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Your Shout: Hernandez


It’s been slow going in the transfer window thus far and it’s probably fair to say that most fans have been divided in their opinions of the various strikers we’ve found ourselves linked with. There has also been a healthy dose of cynicism whenever it has been rumoured that we are pursuing stellar forwards with a cosmic price tag to match.

However the last couple of days has seen us linked with a player who most agree would improve the team, is attainable and available at a reasonable cost. Javier Hernandez is prolific, Premier League proven and has been courted by many of our fans for a considerable time and in the video below you’ll see why our supporters are excited at this prospect.

The ‘Your Shout’ videos are usually a mish mash of various West Ham related subjects but such was the excitement at this link that I’ve had to hold some fan footage back until the next show.

If you have an opinion on any Hammers news then please just record yourself on your phone and send it into info@hammerschat.com and we’ll do the rest.

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  • TRB says:

    Gray? Not now, not ever. He isn’t good enough. Two of the other four please. I’d choose Hernandez and Giroud.

    • JRS says:

      Spot on Ayew is better than Gray and theybare similar strikera so it would be a waste of transfer money and his high wage demands. Let Everton or Spurs have him.
      But we should bid on Chicarito right now not wait until later in case something comes up. He is in his prime and if can get fro £13m or even £20m or under would be a a Bargain.
      Then offer AC for Giroud plus around £15m since they just want a Big Target CF to come off the bench and then we offset AC’s wages and out them towards Giroud. Think that and staying in London could persuade him.
      Then we can Focus on a GK, raid Gunners again for Ospina at 28 great keeper wants #1 and would only be around £3.2m or Vorm but older and Levy is a pain to deal with. And a CB and creative type like Cairney or Roberts since missed out on Henry O.
      Alright Sully Gold and Slav hope your back from Croatia from surgery so we can get going. Everton is made 5th signing by 3rd of July and Bournemouth and Huddersfield are flying past too.

  • James says:

    I would take Hernandez like a shot…..The release clause makes him a bargain….i would say whats not to like but i know with some of our fans that only opens me up to an extensive list of groans and moans about him….

    • Radai Lama says:

      You maybe surprised Jimbo.Cant speak for everyone but amongst my mates he has got a unanimous thumbs up.Thing is everyone has their own personal favourite targets they want but it doesnt automatically make the other targets useless compared to their choice 😁

      • James says:

        I hear what youre saying RL.I think we are all guilty of bigging up our preferences and poo pooing other options.We will never all want the same thing…but that would be boring wouldnt it???

  • mooro66uk says:

    can you honestly see Wenger taking AC in part ex for Giroud. lol

    • JRS says:

      If Giroud wants to start which he does and can’t at Arsenal they want him off the bench and AC would do better with fitness playing 15-30mins at time. So yes if we had a chance to sign Giroud it would give Wenger that Target CF of the bench & for cheap. Even if it just helps us get giroud w a small discount for AC.

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    I would also like to get Hernandes as quick as possible, but it;s worth noticing that the player does not always want to join us. People on Gonzo’s chat are talking like you just walk in with a tub of cash and walk away with the player. It just don’t work that way. Hernandes is happy to leave his club because they did not qualify for Europe, so why are we so great an attraction for him. It will take a lot of negotiating and trying to tempt him. The money is easy the rest is not.
    The owners are not sitting on their arse. Get off their backs and wait and see.

  • James says:

    Yes you are right Sleep the player needs to WANT to join us.It isnt just a case of throwing the wonga at his club….to use an in term some fans need to stop wetting their pants…

  • Hammer64 says:

    Hernandez- can’t dispute his scoring record, including in the PL. Only just 29. So he gets my vote.

    My reservations are just from what have seen of him in a couple of the Confederations Cup games. He looked quite lazy to me, but very quick to moan at the player s around him. I am no tactical expert, but I also thought he looked like a player who might be quite difficult to fit into the side. He is obviously not an AC type, but also didn’t look to me like Sakho type either. If he is just an out an out poacher that’s fine, but If that’s all he does you lose other things in the team.

    But we are not going to get top top strikers. The key things is whether Bilic get the best out of him if he does come to us.

    • JRS says:

      Unfortunately Slav is not know for getting the best out of players. That’s another reason we need to get rid of dicks and other backroom staff to help out with tactics and Defence, Slav shouldn’t have turned down Rio’s offer to be defence coach

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