A most concerning West Ham update


The most concerning West Ham update I’ve read in quite a while appeared on these pages this afternoon. During a standard transfer enquiry by Claret and Hugh, the clubs top source dropped a bombshell.

C&H were told: “Several players appear to have a reluctance to join West Ham.” Even though this news may not come as a massive shock to many, the source of the information is a concern. Because whilst many of us fans may not be surprised by the revelations, it appears the club are.

West Ham-Moyes-Sullivan

A most concerning West Ham update suggest nobody wants to join the Hammers.

The quote reads like a statement from a puzzled mind. As if nobody can quite fathom why there is an inability to sign players. There seems to be a level of bewilderment at the club, which is bordering on incompetence.

Unattractive West Ham

I don’t claim to know the reasons for West Ham’s transfer impotency, but it’s clear there’s a problem. By this point last year the Hammers had signed four players and were on the cusp of completing their 5th. Twelve months later the club have signed nobody, lost their captain and two coaches.

It appears blindingly obvious what the problem is. If the likes of Mark Noble are articulating the issues within the club, then they’re falling on deaf ears. The Hammers seemingly have a director of football who is unable to buy or sell players. At the last count, Scamacca, Cresswell and Antonio all want to leave. And all this at a time when the club are admitting that nobody wants to join.

At what point do those in charge implement some introspective self analysis? As Hugh wrote in the pages below . . . David Sullivan needs to take charge of the club. Unfortunately, at present he seems to be operating in a state of confused paralysis.

It’s a situation which needs sorting. Clearly whoever is in charge of transfer can’t close a deal. There is an inability to schmooze and convince players and agents to move to The London Stadium. Ridiculously this is all happening despite the fact that we can offer high wages and European football.

Something needs to change it it needs to happen fast. Over to you Mr Sullivan.

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  • cas22sie says:

    What an absolute shambles the Hammers are.Not surprised no top player wants to join them.What a long struggling season (again) it’s going to be.

  • johnham1 says:

    A clear consequence of the decision to stick with Moyes. Rumours on social media are also now circulating that Borge has decided not to join too. What is wrong with the board..

  • polo247 says:

    Play in a David Moyes football team with that one dimensional style of play…… naa your alright

  • KingDiCanio says:

    If I was a footballer I don’t care what they offered me I wouldn’t wanna play for a Moyes team. He has single destroyed every player he has had come into the clubs confidence. Why would you want to sign up for that?

  • johnham1 says:

    The player is 100% right not to join with who we have in charge. He is not a manager not a coach what is he really !!!. I have back Gold and Sullivan for years when others wanted them out but I can no longer support them. Sullivan has undone all his good work keeping Moyes in the job. There is no way he should still be the west ham manager.

  • Hammers in the blood 1 says:

    There is also the fact that we have tried to low ball offers . Mr Sullivan needs to step up in more ways ,also whoever is deciding targets get your heads together . Absolutely unacceptable, is it worth saving pennies if we get relegated !

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    Worrying indeed, although people often get so set in their stance that they’re unable to change it. As long as you guys keep writing these articles, I’ll keep making the point that it’s not about negotiating and convincing. That’s pointless, because players have eyes, and sources, and ambition, and aren’t going to board a sinking ship while the captain remains, however much we offer… fingers crossed they wake up before the whole thing goes under.

  • westhamsteve says:

    Be honest if you were a player would you want to join a 30% possession team? Last season out of 38 games we had superior possession in only 12 of those games and no change of tactics was forthcoming by our “manager”.

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Moyes plays a brand of football that is easy for energetic pressing teams to counter, relying on creating moments in games and defending for your lives for most of the game. We finished in a relatively fair position last season and will be similar this if Moyes is in charge maybe even worse.

    Players are also criticised openly if they make a mistake and the manager doesn’t take the blame for his own shortcomings, if reports are to be believed, coaches are not allowed to coach, they have to follow Moyes autocratic commands, we have seen them leaving. Forwards have a thankless task left isolated and feeding off scraps, we sell players for a fraction of their price and then see them flourish in modern systems st other clubs.

    Worrying is why we have persisted with a manager who was clearly failing for nearly two seasons, bailed out by a cup win. Let’s celebrate that and send Moyes on his way with that cup success and see if we can recruit a modern manager with a more progressive approach.

  • Tez knows says:

    the penny finally dropping at cnh?

    Todays reality: David Sullivan is a 3rd rate chairman not fit for the modern game , who is only capable of being reactive never proactive.

    Rent a cabin anyone ?

    Fitting that we won the 3rd rate euro trophy , I’ll take that all day of course , (poison chalice it might turn out to be) but you can’t keep a declining manager on based on one game , ( we all know moyes would be gone if we lost the final ),

    Now we have a cobbled together mess of Moyes still here and the plan after he leaves at at same time. It’s a bit like moving your new girlfriend in when your ex is still staying in the bedroom. It’s ok love, just stay in the spare room, she’ll be gone soon.

    No wonder we can’t sign anyone.

  • Pessimist says:

    Should we start a Moyes out Petition ?

  • Austrick says:

    What is going on at Fulham? They’ve signed several players in the last week or so. How are they a better option than WH? There are tickets available for the home game against Chelsea. That’s unheard of. With a month left of the window I’m not holding my breath. Will it be another bought too late season?

  • wozza says:

    There are so many words to describe this recruitment shambles but bottom line for me is negligence. Knowing our best player was leaving and we’d have money coming in there’s no excuse for not lining up at the very least one exciting and classy player. An early statement of intent in the transfer market would have shown we’re a club hungry to expand on our trophy success of last season, instead we look weak, disorganised and lacking direction. That’s hardly inspiring the players, supporters or potential signings. Clubs know we have money and don’t have a squad capable of challenging so close to the new season starting, of course they’re going to take us for every penny. I was vocal for removing Moyes last season and hoped he’d bow out with some dignity intact but he seems to believe the trophy success was his, I firmly believe the players won that for us by playing their game and not his antiquated tactics. So I hold him as negligent and responsible for where we are now with recruitment, that we’re weaker than last season and can’t attract quality (or even some of the dinosaurs he seems to desire). Sullivan has not got where he is in business without making tough calls and getting rid of dead wood so I just can’t understand why he’s not seeing it and making the big changes we so badly need.

  • brooksy says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but did Sullivan deliver when billic and pellegrini got the players they wanted? People talk about low ball offers for the likes of McGuire, ward-prowse and McTominay, average players with no resell value considering their age so I feel the offers were fairly acceptable. I’ve never been a Moyes out or in person, he but has brought some success in his unexciting way. But now I’m seriously doubting Moyes. Why would players want to come to us, look what he did to vlasic and haller. Scamacca isolated not playing to his strengths, formals used on the left when he clearly is best in a central position. Areola not given the chance he was promised. Not knowing paqueta best position when he arrived, why sign him if you don’t know his strengths. Unable to bed in players from other countries, but other teams seem to have no problem. Youngsters left right and centre leaving because they are given no chance. Coaches leaving to avoid bust ups and friendships with Moyes. Constant negative tactics that half the players don’t like. The constant need to use set pieces as our best scoring opportunities. All this is down to the manager and no one else. It’s definitely time to change and get a manager with the times.

  • Bella100 says:

    He should of been sacked the day after the European final , the man is poisoning our club with his authoritarian style ………….
    These really are worrying times for WHU !!!!!

  • Buster says:

    Whilst speculation continues, I have a very strong feeling that there’s something major happening at the club that we don’t yet know about.

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