Agent Barnett calling Irons shots on Gomez deal


West Ham are continuing to believe that they may well hold the whip hand as they continue in their bid to nail a deal for Maxi Gomez.

They are ready to pay his agents The Stellar Group whatever it takes in commissions to ensure he pledges his future to the Hammers rather than Valencia.

Although the 22 year old remains in Uruguay intense negotiations are going on which is now seeing the European media reporting that what they once described as a done deal is now swinging towards the Irons.

The departure of Marko Arnautouvic means the Hammers can up their offer to around £36 million to Celta Vigo and offer the player in advance of £100k a week.

And there are even reports that the Stellar Group – who took Gareth Bale from Spurs to Real Madrid- claim to have enough power to send the player anywhere and that the striker’s preferences count for little.

Agent Jonathan Barnett (right) is understood to have high commission demands but the Hammers are ready to pay them.

However, reports from Sports Witness that the Hammers have booked a medical for Gomez this weekend are a little fanciful given that he is still in Uruguay.

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  • Good Ole Daze says:

    Inappropriate surname if the picture is anything to go by. Looks like he’s wearing the eyebrows, glasses and false nose disguise kit as well … sorry, am I being mean to a football agent?

  • Dom says:

    My concern is that the whole point in buying young players for big transfer fees means that their wages are less. Here we’re buying a young unproven player for a high transfer fee AND high wages if the 100k plus is correct.

    What if he doesn’t work out, then we have somebody who big teams who can pay that kind of wage will not want because he’s failed and smaller teams wont be able to afford his wages so we’ll have to sell cheap, same issue with Hernandez and Perez.

    I want Pellegrini to get his man but the costs are seemingly massive. I hope he’s worth it.

    • JRS says:

      I agree & if doesn’t work out or wants move back will be hard bc £50m fee then if Chicarito leaves could be our highest paid player if true. I want him to want to come I hope Pellegrini class him personally bc this its seems this agent as they say can get then to go where they want don’t like that & could hurt business later too w Vigo & Valencia who had deal agreed & they want Santo Mina & other player but can’t do anything if clause is met.
      And IMO we already pay high wages Diop £67k Fornals £60k is a lot more then were making.
      Was surprised to learn Callum Wilson only earns £40k.
      Gomez is a talent but Aspas kept them up last season & he isjt Mpabbe just worry a but risk & def shady

  • Kevin Goodlad says:

    Pledge? Ha! what pro footballer does that more?

  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Not sure about whether I would want a player that was forced by his agents to play for us… There is a lot of conflicting information about this, while the player has not openly said anything. I hope we sign him and that he is committed to us but if he is not, move on to other targets.

    • JRS says:

      Feel the same & be in £50m for all thing & be our highest earner if Chicarito leaves seems like. Valencia and Vigo had real agreed & personal no Vigo have said they are sorry but can’t do anything if meet clause & he choices or his agents do bc they said even if prefers Spain they can get home to move. Even if he comes around to say ok give it a go if comes doesn’t like it or doesn’t work out then we will lose a lot if wants move back.
      Pellegrini didn’t want Arnie to stay bc he wants players who want to be here & other reaso. Also wants them to believe in project. Pellegrini I hope is calling him personalily to ensure & convince.
      Bc for all this money we could get Hakker on lower wages if he wants move & was open to PL he is taller then Gomez quick strong but #10 meets #9 takes a lot less shots but makes then count most air duels in Bundesliga 6?7 a game two footed passing work rate get in behind hold up does it all. 20 goals 12 assists not bad at all 2 years left. Especially if miss on out Rondon to China ffs should of paid £16m right time Arnienout in request

  • Jamie says:

    Why would you wanna force someone here surely we want players who want to play for west ham

  • Kenny Irons says:

    This is getting silly – he’s unproven in Prem’ and it’s now getting ridiculous – if we do sign him I reckon it will go tits up and he’ll probably break his leg after a couple of games – we’re West Ham, it happens to us !
    The whole saga is now boring.
    Let’s look elsewhere – we need about another 4 quality players in different positions.
    If Pellegrini ignores defence and holding midfielder again we’ll fall on our face this time.

  • JRS says:

    I rits a shame we missed out on Weghorst really liked him for only £18m buy out too just signed new deal.
    I really like Gomez but if he wants Valencia move bhr we pau agents to convince him offer over £100k in wages plus the £44m then he comes & decides he should of gone to Valenica then it we will take a huge loss selling him. I understand Pellegrini wants him & is good but not Mpabbe & he is about having a harminois squad so don’t want a player who doesn’t want to be here. Nor do I want to have another issue w wages if we pay him massive amounts.
    To me Rondon should be done £14m & Byram is good deal for both & he was better then Arnie last season & would fair even better in more attacking team IMO. Then have Arnie replacement can sell him no more of this SPIG could look elsewhere bd we are dragging heels & then we can chase other tgy even if Maxi decides to go to Valencia.

  • Ray1962 says:

    just seen a report dont know if there is any truth in it that Everton have out a bid in now

  • kcockayne says:

    There is a lot of good sense expressed by supporters here – except for buying Rondon. I just hope that Gomez is worth it – I have my doubts.

    • Blimey! says:

      Sounds like you are hedging your bets….
      There are plenty of strikers out there, but they (maybe the agents) want to get paid…

      • Laurie Bowden says:

        If he wants to stay in Spain he won’t be happy with a rainy, cold, November Monday night in the LS will he?

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