says:

    Get him out of the club asap, he is a bad apple and will affect team morale sooner or later which we can not afford to happen again, he is the reason why we went of the rails in January after having a great December, we won those games in December without him in the team, then by throwing his toys out of the pram like a petulant kid in January he then somehow manages to get an extended contract and a pay rise… you couldn’t make this stuff up… let this be a lesson for you Mr. Sullivan, you should have sold him in January and saved us all that is the circus show and drama that Arnie and his brother has caused again to our club.

  • mark wiggins says:

    So disrespectful to our great club , sell him for anything that will give us few million profit . Just get out of our club you greedy man , no loyalty and no way back for u son !

  • Ajay says:

    Can’t imagine what the boys in Switzerland are making of all this crap, but I bet it won’t be going down very well. Bite the bullet DG & DS and get shut of him before he poisons the whole camp.

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